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Did you go outside?
Latvia themakjisapeelv 
This summer I didn't play as much CS as I wanted, I'm not even home like almost the whole summer, I worked and helped a lot. How about you? Btw I quit CS, cause it turned shit, and not because of the betting, it's because of the sounds etc.
2016-08-18 14:02
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Latvia tenke 
went outside ~6 times with friends into society almost every day to store
2016-08-18 14:06
I went outside for a few hours till 2AM, it's always fun. There was no need for a PC.
2016-08-18 14:08
what is that outside? a new game? kappa
2016-08-18 14:08
LordPig | 
Finland k0joDD 
i heard it has fucking shitty graphics
2016-08-18 20:32
Iceland Iceland 
We should all be used to shitty graphics.
2016-08-18 21:23
Norway Madoc 
Where is this outside you speak of?
2016-08-18 14:08
omg we posted at the same time xD
2016-08-18 14:08
you bracy little citch
2016-08-18 14:18
Well I don't fucking know about your enviroment, but I'm in a small town, we have a park etc. We always go there, and to other places.
2016-08-18 14:09
+1 i play a lot cs vout 40h/2weeks (a lot for a working guy like me) and i go alot outside drinking (mb im drinking too much)
2016-08-18 14:11
2016-08-18 14:10
i don't use that shit website
2016-08-18 14:10
Going outside in 2016? I aren't think that
2016-08-18 14:10
Sweden Majlo_ 
It has very good graphics though.
2016-08-18 17:12
quit cs bc of sounds ggwp potato brain moron
2016-08-18 14:11
EcksDee, Valve is trying to fuck it up.
2016-08-18 14:13
the sounds are actually better, well...some of them sound not as good as before, but they are good for the game, 'cause they differentiate one from another.
2016-08-18 14:30
United Kingdom HydroZA 
Are you serious or b8? All the SMG's and shotguns sound the same now
2016-08-18 14:38
gg get ur ears checked
2016-08-18 17:02
Ukraine Fizarezi 
Quiting game you love cause of sounds sounds dumb for me...If I like doing something I'm not gonna stop doing it cause of something that has no impact on gameplay....
2016-08-18 14:14
I know, I know. I got bored of it, other games just seem more interesting.
2016-08-18 14:16
Ukraine Fizarezi 
You just didnt find cs:go as your passion...It is just personal opinion :))
2016-08-18 14:17
yup, exactly
2016-08-18 14:18
guess what there are people outside of high school already ayy
2016-08-18 14:23
Jeyti | 
Italy JeyTi 
What ? School in summer u high?
2016-08-18 14:43
i play no mans sky is that outside????
2016-08-18 14:30
2016-08-18 14:40
Namibia nawledge 
played too much cs because my friends forced me too, i would literally sit there from 8am, chill until like 8-11 am and just play until 4AM in the night, i literally regret this so much that im lost for words. Like i could've done soooo much other things if it wasnt for this shitty game.
2016-08-18 14:46
I quit CS a year ago when I moved to Uni and left my PC. Played CS when I was home at my parents house during breaks. This summer I played some, but had a lot of other things to do like work, training, studying for re-exams etc. This semester I have moved to a new apartment and brought my PC, but CS doesn't seem as fun anymore so idk.. I'm just playing some MM every now and then.
2016-08-18 14:46
Spent 4 weeks in Dubai now I'm at home doing nothing Edit: haven't played cs in close to 2 months now
2016-08-18 17:14
2016-08-18 17:16
broky | 
Latvia _Rehab 
Til august almost never went outside, after that I found a job
2016-08-18 17:22
once, i dont have friends feelsbadman
2016-08-18 20:37
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