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1920 1024 or 800
EspiranTo | 
United Kingdom GeorgeA8 
Which res? 1920x1080 1024x768 800x600
2016-08-24 03:02
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United Kingdom an0^_^ 
1024x768 BB's
2016-08-24 03:03
3840x2160, like a true pro. True pros always play in 4K.
2016-08-24 03:30
Dima | 
Russia ty1ercs 
and 4k dpi
2016-08-24 14:06
at least 10k
2016-08-24 14:17
and 10k sens
2016-08-24 14:29
It caps at 1k :^(
2016-08-24 14:43
a true pro plays 9600x1080 on 5 monitors like me
2016-08-24 23:12
1024x768 stretched
2016-08-24 03:04
2016-08-24 16:02
United States destrossive 
2016-08-24 16:12
Petra | 
Netherlands JelleS 
i got 1280x1024 which is technicly 5:4 but its under 4:3
2016-08-24 17:46
United States Vox_Lunae 
+1 stretched makes me a better player Kappa
2016-08-25 03:18
I can play on whatever resolution I want
2016-08-25 13:43
United States Vox_Lunae 
me too, which is why I play on 1024x768 stretched
2016-08-25 20:05
1024x768 bb since the beta.
2016-08-24 03:04
gas | 
Austria Phil_1337 
new flag ?
2016-08-24 13:17
Brazil Waldemar H. 
he was german before changed to albanian
2016-08-24 14:47
1080.............. Or you can just use 1024 because so many pros use it and you're a gullible retard. It gives you no benefit and hurts you in some ways, but I mean who doesn't want to be a sheep?
2016-08-24 03:05
you are just a typical newfag who thinks that people play these resos because the pros do, I remember my big fag white CRT monitor which I used to play Cs 1.6 on and I was switching from 640x480 to 800x600
2016-08-24 03:11
you have loads of hltv threads asking about pro resulition if you go on a pro twitch chat, every 5 sec you have someone asking for resolution so the guy is right, loads of kids thinks if they use f0rest res they'll be as better, and we all thought this at one point when we were younger yeah back in the day we were switching from 640 to 800 but this is 2016 stop living in the past
2016-08-24 14:40
I feel comfortable with it, I won't change it to another reso and get used to it...
2016-08-24 14:44
cool i don't care about your life, just don't insult people saying bullshit
2016-08-24 15:26
You have mistaken something, you have loads of hltv threads asking about pro resulition - I haven't created any just don't insult people saying bullshit - who did I insult?
2016-08-24 15:55
"you are just a typical newfag who thinks that people play these resos because the pros do" > newfag is an insult and makes your whole comment very arrogant > you haven't created any threads about this but doesn't change the fact that many people do and ask for resolutions/sensitivity and other settings thinking they'll improve
2016-08-24 16:07
Typical newfag getting salty when called newfag. Don't worry in a year or two the torch will be passed on to you to call others newfag, newfag.
2016-08-24 17:23
following the cs scene since 2009 .. :/ fan of navi since the day of its creation and btw if you can read he doesn't even talk to me when he says "newfag" so you're whole shitty theory goes down rekt
2016-08-24 17:26
779267 userid = newfag nt newfag
2016-08-24 17:35 sad when my 1 week banned acc is older than yours and it's not even the one that i lost that was even older
2016-08-24 18:30
"so the guy is right, loads of kids thinks if they use f0rest res they'll be as better" Changeing to a pros settings might be a smart move. At least when you are new. Let's use two kids as an example. They both have the same hardware, not highend components, but good externals(mouse, monitor...). One kid starts off with 6sensitivity, 1080 + all high settings(recommended), vertical sync, acceleration, rate 25000. Another kid copies f0rests settings. Who do you think will have a harder time improving? So the guy is wrong calling everyone playing 1024 a gullible retard.
2016-08-25 03:45
Sens is something personnal, i had 5.5 2years ago and I was still supreme, better than 95% of ppl playing csgo if the guy feels lags ingame he will put low/mid settings by himself. If he doesn't lag, well you have some pros playing 1080p so I guess you can acheive any level with that It's maybe a good move when you're new, but you know yourself that people creating those threads and spamming on twitch chats aren't new players, they just are the kind of player twicking their settings every 5minutes thinking its changing something
2016-08-25 13:22
1024 = more frames. don't argue.
