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IMT Obvious af
United States iGoMango 
Is it just me or is it beyond clear these guys didn't spend enough time learning how to be subtle? Original post with explanations of what you're seeing. Although if you can't see what's fishy about some of these clips without them please just don't respond and waste everyones time. So I guess I would just like to hear from everyone is, 1. At what point is video evidence enough to take action? 2. If it was then what would that action be? 3. Since we know that privately coded cheats are near impossible to detect via anti cheat software what should the next steps be in cases like this? 4. If tournament admins or Vavle refuse/are unable to put in place what needs to be there to ensure games are clean then what should the communities response be?
2016-09-05 07:58
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Shut up kid
2016-09-05 08:02
I would expect you to be first in here.
2016-09-05 08:03
c9 fangay
2016-09-05 08:39
Never been a fan of c9 tbh.
2016-09-05 08:52
shut the fuck up your mouth
2016-09-05 08:06
:D you don't need to wear noise canceling headsets either.
2016-09-05 08:12
you have so much dedication, please make a "C9 Compilation 14-0 EPL hacksuation" for me? thanks my friend ;)
2016-09-05 08:10
I know you aren't the real Felpes without even looking because as big as his balls are to blatantly aimlock like he did I doubt he'd be dumb enough to throw fuel on the fire.
2016-09-05 08:14
Here's a Stewie clip. Ill see what else I have saved or bookmarked on my other pc.
2016-09-05 08:21
thanks friend, ofc im not the real felps(imt player) its just my nickname :)
2016-09-05 08:25
You Brazilians make this all worse with your pride. If you were to say "yeah these certain clips look strange to me but the others don't and here is why", You would look like you actually consider the possibility that people cheat. I would never just defend someone because they are from my country because if it's indeed true they are cheating I wouldn't want to be the guy helping to keep them playing. You guys assume that the majority of times anyone makes a post about someone cheating it's due to being salty or mad. You do realize that if some of these IMT guys are cheating they are stealing the spot from another Brazilian who truly deserves it. So in a way by offering clips as possible evidence I'm supporting Brazilians (those that play legit who want to go pro) more then you are by refusing to even consider it as a possibility.
2016-09-05 08:50
Finland siloquez 
4. Stop playing and supporting this cheatfest shit game.
2016-09-05 08:16
Sadly I think that would work but also it would be at the expense of those who are trying to make a living playing legit.
2016-09-05 08:17
If we continue this way, soon there simply is none trying to play legit. Measures are needed NOW and players who are possibly caught need punishments. Lifetime ban from everything valve related for starters.
2016-09-05 08:32
All you Brazil nuts can keep commenting all you'd like. I will continue to respond because anyone with a brain realizes that one's level of outrage or anger has no effect on if they are right or not. For the most part all you are showing is how easily people are blinded by pride.
2016-09-05 08:17
Brazil hsk- 
honestly...there`s nothing wrong with at least the 6 first videos... if you take out xray..would be normal crosshair placement in those corners.. just accept defeat bro.
2016-09-05 08:23
I didn't reorder them based on how suspicious they are. I would see less obvious problems with the first few if they wasn't followed by 5 of the most obvious shit I've seen in a while.
2016-09-05 08:26
Saudi Arabia a1z 
tbh; all of the clips above are really legit, you will even do those on pugs but you won't realize until some1 tells you. SK and immortals are putting a real hard work in the past year, Hard Luck though <3.
2016-09-05 08:30
You're assuming this post has anything to do with me being American or that I like c9? What if I told you I've been following them since they were Games Academy through Tempo and now IMT? I've rooted and been a fan of theirs far more then I have of c9. I've respected how hard they did work from the beginning. I've never been a fan of c9 at all and could care less if they win or lose in most situations.
2016-09-05 08:39
Most of them using offset aimlock. It's pretty obvious.
2016-09-05 08:37
it happen me every game aswell KEEEPO
2016-09-05 08:38
the only thing that is obvious is that you are salty af and stuck in silver 1
2016-09-05 08:39
Wisla Krakow
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