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Norway apx- 
Wasted talent, it hurts so bad that the best norwegian player since elemeNt/XeqtR is wasted in a T2/T3 team. FaZe should have let him go to fnatic when he had the chance to get to a team and be great, like hes deserved. He's never gonna be anything now.
2016-08-29 00:49
How old iss rain?
2016-08-29 00:51
allu | 
Czech Republic GzzM 
turned 22 like 2 days ago or smth
2016-08-29 01:13
Still has time to become an amazing player on a T1 team, I'm thinking -wenton +rain swap after the major.
2016-08-29 01:22
United States aaronjustis 
he has a long term contract
2016-08-29 01:59
Finland Loukkismeister 
Why the fuck should faze sell their best player for cheap? You clearly know nothing about business. FaZe bought rain for 150k, do you think they will let him go for cheap? No fucking way
2016-08-29 00:51
Norway apx- 
rain should never sign a 3yr contract. Maybe he belived in the team, but the fact is that hes carrying them all the fucking time.
2016-08-29 00:55
look now, you gonna explain me where the 150k are going and are there other players bought for that much?
2016-08-29 00:59
i meant did he really got 150k
2016-08-29 01:00
no,his previous team received that cash...
2016-08-29 01:06
lol his previous team was g2 right? together with scream fox dennis maikelele? so g2 received 150k. nice :D
2016-08-29 01:09
no...lgb received that cash.kinguin bought him back then
2016-08-29 01:11
was it like LGB-Kinguin-G2Kinguin-FaZe for rain
2016-08-29 01:14
something like that as far as i remember
2016-08-29 01:14
yea they changed 3 teams and in every change they switched players too. As i know in Kinguin they were (rain,fox,lele,dennis,scream) then they got jkaem instead of scream,in g2.kinguin aizy instead of dennis then kio for maikelele and now -fox +allu
2016-08-29 01:26
yea but they went to g2 for free bcs kinguin didnt want to support esport/didnt want to have their own team anymore
2016-08-29 01:35
IM NOT SURE 1º kinguin- rain, fox, lele. skytten, scream 2º kinguin- rain, fox, lele. dennis, scream from kinguin to G2.kinguin 1º G2.Kinguin- rain, fox, lele. dennis, scream 2º G2.Kinguin- rain, fox, lele. dennis, jkaem 3º G2.kinguin- rain, fox, lele, aizy, jkaem fom G2.Kinguin to FaZe 1º Faze- rain, fox, lele, aizy, jkaem 2º FaZe- rain, fox, kioshima, aizy, jkaem 3º Faze (current)- rain, allu, kioshima, aizy, jkaem
2016-08-29 02:54
yea i forgot skytten
2016-08-29 11:51
2016-08-29 01:21
he only cares about $$$$$$
2016-08-29 00:52
Norway apx- 
Sad but true, he could choose greatness, but he choose a 3yr contract and no possibilities to be great. It's a fucking shame. Easy top10 player.
2016-08-29 00:54
what do you want from faze? top3? do you think its not enough in top10?
2016-08-29 01:01
Norway apx- 
FaZe is good enough for top10, but rain is good enough for top1.
2016-08-29 01:54
-denis +rain NiKo,rain,chrisj,Spiidi,oskar english speaking team and top 6-7. It will be awesome for rain and they will improve.i think its nice lineup, what do you think
2016-08-29 01:57
Syria MalakMaestro 
He actually chose a 3 year-contract IN FUCKING CS:GO?????????????? Thorin and RL have fucking said for years that players should think of the future of CS:GO before they sign a contract, they signed for Faze in the end of 2015/beginning of 2016 right? So fucking stupid of him to do that. Fucked his own career right there... Imagine him signing a 1 year-contract and playing instead of JW in old Fnatic or even fucking Friberg for NiP. Rather see him play in NiP then waste his time in FaZe... Thought you were trolling first when you wrote 3 years... -.- TILT
2016-08-29 01:24
he chose safer possibility.whats wrong with that...?
2016-08-29 01:36
top10 lmaoooo
2016-08-29 23:03
After Cluj, the whole team went low, like wtf happened to them.
2016-08-29 01:00
norcha | 
Netherlands norchaa 
funny thing is that g2 picked up another team that went on to become really good
2016-08-29 01:03
dennis got signed to fnatic, he igled for them and he was their best player.
2016-08-29 01:07
dennis wasnt igl in fnatic.he wasnt igl even in kinguin
2016-08-29 01:09
yes he was in g2, where the fuck you been, he will igl on fnatic now too probably.
2016-08-29 01:10
he was igl only in kinguin it was legija/rain/robban,not dennis...and he never was igl in fnatic(atleast for now)
2016-08-29 01:12
did you not see will, and I'm baiting you for fun, have a nice day.
2016-08-29 01:13
yea clueless=try to act like a troll.but nice try how to save your skin lol
2016-08-29 01:15
2016-08-29 01:21
Sweden lagcats 
fnatic wudnt take him
2016-08-29 01:03
Norway apx- 
already confirmed that fnatic tried to bring him in, by the owner of fnatic. Prize was too high bc of rains contract.
2016-08-29 01:55
he'll probably replace wenton soon enough. wenton is clearly not good enough to play tier 1 CS
2016-08-29 01:03
are you kidding me, he is so good they took olofmeister out of the team to let him play after a poor major performance.