2016-08-24 03:12
it only = more frames if you have a shit ass computer that can't run CS:GO... I can run CS:GO at 4k resolution (3840x2160) on my computer at 100 frames easy, no sense in going down to 1024 if you have a decent computer.
2016-08-24 03:37
"100 frames easy" case closed. 1024 is better
2016-08-24 04:11
and you need more for what exactly? In case you want to fap in the background? it isn't like anything past 60 makes it any smoother. Also this is at 4k on a laptop. It would be at least 400 FPS at 1080P if you wanted that instead.
2016-08-24 14:23
yes thats why everyone decent is playing at 100 fps
2016-08-24 14:29
that has to do with skill, not fucking FPS. I guarantee you that pros could handle FPS that low, you are just a fucking baby that can't handle any sudden changes in your life. I am sure going from 565 frames to 564 absolutely destroys your aim. As for why the would choose to run a different resolution, my guess is that it is because they are used to it in the past. It can be pretty hard to keep good aim when switching resolutions. It might also just be a personal preferences, but I guarantee you it isn't cause of frames.
2016-08-24 14:33
Take your guarantees and shove them up your arsehole. Hiko literally said on stream he doesn't play on 1080 because at the last major the computers were shit and he would get ~100fps if he played on 1080 and it's not worth the risk relying on torueny organisers to use good pcs as 100fps isn't good enough.
2016-08-24 14:35
You really trust NA CS... wow. NA CS is worse than silvers, of course they can't deal with it.
2016-08-24 14:38
dude get the fuck outta here. No one is gonna agree with you that 100 fps is enough to play on, as that's fucking wrong. Go play on your 4k res with 100 fps and hf being shit for the rest of your life.
2016-08-24 14:40
lawl, that isn't even the computer I play CS:GO on normally, I just did it once to try out 4k and I felt absolutely no difference between the 500FPS of my desktop and that. I know people that are fucking GEs that play on 60 FPS. Maybe it fucks you up if you have been playing on 500 FPS for 10 years, but that is about it.
2016-08-24 14:44
Have you ever played global mm? It's cancer, everyone is shit. You clearly don't get 500fps on your dekstop, or you would notice the difference between 500 and 100, and there's technical reasons to back this up. All you have is your own shit theories that no one agrees with that came out of your ass.
2016-08-24 14:45
lawl k, whatever the fuck you say man. ;)
2016-08-24 14:47
he is right tho, more fps generally is better for cs and improves gameplay till u hit a certain fps like 400 ish idk, theres a big difference between 100 fps and 400 fps performance and gameplay wise and you feel it, its better. for some reason you're in denial.
2017-06-28 18:31
you are about a year late on this one :/ 1 FPS make everything easier. Then the enemies just stand still for a second ;)
2017-07-08 14:14
Also if you are talking about the smoothness of the computer I probably wouldn't of noticed due to the different resolution. There certainly isn't any visual stuttering above 60, which is what I was talking about. When I switched to 1080P I got 400 FPS and saw no difference between it and 500. The point still stands, once you get above a certain FPS (maybe it is 100, maybe it is 200, honestly I don't give a shit) it doesn't make any noticeable difference.
2016-08-24 14:58
actually 800x600 feels more smooth than higher resolutions.
2016-08-24 15:47
I'm talking about the FPS not resolution.
2016-08-24 15:48
If you have a 60hz monitor and have never played with a good setup, you might find that to be true. If you however played on a 120/144, you would atleast agree that you need that amount of frames for it to be "good enough". Now most people that play for longer periods of time on good setups(read low inputlag), will feel a difference on even higher framerates than the refreshrate of the monitor, as the mouse will feel different. "I guarantee you that pros could handle FPS that low" Please try to put a pro on a rig with 60-100fps. It is literally impossible to play on this. "It might also just be a personal preferences, but I guarantee you it isn't cause of frames" Maybe you should rethink your wording. The "I guarantee it", doesn't seem to suit you well.
