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the elephant in the room...
Croatia Makz_CRO 
Can shox finally drop his butt buddy smithzz and get a decent awper? I'm guessing kennys is off limits, but at this point I'd rather have XP3 play (I'm assuming he knows french) and give G2 a decent chance to win something. rpk, scream and bodyy must be pretty pissed off right about now...
2016-09-11 22:48
only thing hes good at is d2
2016-09-11 22:50
Other khorkalba 
They won't kick anyone when they made such an impressive run to the final because they will feel that their current lineup is working.
2016-09-11 22:55
Croatia Makz_CRO 
They will one day when their form drops and realize they can't carry smithzz anymore.
2016-09-12 00:35
Syria Gonezxzx 
Let's get real here, Shox got the boot from nV because there was conflict with roles and philosophies with in-game leading. SmithZz decided to go with Shoxie back to Titan, SmithZz is not his "butt-buddy" and Shox would give SmithZz the boot in an instant. kennyS would also join G2 and I bet he tried to, but buyouts and contracts were a problem. Mark my words, kennyS will leave nV once his contract expires, SmithZz will get kicked, SmithZz will join nV, kennyS will join G2. If Volvo stop being stuck up cunts, fxy0 will get unbanned and kick arse with ShoxieJESUS, Goddy, tank and the human headshot machine. Trust me bro, I have 1,000 karma on reddit and a C9 flair, Shroud is the best aimer i've ever seen.
2016-09-12 00:50
Peru 2loro2 
Top French Speaking AWPers from best to worst 1.KennyS 2.Fxy0 3.To1nou 4.Smithzz 5.XP3 Why in the world would they downgrade and XP3 is god shit, he got kicked from a Tier 3 NA team, why would Shox kick a good friend who is also mainly the IGL as shox said in a interview, b/c Smithzz and Shox have the same idea of how to play the game. They need to kick RPK or bodyy, imo keep bodyy as he is almost at rpk's level and he will improve a lot more in the future where rpk atm is at his peek. Smithzz can be a great 2ndIGL/Support/2nd AWP I personally want To1nou b/c he played with bodyy and is a GREAT awper, and is the best Belgium AWPer in the scene. My 2nd Pick would be Fxy0 if his ban hopefully gets revoked he can return with his Epsilon buddys ScreaM and Shox. And 3rd, G2 Got 150K from Titan to sign ScreaM, and with Titan's Org going bankrupt,b/c of KQLY, G2 got the Titan Line-up for Free. So they can spend 150-200k on KennyS, which is well worth it, since tech Titan gave 150k away for ScreaM and would be paying about 50k For KennyS, since again G2 Pretty much got donated 150k.
2016-09-12 01:12
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