2016-08-29 01:08
Stop trying to b8 again man... Its pretty obvious
2016-08-29 01:17
Sweden crindz 
you've got to put more effort into it
2016-08-29 01:24
Norway apx- 
fnatic already confirmed they couldnt buy him out, it would be perfect if they did, but rain choose the money. olof, rain and dennis in the same lineup could beat SK ez.
2016-08-29 01:57
Which is why they have to wait until rains contract runs out.
2016-08-29 22:55
What team could he join instead of FaZe then?
2016-08-29 01:22
fnatic has said that they wanted him first to replace JW and then in the new team but it wasnt possible cuz he's too expensive
2016-08-29 01:29
rain is overrated
2016-08-29 01:30 yes (look at the mirage map stats)
2016-08-29 01:33
i mean sure he have some good games but he's not good as he was in 2015...
2016-08-29 01:34
His team in general isn't as good as they were in 2015. I think he's still insane. (he may seem worse because he's not having those ridiculous clutches anymore, but he's often the first one in which results in him being the first one to die more often than not)
2016-08-29 01:36
ever since dennis left they went from tier 1 to tier 3
2016-08-29 01:37
Yeah, but I think him being in fnatic may add to rain's reasons for wanting to go there. He's already kind of a bff with olofmeister (and so is dennis) so maybe krimz changes his mind, they remove wenton and lekr0 and fnatic officially becomes olofmeister's bffs
2016-08-29 01:41
why not just remove wenton and add rain Lekr0 is underrated imo
2016-08-29 01:42
Well, the thing with the young players is that they can have insane dedication. Lekr0 was baffled at playing against f0rest and gtr back at malmö, so maybe he could become the EU Stewie2k. I'm still a bit disappointed at krimz leaving olofmeister though
2016-08-29 01:46
also +rain won't happen either since they paid a shit ton of money for G2 so i guess that's the karma for rain? Also i'm actually happy for GODSENT because their new roster brings me nostalgia and also i like pronax
2016-08-29 01:47
Well idk. I mean, it's not like the call of duty player who owns faze could force rain to renew his contract once it ends. Maybe that's what they're actually waiting for, since they'd mentioned that the only reason they didn't have rain replace olof was because his contract was too expensive.
2016-08-29 01:50
cuz no good player has ever had a shitty map in their career
2016-08-30 00:40
cuz no shitty player has ever had a good map in their career
2016-08-30 06:37
+1 good but overrated af
2016-08-29 23:11
Ukraine Fizarezi 
Faze paid a lot for those players...not gonna happen
2016-08-29 01:26
allu | 
United States muffinner 
I'm rain, and this is my team, Kinguin, I mean G2, I mean FaZe. I work here with my friend SKYTTEN, oh, where did he go? I work here with my friend dennis oh wait he's gone. Well, I work here with my friend ScreaM oh wait he's gone too. I work here now with my friend Maikelele- oh wait he's gone as well. I also work here with my friend fox- well, he's not here either.Ahem, I work here with my friend jkaem and my BOT, allu. One thing I've learned after three years is that you never know WHO is going to be cut
2016-08-29 01:31
+1 this made me laugh my ass off but allu ain't that bad
2016-08-29 01:31
I still think he'll go to fnatic quite soon. Vuggo said in a recent interview here at hltv that one of the reasons they split was because olof wanted to replace JW for rain and flusha didn't agree. So, now that they split and wenton is not playing all that well, I don't see a lot of reasons for rain not to go to fnatic. EDIT: Though now that allu has been hired, it's quite possible that if fnatic starts trying to offer him a job, mr. vape lord nord or whats his face tries to convince him to stay by offering lots and lots of monehh. (which is most definitely not lacking for their org, I may add)
2016-08-29 01:31
In the same interview though vuggo said, wenton would be the IGL. I don't really know if anyone could take over that role, but whatever.
2016-08-30 06:46
South Africa kHYRR73 
the best norwegian player since elemeNt/XeqtR REAL?KF3?
2016-08-29 01:31
2016-08-29 01:37
Norway apx- 
KF3 was good, but not nearly ele/X. closest was REAL.
2016-08-29 02:00
Europe m9_ 
lol shut the fuck up noob hes going to ftc after next major
2016-08-29 01:35
They are on the top of pro-league though. And he's rumoured to go to fnatic for next season when they've exhausted the perks of having Wenton.
2016-08-29 01:40
Norway apx- 
Still got the 3yr contract. fnatic tried to get him, but the 3yr contract is too much to pay. Wasted talent. Him, olof, dennis could beat SK.
2016-08-29 01:59
oh ok. However fnatic must be able to buy him out of his contract? They've easily got the money for it, unless faze charges an abnoxious number ofcourse.
2016-08-29 02:35
Norway apx- 
rain, olof, dennis, GTR, f0rest. Easy top1, but not gonna happen in a million years.
2016-08-29 02:02
yeah, the roster and the potential "easy top1" will never happen
2016-08-29 23:04
lol no support players, this lineup would probably end up arguing with each other as they are all such talented fraggers
2016-08-29 23:15
Hes getting shitloads of money on Faze, why would he care...
2016-08-30 00:43
Is's raining men 1!!
2016-08-30 06:45
2016-08-30 06:46
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