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Estonia m@rsh0 
do norwegian people understand swedish/danish people. i mean, is there any dialect can be understandable in all these countries? like ukranian people can understand russian?
2016-08-22 21:17
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flusha | 
Sweden Vinnarn 
norwegian and swedish ppl can understand eachother but danish sounds like mongoloid norwegians no offence to any1
2016-08-22 21:18
ty for answer, so rain can join fnatic ez
2016-08-22 21:21
flusha | 
Sweden Vinnarn 
well not ez i said they could understand not name stuff for eachother but ye he could. also every pro swede knows all spots in english for sure anyway
2016-08-22 21:26
yes he could? would take like 1 day to get used to it i've played with several norwegians and its indeed ez
2016-08-22 21:59
its really easy once you get used to it.. I played with some norwegians before and it only took a day or two and i understood everything perfectly fine.
2016-08-22 22:02
yes he can
2016-08-23 10:18
rain actually even speaks swedish so yes, easily.
2016-08-26 00:22
norwegians can mostly understand danish if a norwegian doesnt understand any danish the dane is either actually retarded or the norwegian is
2016-08-23 10:47
2016-08-22 21:18
Depends tbh, if we make an effort we can all understand eachother but really if we talk fast paced and with slang you catch like every third word.
2016-08-22 21:23
as norwegian its easy to understand both, swedish more over danish, however some would need more time to get used to it, also ye some dialects makes it harder to understand.
2016-08-22 21:24
Personally i understand pretty much everything a norwegian guy says, however swedish is fucked up (no offense). Take in mind, that as the other guy said, speaking fast and with dialect makes it really hard. - kind regards from pretty much the only non-toxic danish guy. (Atleast in mm)
2016-08-22 21:58
well fuck you too :D
2016-08-22 22:00
did you as a danish person just said that another language is fucked up? that is really fucked up danish is probably the worst language, sounds so bad (no offense)
2016-08-22 22:03
no offense taken danish is just as fucked to us :D
2016-08-22 22:08
True shit war-brother. We are just lego-loving kids speaking with a potato in our mouth. #FeelsBadMan
2016-08-22 22:10
rip <3
2016-08-23 16:04
yea damn RIP us danish people, we are all meant to die on bloody Dust2 #FeelsBadMan
2016-08-26 00:12
Been speaking swedish for over 10 years. It's quite easy to understand. anyone who has been in any type of "competative" scene has probably played with swedes numerous times, not only that the language is pretty simular, and we tend to visit each others countries quite often in general. Like in my city there's plenty of Swedish people running restaurants and bars, and they communicate with their native language and we with ours and it goes fluently. Ontop of that alot of channels (Used to atleast) Had swedish shows running daily on TV, including swedish subs. You must be really dumb especially if you're norwegian to not grasp Swedish. Just my opinion
2016-08-22 22:00
Dont hate me war-brother ;_; But im telling the truth... #SadButTrue Just realiced that i responted to the wrong person #FeelsBadMan #HLTVIsComplicated
2016-08-22 22:05
I didn't even mention Denmark. Personally I understand Danish as I've played alot with danes, ontop of that I had a GF from CPH for several years and spent alot of time there. But it was slightly harder to learn Danish and all the different words you use, oppose to swedish.
2016-08-22 22:04
Sorry mate, my bad.
2016-08-22 22:06
Det i orden skat ;)
2016-08-22 22:06
Tak skat :*
2016-08-22 22:08
Norway strifer- 
swedish is ez, danish pretty ez but they have potatoes in their throats so kinda hard to hear what they say often
2016-08-22 22:07
Norway evaW 
sums it up pretty well
2016-08-22 22:12
2016-08-22 22:08
Depends. Danish is verbally a lot different from both Norwegian and Swedish, but when written it's almost identical to Norwegian and very similar to Swedish. Danes usually have no issues understanding Norwegian, but we sometimes face issues understanding fast Swedish.
2016-08-22 22:09
Yeah if its written i understand all of it fully but when spoken it is a bit hard
2016-08-23 10:48
Finland jayss 
question to OP, can estonian people communicate ez with finns? i heard the language is really similar
2016-08-22 22:09
Finland k2015 
finnish and estonian are somewhat similar, but i think its easier for an estonian guy to learn finnish than the other way, estonian as a language is fast spoken and for me atleast hard to make out words from complete sentences.
2016-08-22 22:15
I don't know if you know this, but didn't Finnish derive from Estonian back when it was created? Both sound pretty identical imo at least. :)
2016-08-22 22:18
We have same words (but with totally different meaning), can't understand it at all. You are right tho, they sound similar.
2016-08-23 10:00
Finland teco 
Many of our words are the same or almost the same. Sometimes the words have a different meaning tho. Spoken Estonian is a bit faster than spoken Finnish. Estonians learn Finnish very fast. I know some Estonians that moved here and after couple of months they speak Finnish like the native Finns. Finns have harder time learning Estonian mostly because they use letters like d, f, g and b that are very rare in Finnish language.
2016-08-23 16:18
Holy shit that is incredible. Mad respect to that dude.
2016-08-22 22:19
That's pretty fucking amazing.
2016-08-26 00:35
Most of the Estonian people can, but Finns have a trouble to understand Estonians. We have some common words, but not that many.
2016-08-22 22:14
2016-08-23 09:58
I would rather converse with a Norwegian than a Scanian (south Sweden). Danish is as obnoxious as it gets. I don't understand why they don't pronounce the letters in their words. And they use disgusting gutteral sounds and horrible 'R's like Scanian.
2016-08-22 22:20
Danes understand quite a bit norwegian and some swedish. But i don't think it works the other way around. Us Danes are born with a potato in our mouth.
2016-08-23 10:08
i have never had any problem communicating with either swedes or norwegians. you might have to think for a second or two if you dont catch a word, but thats about it
2016-08-23 10:35
I find danish and swedish really easy, but I know my danish bf has a lot of problems understanding swedish.
2016-08-23 10:44
Grill? Grill. :*
2016-08-23 16:12
whats that
2016-08-23 19:32
You're a grill or a fagget?
2016-08-23 19:36
2016-08-23 19:38
so ur a fag?
2016-08-23 19:38
2016-08-23 19:39
mad cos fag?
2016-08-23 19:42
right, you got me
2016-08-23 19:42
Norway and Denmark liked our language very much so they made their own version of it and call it their own language. The fins made up their language while drunk, don't know what happened there. But Sweden is like king in nordics so it's like the universal language, (everone in norway, denmark and finland knows and can speak it).
2016-08-23 16:11
Finland teco 
Nt but we only speak moomin svenska jajajajaja
2016-08-23 16:22
my favourite is faroese language
2016-08-23 16:20
Denmark BrthBrth 
I understand both swedish and norwegian -----------------------.o
2016-08-26 00:14
2016-08-26 00:21
Czech Republic jF. 
I was seriously thinking of learning Swedish or Norwegian, since I spend a lot of time in Scandinavia during summer holidays every year. Do you know which one of these is/would be easier to learn (consider grammar, pronunciation etc.)
2016-08-26 00:50
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