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i think one of the reasons why he is not playing as good anymore is his reaction time. he looks really slow on some shots. well, he is playing against oskar who has one of the fastest reactions but maikeleles reactions are almost on the same level as pashas...
2016-09-01 22:39
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Croatia pats 
even though i wanted him to go back to NiP,seems like hes washed up..even i have faster reactions tbh
2016-09-01 22:41
Finland Loukkismeister 
Don't judge him from one game, preasure and shit gets to him, just give time
2016-09-01 22:45
Turkey zekicamurcu 
i agree with you . im like a fangay but we should see the fact that he couldnt play , he was like a lem player . but lets watch the second game before judging
2016-09-01 23:01
sad, but pasha is faster
2016-09-01 22:41
pasha is awesome
2016-09-01 23:00
Norway SkaMathias 
The last time we saw him was in Columbus, give him time
2016-09-01 22:42
Portugal revzz 
Probably because the last pracc and official match he made was with FaZe
2016-09-01 22:44
flusha | 
Finland bliplbob 
100 hours past 2weeks
2016-09-01 22:48
Portugal revzz 
I think the pro level ( praccs ) requieres a higher skill level than the regular faceit pugs
2016-09-01 22:49
It's true. But he was kinda slow in late faze times too. But lets see, this was just one game
2016-09-01 22:51
Portugal revzz 
On the late times with faze he was the secondary awper. He was just like fox , didnt play regulary with the awp and with the time gets worst
2016-09-01 22:52
Yeah but evem with rifle the reactions felt little slow, if you think anout kio or lekro or oskar etc., they are so sharp and fast
2016-09-01 22:54
Portugal revzz 
Because he dont play at the higher level, so that 100 hours past 2 weeks are not produtive
2016-09-01 22:55
Portugal revzz 
You need to play with the best to be the best
2016-09-01 22:56
Poland miiR 
+1 and that was a while ago, doubt he have been playing seriously. Let him join a team and he will slowly become better again.
2016-09-01 22:48
Italy 1nf3rn4L 
he didn't play so bad considering last official game was like 3-4 months ago, ye he is a bit slow
2016-09-01 22:47
just let him loose like pre-NiP.. NiP did the same shit to allu, took away all the swagger and neither of them have been the same since..
2016-09-01 22:57
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