2016-08-25 03:56
you're a typical newfag, no one should argue with newfags, they will always succeed to drag you on their level and beat you with their experience...
2016-08-24 14:48
2016-08-24 14:35
thx m8
2016-08-24 14:39
are you an imbecile or yes?
2016-08-24 14:44
of course I am, retard.
2016-08-24 14:48
Im not poor shit who does have 60hz monitor.
2016-08-24 18:16
2016-08-24 14:34
lul, 100 fps is shit mate i'd pick lower res and higher fps over higher res and lower fps any day
2016-08-24 14:18
not for 4k on a laptop lawl.
2016-08-24 14:24
It is terrible. Even on a 60 Hz monitor the difference between 100 and 200 fps is huge.
2016-08-25 00:51
that wasn't my point, but whatever.
2016-08-25 00:54
Are you retarded? It is not about how good those frame counts are RELATIVE to your PC specs. Maybe it is impressive for an old laptop but who cares because it still feels shit.
2016-08-25 00:55
Again that wasn't my point, but whatever.
2016-08-25 00:56
It's hard for you to admit your retardation
2016-08-25 00:57
lawl, I would give your b8 a solid 9/11.
2016-08-25 03:43
Dat moment when you realize you talked bs so you call others b8rs.
2016-08-25 20:50
Germany ayyy 
i have 300+ fps on any res and 4:3 still feels smoother
2016-08-24 14:28
well then that is personal preference, assuming you mean smoother for aim then that is likely cause there are less pixels.
2016-08-24 14:35
the amount of people getting baited is unreal
2016-08-24 17:56
2016-08-24 18:35
100 frames in 2016? LUL
2016-08-25 00:41
bet you only get 10 frames @ 800 x 600 in fucking poor ass Spain lawl.
2016-08-25 00:53
My mission has been completed
2016-08-25 14:44
more frames? either you have a 60hz monitor and it doesn't change shit or you have a 144hz monitor and you're quite rich so you have a good pc and don't need those frames
2016-08-24 14:36
Norway norskeN 
u retard, there are multiple reasons ppl play 4:3. crosshair thickness is 10x better, more/stable fps and people play better personally on it than 1920.
2016-08-24 03:30
Wtf you can change the thickness to w.e you want. And you don't have more stable fps if you have a good pc.
2016-08-24 13:09
Netherlands PinheadFTW 
I can see u dont understand a thing about CS, and ur a new guy coming from COD to CS. Well done :)
2016-08-24 13:30
I can see you have no argument and that you're probably a nova.
2016-08-24 17:08
Norway norskeN 
Yep i was right, ur a new player it seems :)
2016-08-24 14:47
Nope, you're just retarded and gullible. Keep being a sheep. 1080 is better in every way as long as your pc isn't shit.
2016-08-24 17:09
s0m | 
Latvia `DinGo 
It's not a bad res, but for AWPers 4:3 res are better because they are more focused on center of screen
2016-08-24 18:50
Norway norskeN 
ye ok 90% of players are apparently retarded and gullible, literally end ur life u homo
2016-08-24 23:01
Lmao your crosshair thickness claim is bullshit. You can change both scoped and hip fire ch oldfag.
2016-08-25 00:53
Norway norskeN 
u must be fucking braindamaged. go 1920 and 1024 and tell me thickness 1 is the same. if u dont know wtf ur talking about then stfu u inbred
2016-08-25 03:12
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
ive played 4:3 ratio my entire life, there is no advantage using 16:9 if the mousemovement ive learned over 10 years just gets screwed over by a retarded new aspect ratio. not everyone can be a wolf amongst sheep
2016-08-24 13:27
2016-08-24 15:47
completely wrong tho 1. 4:3 will always mean more frames, i have 300 on 1080p and still get more on 4:3 2. extra fov is useless 90% of the time 3. harder to aim with more fov, mouse sens feels different 4. more extra details that your eyes focus on automatically 5. better feel, for me the only resolutions that feel truly good are 1024x768 and 800x600, the others can be whatever, the game is smoother on those 2. 1280x1024 is also good but i wouldn't use it because it makes no sense when i have 1024x768
2016-08-24 14:00
this. also 800x600 is a bit more smooth than 1024x768.
