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got accepted @ 5 universities with criminology
smooya | 
United Kingdom UKvsTheWorld 
I am so excited, I'll be studying in London, but I was wondering what job can I get after I finish my degree?
2016-08-17 19:10
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mcdonalds xD
2016-08-17 19:10
2016-08-17 19:11
2016-08-17 20:29
Netherlands AppelMoes
lool xd
2016-08-17 19:11
2016-08-17 19:16
2016-08-17 19:27
2016-08-17 19:38
B8THER8 Definitely didn't put do any research on market demand for jobs requiring criminology degrees, He will probably end up getting a below average police officer job
2016-08-17 19:54
Immigration officer, sneak the rest of ur family in
2016-08-17 19:11
i'll sneak your madre only
2016-08-17 19:21
2016-08-17 19:30
"madre" spic confirmed
2016-08-17 21:00
United States jub672
lmao lul
2016-08-17 20:09
shouldn't you asked that question BEFORE you apply for it??
2016-08-17 19:12
No, because this is the subject I wanted to study ever since I was a kid, haven't thought so ahead, because I'll be studying for 3 years
2016-08-17 19:13
"haven't thought so ahead, because I'll be studying for 3 years" that's not an excuse...if you want something that should inform yourself
2016-08-17 19:14
idiots man,idiots everywhere.
2016-08-17 20:03
Poland bot_taz
work for police or private detective.
2016-08-17 20:28
He's lying duh Probably some 12yo kid who wants to study it in 6-7 years
2016-08-17 19:13 i can take a picture of all the emails I got ;)
2016-08-17 19:15
great link m8
2016-08-17 19:31
I deleted it, because the ID was there, it was a pic of the RPA form I received from one of the universities
2016-08-17 19:31
so delete the ID and link it, buddy
2016-08-17 19:37
it was only a 400x50 cropped pic with random photoshop subject and clock time on right, not a RPA form, lmao.
2016-08-17 19:57
2016-08-17 20:03
yeah a 600x200 cropped pic that even a 10 year old can photoshop is solid proof
2016-08-17 20:05
yes too bad i dont even know how to photoshop i cropped only this part this is why its 600x whatever
2016-08-17 20:07
that's a great grammar for someone accepted for 5 Uni's
2016-08-17 20:09
Anyway, great talks, I need to leave now, because unlike you I have a social life, I am in a rush that's why the grammar wasn't A level ;) hf in ur pathetic future tho
2016-08-17 20:10
:Dd triggered. youre only a fat anime faggot lying on internet and living in a 23m2 apartment asking for mom to bring food for you because scared of real life and fresh air.
2016-08-17 20:13
Yes you got me where fo i send my application to delete my hltv acc? I dont think ill be able to visit it again agfter these traumatic words. Ps: i hate weebs
2016-08-17 20:16
that's a great rush and a social life waiting for me to reply, read it and reply to it. why even bother lying when you get caught the second u start it
2016-08-17 20:17
never change hltv, just annoy people because you can
2016-08-17 20:57
i got caught? xD bro i sent u a pic and i am not falling for ur dumb b8 lmao believe it if u want i wouldnt be doing entire topic sending pics or photoshopping them just to look 'big' on a webiste full with strangers LOL
2016-08-17 21:42
detektiv criminal minds
2016-08-17 19:12
Wait so you applied for a university without knowing what job you can do after it?
2016-08-17 19:12
Yes mate, I know that I can be a police officer with it, but I was wondering if I can be more into the criminal jobs, not just a regular police officer and there is no information about that
2016-08-17 19:14
If it's criminal jobs you're after there are loads you could do. Have you considered: - stealing cars? - robbing banks? - breaking into houses? - scamming people? - stealing credit cards?
2016-08-17 19:46
funny, chap
2016-08-17 19:47
i know, i've been given serveral awards on multiple occations for being very funny on hltv
2016-08-17 19:48
2016-08-17 19:55
At @ Wendyes 5$ per hour
2016-08-17 19:13
Finland jUPPE!
2016-08-17 19:13
Criminology alone is useless unless you go to law school after. I like mayo on my burger dont forget
2016-08-17 19:16
xD criminology useless, ye m8 not as useless as your boring subject that you have chosen to study for the next 3/4 years. enjoy your boring life
2016-08-17 19:16
2016-08-17 19:17
actually he's not wrong. If you want to take proper advantage of your criminology studies, do a follow up of 2 years in law. It will be worth it.
2016-08-17 19:26
I am not interested in law at all man, I wanna work something around criminal crimes and etc
2016-08-17 19:27
I knooow. They're demanding more and more law degrees in crimesectors. So if you want to have as many doors open as you can, it's smth to consider. But I'll also tell you, from experience, don't ever study smth you're not into. Gl in london tho ;)
2016-08-17 19:29
Thanks bro, this is why I ripped my ass of studying so I can actually get into a course that I enjoy and love. While i don't actually take law by heart.. I guess criminology and law goes together better than just criminology, but hopefully there will be still some doors opened for me, also thank you for the information :)
2016-08-17 19:31
criminal crimes looooool
2016-08-17 20:15
Well then gl but a 4 year university degree can get u a job that pays a lot more
2016-08-17 20:20
so many genius in hltv i feel home here <3
2016-08-17 19:16
I'm Material Science (Physics/Chemistry), yet I dont know what I'll get as a job lol
2016-08-17 19:16
Are you currently studying? I imagine you finding a job would be much harder than me finding one, because of the subject you have chosen even though it's probably wider spread than mine
2016-08-17 19:20
I'm not, I'll start my first year in University this September :D I just got my bachelor grade
2016-08-17 20:01
don't turn into Dexter
2016-08-17 19:17
hahaha +1
2016-08-17 20:40
I applied for tourism management, will I get a job? Hltv predictors
2016-08-17 19:24
ofc mate, that's easy af
2016-08-17 19:24
what's easy, getting a job on it or actually finish it? Being easy or not finishing it , it has nothing to do with getting a job or not, medicine is hard to complete and easy to get a job?
