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SK Gaming matchfixing?
Dominican Republic Madrigals3 
Look at how fallen is playing, he is like: - Hey guys, lets make everything to lose rounds, ok? If they lose, they can always say: "Standin and online..." So, why not? Why not just lose all games, where you have good coefficients? Community won't blame you for losing with standin, isn't it? GG
2016-09-01 03:30
United States yurr 
yea ty sk for -200
2016-09-01 03:31
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
fnx using cocaine again cant even kill from behind hahAHAHAHAHA
2016-09-01 03:32
if they lose 16-0, i will rape their souls in Valhalla
2016-09-01 03:33
g0d | 
Brazil L4x @.@ 
prepare for the rape then
2016-09-01 03:34
Get raping
2016-09-01 03:40
2016-09-01 03:43
United States LilUziVert 
rofl taco and showtime are awping, they are literally losing 5 v 2s seems legit
2016-09-01 03:35
hope they get perma banned for matchfixing
2016-09-01 03:47
how much little shithead??
2016-09-01 03:38
i bet fer's dick on sk taking at least 1 round. didnt happen
2016-09-01 03:42
Madrigals3, last season in this league ESL pro League the pricemoney was 512000 $! and 250000 $ for the winner, and it is only 4 teams who is going to the finals, in a 14 teams league.. I really dont think it is matchfixing in this league, who got like 100000 $ to get sk to matchfix? if the team is qualifier to lan finals they will recieve 28000 $ and lan journey payed + a option to win the main price 250k. so matchfixing to loose in worlds biggest pro league with HUGE moneyprices, i dont think so
2016-09-01 03:48
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