2016-08-24 15:50
yep, 800x600 is the smoothest that I have played with. Found it just to pixelated to deal with though.
2016-08-25 04:01
why don't you try 960x768 the little brother of 1280x1024? :D
2016-08-24 15:59
Why would i play it? Customs are shit and unstable
2016-08-24 16:21
if you say so 'xD'
2016-08-24 17:15
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
1280x1024 is 5:4 btw and gives you even less fov than 4:3
2016-08-24 16:01
i know it's 5:4 mr obvious, also, you lose like 1 cm on the screen, i couldn't care less. still not as smooth as 1024
2016-08-24 16:15
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
you act like some mad child grow up
2016-08-24 17:00
hmm, i am not mad, but can't say the same thing about you. sorry for knowing my shit :) better luck next time trying to act smart
2016-08-24 19:18
Yugoslavia sC^ 
1440x1080 best choice imo
2016-08-24 16:15
shit as fuck, expected tho considering it's a custom resolution made for blind silvers (except byali who i'm sure would be better on another res)
2016-08-24 16:17
Yugoslavia sC^ 
back to 8x6 faggot i beat u anytime 1vs1
2016-08-24 18:12
ofc ofc, you did a great job making yourself look stupid
2016-08-24 19:17
Yugoslavia sC^ 
1vs1 or shad ap
2016-08-24 19:55
2016-08-24 19:57
Yugoslavia sC^ 
you just scared
2016-08-24 20:03
whatever, go back to your cave bottomfragging in 5v5 and winning 1v1 on public servers vs novas. just don't reply to me, enjoy your sadness
2016-08-24 20:08
Yugoslavia sC^ 
triggered raged irl job done fucking nerd get a life
2016-08-24 20:16
lul, so stupid if you think i raged. also nice life, trying to make people rage FailFish. so embarrassing...
2016-08-24 20:35
Yugoslavia sC^ 
yes cry moar nerd. u took the b8 now gtfo
2016-08-25 17:04
World breezy0 
seems like you are new to cs, i have been playing 4:3 for over 10 years now why should i change? 1920x wasn't even a thing back then and 4:3 gives me a better game feeling because i'm used to it.
2016-08-24 14:15
2016-08-24 15:48
insanely retarded north american piece of filth.
2016-08-24 18:19
Most people use lower res because it gives them more stable fps, and a lot of 1.6 players used lower res and are used to being very close to monitor so widescreen isn't really an option since you would not see it anyway.
2016-08-25 00:25
Canada jalexf 
1024 is le meilleur
2016-08-24 03:06
If you're not from NA 1024x768
2016-08-24 03:08
2016-08-24 03:10
Brazil zlkz1 
2016-08-24 03:12
1024 4:3 stretched, gg
2016-08-24 03:13
f0rest | 
World Hesgad 
2016-08-24 03:13
2016-08-24 03:13
2016-08-24 03:15
no Kappa
2016-08-24 03:15
1024x768 bb ez jaun tap
2016-08-24 03:17
United Kingdom Aphix_ 
Do you want A Dogshit image with way better frames? = 800x600 A Fairly decent image with still good frames? = 1024 ( i would consider 1280x1024 as this is very clear) A great image, slightly less frames? = 1920x1080 TL;DR Try 1280x1024, it's very clear image and great frames (or 1400x1050)
2016-08-24 03:27
+1, 1280x1024 masterrace
2016-08-24 13:21
1024x768 stretched.
2016-08-24 03:35
Indonesia fafeluke 
2016-08-24 13:14
Indonesia fafeluke 
1280x720 is my fav. Choose 1024 cause fps. In 1.6 i use 800x600
2016-08-24 13:13
2016-08-24 13:14
im between 1024x764 stretched and 800x600 i like both i switch every 2-3 weeks
2016-08-24 13:15
Russia .cyb3r 
-w 1920 -h 540 -windowed TRY IT
2016-08-24 13:15
8x6 muthafuckerz
2016-08-24 13:16
The difference in fps is almost nothing, but the difference in image clarity is absolutely huge between 768p and 1080p. You'd have to be a moron to use anything but your monitors native resolution
2016-08-24 13:18
New to computer and cs?
