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Beat 4-3 by GODSWEDEN in penalties on home turf in womens soccer EleGiggle
2016-08-17 01:17
Brazil adrianoff1 
2016-08-17 01:19
coldzera | 
Brazil sabooo 
Rip, at least we won a gold medal today which is pretty nice I guess.
2016-08-17 01:23
Sweden LindqviSt 
2016-08-17 01:24
bazil 200mln population country 0 medals 4Head noobs even in voleyball start suck
2016-08-17 01:26
0 medals?
2016-08-17 01:33
nice, because in cs they cant win shit :> br dominance is too strong they cant handle... get mad, cry... shuffle teams LOL rip
2016-08-17 01:27
who the fuck cares about womens football lmao
2016-08-17 01:31
kNgV- | 
Brazil vicTHOR 
lol women football top kek we are gold in box :D
2016-08-17 01:38
Brazil has no sports culture. You'd expect more medals from such a big country. It's only football and they're not even the best anymore.
2016-08-17 01:41
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