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rip twitch
Reunion randomyr2 
time to move to youtube gaming
2016-09-11 17:04
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Belgium MatadoRRR 
What is happening ?
2016-09-11 17:05
9/11 ANELE has crashed twitch
2016-09-11 17:10
2016-09-11 17:05
lol twitch dead
2016-09-11 17:06
2016-09-11 17:06
Poland Mateo29 
2016-09-11 17:08
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
again? it happened yesterday too wtf is going on
2016-09-11 17:09
they started using a new player, not sure if that has had something to do with it?
2016-09-11 17:13
Russia RacerJuiced_ 
Nt YG admin who DDosing twitch servers
2016-09-11 17:11
Qatar Alexander9910 
2016-09-11 17:12
2016-09-11 17:13
That feeling when you get banned,when you don't do anything wrong after that they unban your account. You watch one or two streams few hours doesn't say anything in chat and after two days you spot that your acc have been banned.TY twitch.
2016-09-11 17:12
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
stop lying you deserve your ban
2016-09-11 17:16
For saying nothing in chat?
2016-09-11 17:17
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
Thats a lie
2016-09-11 17:17
Proof? how do you know im lying? why would i shitalk on twitch chat? im not immature kid like 90% of community.
2016-09-11 17:19
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
yeah you are obviously you deserved your ban and are just trying to make an excuse and act like you didnt do anything
2016-09-11 17:21
thats normal
2016-09-11 17:23
Lol, you are blaming without any proof or knowledge. Also you are trying to say that im lying bastard,right? if you don't know the truth then just check proof and proof that im lying or stop bullshitting or slendering.
2016-09-11 17:25
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
only way to get a site ban is by streaming something against twitch ToS if you were chat banned its because you were perma'd by a mod for being a retard or were global chat banned for spamming like 1 line per second
2016-09-11 17:26
1. I never haven't been streaming. 2.Never haven't been spamming anything. 3. If you are calling me to an retard this might violate antidiscrimination.
2016-09-11 17:28
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
You're either lying or lying pick one Were you chat banned or site banned?
2016-09-11 17:30
Site banned,can't watch any stream. So you are calling me to an liar without any proof? That's defamation.
2016-09-11 17:31
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
Then you were streaming against ToS deserved
2016-09-11 17:33
Like i previously said i haven't been streaming EVER,so you are slendering?
2016-09-11 17:34
Lack1 | 
United States Trive 
sure you havent
2016-09-11 17:36
Yea/w this speed can't so...
2016-09-11 17:37
stop arguing and use youtube gaming to solve all ur problems
2016-09-11 17:38
Should probably,there some random italian guy can't come and slender.
2016-09-11 17:39
how do you even get banned on Twitch lmao
2016-09-11 17:31
For doing nothing i've been talking w/support team and they have always unbanned my account and after 2-3 days it gets banned even without using it.
2016-09-11 17:32
Germany jonko 
2016-09-11 17:19
Germany knipsi22 
wörks now
2016-09-11 17:22
It's back up now.
2016-09-11 17:22
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