2016-08-24 13:36
not really, first time I played CS was in 2000 and I have been using computers since the 80s
2016-08-24 14:14
prove it, show me your skills
2016-08-24 14:36
2016-08-25 00:32
new to life?
2016-08-24 14:22
2016-08-24 18:21
Does this confirm the theory that 90% of hltv are morons?
2016-08-25 04:04
yes it does ma frend
2017-07-08 14:29
1440x1080 streched.... get on my lvl
2016-08-24 13:19
by curiosity, what's your crosshair?
2016-08-24 15:03
2016-08-25 00:21
800x600 stretched))))
2016-08-24 13:31
2016-08-24 13:59
Laz | 
Japan Neion4ty7 
1360x1024 stretched
2016-08-24 13:32
1024x768 BBs = so ez headshots and more frames. Also everything in low.
2016-08-24 13:54
do you have the same advantage as stretched with bb of thicker player models?
2016-08-24 13:59
no, but you can actually aim better as it feels better and the models are just the same for your mouse movement.
2016-08-24 14:03
need to try that out! thank you
2016-08-27 13:32
I recommend 800x600 with a bith higher fxaa and texture filtering. I use 800x600 since 2010 and GuardiaN, snax, s1mple use same, but the 1024x768 also good.
2016-08-24 14:05
s1mple doesnt use 800x600 since he is always changing
2016-08-24 14:06
He changing it for stream bu 97% that he using 800x600 in pro matches.
2016-08-24 14:07
how do you know what is he using in pro matches lol
2016-08-24 14:33
He said once in a stream it that he using 800x600 if not streaming and there are many pro who do the same. Because in stream enjoyable the higher resolution but if you should win a pro match ypu could use lower res for more fps.
2016-08-24 14:43
2016-08-24 15:23
You should do :) Btw at the lans mainly majors Na'Vi staff wnd ceh9 recording videos how setuping the players their pc or how warmuping etc. and sometimes speaking about resolution or something so surely we will see it. Btw in s1mple use 800x600.
2016-08-24 15:26
Australia CKS 
fuck your peasant resolutions, 3840 x 2160 bitchhh
2016-08-24 14:07
2016-08-24 14:08
Dima | 
Russia ty1ercs 
1024x768 Black Bars good
2016-08-24 14:09
2016-08-24 14:10
1024x768 BB
2016-08-24 14:14
1280x1024 4:3
2016-08-24 14:21
Poland kurwafa 
16:10 800x480 = bestest
2016-08-24 14:24
640x480 bestest
2016-08-24 14:26
Not in CS:GO
2016-08-24 15:38
been playing on it for a long time, switched back to 1024 and cant hit a single shot
2016-08-24 15:48
I tried 640x480 few days ago -- it feels pretty cool (mouse movement, smooth, etc) but hard to hit on long distances.
2016-08-24 15:55
1024x768 stretched
2016-08-24 14:26
Xyp9x | 
Denmark STATiC^ 
1024x768 BB's
2016-08-24 14:29
It really doesnt matter. Over the last 6 months I've played 1024 bb/stretched, 1280x960 bb/stretched, 1280x800 bb/stretched, 1280x1024 stretched, 800x600bb, 1440x1080 bb/stretched and 1920x1080 and it makes no difference to how much I frag
2016-08-24 14:36
2016-08-24 14:41
fps 1920 pick one
2016-08-24 14:50
2016-08-24 15:02
1920 8x msaa coz looks sick
2016-08-24 15:04
16:10 1680x1050
2016-08-24 15:07
I use 1024 x 768 bb
2016-08-24 15:30
ScreaM | 
United Kingdom Jitboy 
1024x768, switch between stretched and black bars.
2016-08-24 15:34
1024x768 the best, pros playing on that res.
