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Germany Dok1 
Heeey! So NiP is back with their old roster and friberg back on form! Here's the 1v4 clutch vs. mouz: hf :)
2016-09-01 23:54
he is god
2016-09-01 23:55
thx for the hf, i had to much fun that i cut my penis off.
2016-09-01 23:56
Germany Dok1 
makes sense!
2016-09-02 00:02
he is bot
2016-09-01 23:57
Germany Dok1 
nickname checks out.
2016-09-01 23:58
Poland furleppe 
NiP to win next major
2016-09-02 00:06
Please don't say this inbefore kids start believing it, you can bait but being this brutal ... Let's hope that they don't make it into the next one
2016-09-02 00:09
Poland furleppe 
NiP Magic
2016-09-02 00:11
That is as dead as my hopes and dreams
2016-09-02 00:14
NiP wont even qualify.
2016-09-02 00:21
Poland furleppe 
-pyth +maikelele and nip probably top1-2 friberg will drop 30 bombs... :)
2016-09-02 00:24
no, friberg is shit on lan with that rosterchange nip would hardly be a tier 2 team 0/8 bait
2016-09-02 00:25
World RA71M 
2016-09-02 00:14
he fucking blows 98% of the time, who cares?
2016-09-02 00:15
So friberg getting k/d ratio 1 in past 10 games expect against team x and nuke against dignitas. and Nip beating mouz is not like they are back in form.
2016-09-02 00:20
If friberg can maintain his confidence he might return back to his old self.
2016-09-02 00:28
Germany Dok1 
we'll see :)
2016-09-02 01:09
Friberg always had chemistry playing with Maikelele, it was a retarded decision to get rid of him, he comes alive when he plays with LELELELELE.
2016-09-02 00:31
Germany Dok1 
looking forward to see if it continues. Wonder how pyth feels about that if they get stronger while he isn't on the roster...^^
2016-09-02 00:41
United States STERBENVII 
Friberg and Maikelele are indded good together. Pyth isnt that good, nor does he improve. While allu was their best player by far, Maikelele had more impact on the team and players.
2016-09-02 00:50
2016-09-02 01:13
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