2016-08-17 19:27
getting a job should be easier than let's say getting a job at the police
2016-08-17 19:28
oh yeah, it depends where u live tho, in my country what moves the economy is the tourism so...
2016-08-17 19:46
yes u will be working in autism management
2016-08-17 19:24
I prefer my Building and Construction course.
2016-08-17 19:29
If you are studying in criminology you could just go and be a CO at a prison or can take on the streets on being a police officer/detective, unless you want to work at a lab and be a forensic expert (they get paid pretty well since they're so little of them).
2016-08-17 19:33
Oh really? Damn that's nice I was wondering if I could work as a criminalist like in the movies, lol or a detective, which is pretty good as well, but I prefer working around people, so hopefully this is possible
2016-08-17 19:34
In any department I don't think you won't be alone but as a detective you have to write a shit ton of reports just to get some points across, but if you really want to study criminology I think it will be no biggie for you, but anyways good luck man!
2016-08-17 19:40
You need a degree in forensics to be a forensic expert. Criminology =/= forensics.
2016-08-17 19:57
I'm sorry I didn't know I said "Unless" oh wait I did.
2016-08-17 20:37
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2016-08-17 20:38
lmao k
2016-08-17 21:40
you say you got accepted at top 5 university but you dont know what job you can get XD
2016-08-17 19:40
I said I got accepted at 5 universities and I do know that I can be a police officer or a prison guard, but nothing about criminalist or something more into criminology and not so general jobs, you feel me?
2016-08-17 19:42
haha i did study M.A. international criminology at IKS uni hamburg and aborted it. useless bullshit.
2016-08-17 19:48
why did you study it in the first place if you didn't like the subject? This is my passion and it's been my goal for a long time, I wouldn't call it 'useless shit' in the more developed countries
2016-08-17 19:51
read #54
2016-08-17 19:54
become dexter
2016-08-17 19:53
i did like the subject but the "system" is dumb. its basically ~30 people copying each others ideas and researching issues that are already known. i did have A-grades but its a bunch of circle jerks. im a LL.B also and now working as a lawyer in a notary. criminology sounds great but is utter bullshit in the end. just my opinion doe, i dont regret having quit these studies. criminologists are just useless, they dont come up with the real shit.
2016-08-17 19:56
Well hopefully I'll have better experience.. I am really excited and I hope my dreams won't be crushed :D Also I don't plan on studying Law or anything related to it.. I hope I can get an exciting future job, who knows it might be more interesting than you think, have you actually worked as a criminologist or where did you get your info from that they are useless?
2016-08-17 19:58
i wish u lots of luck my friend. nice subject, but what they make outta it is kinda... yeah. i was really interested in white collar crimes and internet crime. there hadnt been a single professor that would have dealt with my seminars paper about internet crime. u can do stuff like displaced persons in palestine and stuff. it was boring to me. some other did quit also, mostly it was the lawyers. i guess i just have another approach to the subject... edit: in germany there are no jobs for criminologists. its more or the less a further education for judges and state attorneys. police etc. dont hire them. 50% of the criminologists stay at universities and educational system. the rest is people who have it as a further graduation to gain like 10 grand more a year.
2016-08-17 20:02
I understand that, this is why I said that maybe in the UK criminologists are widely spread?
2016-08-17 20:04
i dont know man. i had big plans and in the end it was rubbish. like 2k people wrote an application (bilingual) and 50 got accepted. on the one hand it was kinda like some elitist thingy, but i had my reasons to abort it. if u want i can send ya my motivational letter (part of the application) via pm. ^.^
2016-08-17 20:08
sure man that would be an interesting read :)
2016-08-17 20:09
i know i got it somehwere. just have to search. u will get a pm soon :)
2016-08-17 20:15
Change your course to one with a higher market demand. If you really want to become a police officer you might just aswell wait till your 19 and apply for police training.
2016-08-17 19:59
No, no I do not want that.. I just said it is one of the jobs that I can get after finishing my degree, I was hoping for something like a criminilogist or something more exciting, you feel me? Police officer's jobs aren't exciting at all, but rather boring and repetitive
2016-08-17 20:00
Best you can get is a job in financial crime.
2016-08-17 20:04
maybe you can investigate the ibp case better
2016-08-17 20:03
I am scared of being thrown into the dark
2016-08-17 20:09
cleaning toilets
2016-08-17 20:16
do it and after do a judicial career and you will end up to be a judge
2016-08-17 20:45
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