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RIP 18-0 C9
They almost beat 87-0 NIP's record
2016-09-04 00:18
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Streaks don't count when they're against t3 NA teams, pretty sure C9 could agree
2016-09-04 00:20
nip's streak was against tier 7 spanish teams, your point?
2016-09-04 00:42
Kohi | 
Russia Vitosh992 
includes t1-t2 europe teams. it wasn't only spanish teams. And C9 won only against US
2016-09-04 00:47
dumbfuck immortals isnt US
2016-09-04 00:49
Kohi | 
Russia Vitosh992 
ok, NA and SA teams.
2016-09-04 00:50
rouge isn't NA OR SA.
2016-09-04 01:33
They did beat SK 2-0. SK is the #1 team in the world. Was it in a LAN? No, but saying records only counts in LANs is shifting the argument. NIP's 87-0 was more online than in LAN. Nobody is claiming C9 is a great team, but they have had a mini-streak, and just saying "they played only t3 NA teams" is a stupid argument considering they did play and beat SK on 2 maps. They will probably lose this match against Immortals, but on the slight possibility that they don't? Would you still be sitting on the sidelines sniping them after beating both Brazilian teams?
2016-09-04 19:07
Dosia | 
Germany Lucasius 
NiPs 87-0 was a lan streak....
2016-09-04 19:13
well, if so, it's more impressive yet. Any way you look at it, that was a nice record. I can't imagine anybody beating that.
2016-09-04 19:16
bramz | 
Tunisia bramzz 
" NIP's 87-0 was more online than in LAN " I hate NiP but what the fuck are you talking about? lol
2016-09-04 19:15
I speculated through ignorance. Corrected directly above.
2016-09-04 19:16
Beating SK without Fer is like Beating Real without Ronaldo, it just doesnt count
2016-09-04 20:44
are you crazy? c9 dont played against SK afer the lineup changes
2016-09-04 20:48
C9 didn't beat Sk, they didnt even played against Sk.
2016-09-04 20:53
Oh that's right! Liquid was the one that beat SK 2-0. Thanks for correction.
2016-09-04 21:34
South Africa?
2016-09-04 21:38
Like 1 tier 1 EU team.
2016-09-04 14:42
f0rest | 
Russia SokoLov 
yeah dude,currently 4-1 streak vs european
2016-09-04 19:06
was it nip's fault that other teams sucked so hard?
2016-09-04 15:16
Not only that but NiP's streak was on LAN and c9's online
2016-09-04 19:15
Germany bL4NK1 
NiP Record was on LAN
2016-09-04 00:21
NA online = EU lan
2016-09-04 00:23
Denmark fyhn 
^ This
2016-09-04 00:43
And it was also at the start of CS:GO when the competition was a lot less rife. The closest competition they had was VG and they were still lacking. And if you can't see that you're a pleb, just look at NiP now :D
2016-09-04 00:48
Look at brittish csgo, where they at? I still cant see them in any tournament? HELLOOO. no one answered
2016-09-04 01:04
I never claimed British* CS was good? Nor would I ever? You seem to think I am bothered about my lack of scene lul. NiP fans and Swedes in general constantly get tilted over CS, they seem to think their good scene makes themselves good personally :D
2016-09-04 01:17
Germany bL4NK1 
Not tilted bro i know that Competition was bad back then... Just wanted to make that clear
2016-09-04 14:31
haha swedistanian NiP only sells nocco shit. They play like shit, they look like hairy cavemen shit and they will never win a major again even it all teams try different cheats
2016-09-04 14:38
Germany bL4NK1 
k den
2016-09-04 15:18
Europe de_insertion 
Actually EZSKINS beaten RNG in a tournament but i dont remember which tournament was that sorry.
2016-09-04 19:05
DH Open London and the score was 16-11. didn't really mean much in the long run though.
2016-09-04 19:20
Europe de_insertion 
Thank you sir!
2016-09-04 19:21
Wow, somebody who isn't retarded, fast admins, ban him!
2016-09-04 15:17
shameless bump xd
2016-09-04 00:33
CIS Merlas_mtk 
noone cares
2016-09-04 00:35
United States Scrub_Disney 
Actually NiP's record wasn't map wins in a row it was match wins
2016-09-04 00:46
no it was map wins
2016-09-04 00:52
No, it was 87 LAN tournament map wins.
2016-09-04 00:52
United States Scrub_Disney 
In thorin's vid he said it was matches my bad guys I have only been here since 2014
2016-09-04 01:18
18w 1d :(
2016-09-04 00:50
c9 still got that 14-0 with esea though, highly doubt they actually drop a single map throughout
2016-09-04 00:53
Brazil adrianoff1 
2016-09-04 00:54
Sweden godname 
2016-09-04 01:19
uhh its a bo3, right? so its not over yet
2016-09-04 01:19
I lol'd
2016-09-04 01:26
Sweden kick_REZ_ffs 
2016-09-04 14:32
well does the winstreak count maps in bo3? thats nonsense, c9 didnt lose the bo3 btw only 2:1 ? :D
2016-09-04 14:36
competition is 10 times harder now than what it used to be, NiP had it easy as fuck back then
2016-09-04 14:40
Yep, even though there are still the same players everywhere, they just suddenly got good.
2016-09-04 15:18
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
Lol, let them play 1 match against NaVi, Astralis, NiP, FaZe, Godsent, G2. STREAK = 0. Big surprise shit team playing great against shit teams.
2016-09-04 15:18
Denmark mikey4320 
they'd probably beat astralis/nip
2016-09-04 19:04
lel nip and astralis might be shit atm But not that shit xD
2016-09-04 19:08
Denmark mikey4320 
They're extremely shitty, and C9 isn't too bad
2016-09-04 20:41
NiP 87-0 vs. EU CS Clown9 18-0 vs. T3/T2 NA CS
2016-09-04 15:19
NiP 87-0 vs. basically NA CS because the competition was shit back then
2016-09-04 15:24
yeah "only" 69 to go.
2016-09-04 19:02
All it took was a T2.5 EU team and it was ruined :/ rip
2016-09-04 19:07
heroic is like tier 1.75 now imo if that is a tier
2016-09-04 19:18
Alright mate, keep telling yourself that. I'll give them T2 on a good day. Whatever makes your patriotic eagle fly.
2016-09-04 19:17
imo heres tiers for eu tier1 vp,navi,godsent,nip,g2 between tier 1 and tier 2 envy,mous,heroic,astralis because they have potential to reach t1(Maybe not astralis tho because they are shit) tier 2 gambit and everyone else.
2016-09-04 19:20
Ow, so now you changed your 1,5 to 1,75? Interesting. Well, we'll have to agree on disagreeing then. For me, Heroic is still amongst Gambit etc.
2016-09-04 19:23
holy f*** too close.
2016-09-04 19:21
NEO | 
Poland foonatic 
2016-09-04 19:26
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