2016-08-24 15:36
2016-08-24 15:36
1024-768 stretched
2016-08-24 15:51
Elvis | 
Libya sleksi 
do you want to roleplay a pro? then 1024 or 800 do you want to play on objectively better resolution? 1920 or any 16:9 res
2016-08-24 15:56
Finland k2015 
1280x960 stretched best
2016-08-24 15:56
I always switch between 1280x960;1024;2560x1440, there is no best res for me, even in 1.6 i switched them often and pros also switch their resolution/crosshair
2016-08-24 15:58
United Kingdom swellis 
1920 x 1080
2016-08-24 16:16
1280x960 1024x768 800x600 these are the best resolutions in cs:go, from 16:9 only 1280x720 is good, rest are shitty
2016-08-24 16:19
s0m | 
Latvia `DinGo 
1650x1080 (16:10) stretched @ 16:9 monitor feels surprisingly good. It is like a hybrid between 16:9 and 4:3 bb
2016-08-24 18:56
Same, bro =)
2016-08-25 20:52
1024x768 streched or bb
2016-08-24 17:13
rain | 
United Kingdom shitbruh 
is it bad that i use 1600x900 stretched
2016-08-24 17:17
why people play black bars? I mean, with black bars the models don't stretch, so the models will look the same as 16:9, and you even have more fov! Don't say it helps to focus more on the center of the screen, if you use 16:9 you only look to the edges if you want, nobody makes you looking to the sides. 4:3 1440x1080 or 16:9 1920x1080?
2016-08-24 17:19
United States thmpsn 
anything but 8x6
2016-08-24 17:36
NEO | 
Italy Vincenz0 
I tried to play on a higher resolution, but now it says 'out of range' shit. does anyone know how to change ur reso through steam? thanks in advance
2016-08-24 17:38
Japan MashiroK 
1024x768 BB
2016-08-24 17:39
2016-08-24 17:52
2016-08-24 17:56
kennyS | 
World DS1337 
use 4:3 as long as you're in europe but make sure to use 16:9 (1080 to be specific) when you go to NA cs
2016-08-24 19:11
1920x1080 if you get steady 300 fps and game feels really smooth. 1280x720 otherwise
2016-08-24 19:14
1366x768 75% render scale
2016-08-24 19:23
1024x768 BB's
2016-08-24 23:04
use whatever feels comfortable lol even if its like 1000x500
2016-08-24 23:08
1x1 best
2016-08-24 23:13
640 * 480
2016-08-25 00:31
Why do ppl still create these threads........hmmm This is a personal preference..... U play with what fits u best.. If all of em fit u them play with all of em from time to time, but the issue you might have with constantly changing res is stability of your performance Other than that it doesnt matter
2016-08-25 00:37
1920x1440 stretched on a 1080p 144hz screen op af
2016-08-25 03:14
Reunion douglashes 
2016-08-25 03:22
kNgV- | 
16:9 1280 x 720 is best
2016-08-25 13:30
Hi I have problem with fps. My rig is I7 4790k @4.5ghz 8gb ram Gtx 960 4gb OC Details low With 768 I have no problems. Then I have around 280-300 fps whats important for me couse 144hz monitor (2frames per hz rules) but quality is shit. When i change to 960 res, I have fps drops to 170 fps on DM or Aim maps, and the game isnt smooth anymore. Is my desktop to weak for stable 300fps @ 960 res on DM servers or i have fucked soft/settings?
2016-08-25 13:42
1280 x 1024 xd
2016-08-25 20:51
1024 stretched cos my computer is shit
2016-08-27 13:34
1280x1024 master race
2016-08-27 13:58
Ex6TenZ | 
Finland qBeY 
I've been rekting with 800x600 bb I can recommend
2016-08-27 14:00
stretch your hole
2017-06-28 18:25
Sweden DrProblem 
no best only which one suits you
2017-06-28 18:27
Portugal SidneiGama4 
640x480 gang
2017-06-28 18:28
Switched from 4:3 stretched to 1080P and I am a headshot machine now. I actually think I can be a pro player one day.
2017-06-28 18:33
Other TanriQQ 
2017-07-08 14:30
1440x900 best
2017-07-08 14:38
Wisla Krakow
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