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markeloff | 
Greece Light_GR 
Heaton make your move!!! Call olofmeister!!!
2016-08-15 19:48
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Sweden Vickelurre 
2016-08-15 19:49
stfu idiot gtr and forest to fnatic
2016-08-15 20:22
The org doesnt really matter imo,but fnatic has been true to gaming for more than a decade an org that has times and agin offred life time opportunities tp upcoming talent,on the other hand nip is just a congregation of scammers and con-artists whose main concern is to make money of of the brand revived by the 87-0 nip. Accordingly i would love to see fnatic get the better side of the deal.
2016-08-16 22:03
France t3r4byt3 
2016-08-15 19:50
Best team right now it will be.
2016-08-15 19:55
2016-08-15 20:07
THIS HOLY FUCK -fruberg -xizt have THREAT IGL and you have two potential top 3 teams in sweden HOLY
2016-08-15 20:14
Brazil MommyStealer 
-friberg - pyth
2016-08-15 20:32
dont -friberg cuz he s a grandpa for nip
2016-08-15 20:41
Friberg can be their product marketer. Like u know. Icecream pizzas logos lmao
2016-08-15 20:43
or game analyser
2016-08-16 21:52
pyth is way better than xizt.
2016-08-16 22:06
do not overestimate this new GODsent... schneider has his times but he needs to become a top player again or the individual skill won't be enough.
2016-08-15 20:40
ye but all stars team dont find success so znajder needs to adapt a krimz-like style let flusha do his bs and be the new star
2016-08-15 20:47
Switzerland NAjKON 
fribbe > dennis just -pyth +olofm
2016-08-16 21:57
2016-08-15 20:40
Switzerland GT3RS 
Just wait for it. It's going to be something like -friberg -Xizt -pyth +olofmeister +dennis +rain so NiP becomes: f0rest GeT_RiGhT olofmeister dennis rain
2016-08-15 20:11
that is actually really fucking sick LOL PLEASE MAKE IT HAPPEN
2016-08-15 20:13
dang thatd be insane lol. ez 4 nip top1
2016-08-15 20:44
The dream team
2016-08-15 20:13
Poland ekedeke 
nonono if olof tweets "welcome in family" = no changes anymore. RIP FNATIC.
2016-08-15 20:20
haha nice one ^^
2016-08-15 20:28
God Zlatan has spoken. Let it be!!!!!!
2016-08-15 20:29
rather -f0rest than Xizt
2016-08-15 20:31
2016-08-15 20:49
s1mple | 
Lithuania Lu/K/G 
would be cool, too bad nip are delusional
2016-08-15 20:41
every team besides from VP and NiP make big changes. VP still works good with their team and NiP? They are getting worse and worse
2016-08-15 20:45
s1mple | 
Lithuania Lu/K/G 
idk what the fuck nip are doing, they NEED to make roster changes
2016-08-15 20:46
same as g2 going -smithz
2016-08-15 20:47
f0rest getright olofm dennis twist f0rest getright olofm dennis rain gl
2016-08-15 20:34
Its wierd nip are so hard headed that they arent willing to take a chance and grab one orctwo og fnatic or godsent players for themselves....
2016-08-15 20:38
2016-08-15 20:39
Norway Lddn 
Never gona happen, NIP will be the Core 4 untill they retire.
2016-08-15 20:40
they're not gna kick anybody but i really hope friberg retires and gives a spot to more talented player like fifflaren did
2016-08-15 20:43
f0rest, rain, olof, draken and doplan Make rain learn IGL role... draken and doplan will learn a lot from f0rest and olof. 6 months later = nº1 team.
2016-08-15 20:52
new NiP: f0rest GTR pasha H@LUCYN KQLY
2016-08-15 20:52
2016-08-15 21:39
Australia vamped 
Doubt it will happen. If it was going to, instead of making a roster for fnatic olof and dennis would just stay without a team until then.
2016-08-16 21:54
NiP Changes: -pyth +Twist -friberg +olof -xizt +dennis f0rest GeT_RiGhT dennis Olofmeister Twist :D
2016-08-16 21:58
new NIP: get right, forest, olofmeister, dennis, pauf(or maikelele) :D I'm just kidding :D
2016-08-16 21:58
NiP doesnt have enough $ to buy out Olof
2016-08-16 21:58
Most likely olofmeister is too expensive to buy out. I would assume that flusha was frustrated with IGLing (said it on stream) and wanted to leave and go back with pronax. JW and Krimz realized they are actually quite replacable after that and decided to join flusha. Olof is good friends with dennis, so they stuck together. Flusha said in his stream that JW and Krimz are his closest friends in Fnatic (was leaking the shuffle already then or that potrayed the internal conflicts in the team.. this was in his stream in last week). Also, players own GODSENT, so I would assume olof and dennis didn't like this idea, whereas JW and flusha were. Hard to say anything about Krimz, as he doesn't stream or isn't really active in any media.
2016-08-16 22:00
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