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Iceland OskaH_ 
he will be laughing his ass off now, imagine if this guy was not blatant about his cheats like he plays off this info but doesnt shoot through, cs scene could all be a joke.
2016-09-13 05:06
Who the fuck are you talking about?
2016-09-13 05:09
Brazil coachdag3x 
Dan M is a cs go specialist and cheater buster, watch some of his videos in youtube and you will open your eyes
2016-09-13 05:25
Macau Igoskovisk 
Get a cancer you mean.
2016-09-13 05:32
2016-09-13 22:17
United States xWho 
2016-09-13 23:32
Yeah I know who Dan M is, i'm just wondering who OP is talking about is CHEATING. Because he said Dan M will be laughing at how blatant whoever this person is who he thinks is cheating, but he didn't include a name...
2016-09-13 20:13
BnTeT | 
Poland B4R73K 
are you autistic? off you go to reddit
2016-09-14 00:29
Are YOU autistic? Show me where OP mentioned in his original comment who he was talking about? If you can't then the jokes on you, you "autistic" faggot
2016-09-14 00:31
BnTeT | 
Poland B4R73K 
it's fucking bait you autistic faggot how can you be so retarded
2016-09-14 14:22
Denmark Lassy 
"bait" nt wannabe pro baiter
2016-09-14 14:25
BnTeT | 
Poland B4R73K 
oh look, next inbred faggot not my bait, OP's weak as fuck bait and both of you are braindead to fall for it
2016-09-14 14:30
That wasn't bait, you're just an idiot. He was legitimately talking about someone and just forgot to mention the name. Nice try autistic kid hahaha. Keep trying :')
2016-09-17 09:05
I'm not trying to generalize or anything, but I'm not surprised that a Brazilian user wrote this comment.
2016-09-13 22:23
And he isnt fakeflagging
2016-09-13 23:42
2016-09-14 00:37
United States PLx2 
A random person walked by while I was watching a Dan M. video and told me that that guy looks like a loser.
2016-09-14 00:49
Australia Mr.Sinister 
I feel triggered by your referral of DanM being a CSGO specialist. The cheater buster is just laughable. I once tried to sit through a Dan M video. But his gratuitous use of the word "boys", makes me think he is a pederast, trawling for teenage boys.
2016-09-14 06:07
flusha u idiot
2016-09-13 21:20
how does that make me an idiot you dipshit, did OP include any name whatsoever? Shithead
2016-09-13 21:21
i'm jk u idiot, the fact that you didnt realize im joking makes you an idiot. PS: im not joking now
2016-09-13 22:00
that joke was so funny, gj. can i try it too please? u idiot
2016-09-13 23:43
np u idiot euflagger
2016-09-14 05:38
you gave no indication that you were joking, nice try though
2016-09-14 00:26
dan m: cheat expert, analist, video editor, lan observer, lan secret admin, traveller, young, single, free, cs player, videomaker WHAT A MEN
2016-09-13 05:30
2016-09-13 05:33
Hes married with kids, he said that on RLewis video.
2016-09-13 05:36
wtf hes even more god than before then LOL imagine if his see a msg in his wife phone and start think she's cheating on him or something LMAO level of paranoid over 9000 SHES ON THE GEAR BOIS
2016-09-13 05:38
2016-09-13 20:22
2016-09-13 20:28
Israel Encryp7eD 
2016-09-13 20:57
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
2016-09-13 21:02
Spain SR4 
Wife on the gear using esp/aimbot
2016-09-13 22:40
United States julian_stout 
2016-09-13 23:33
Portugal tnyk1ng 
ahahah son you won the internet for today :D
2016-09-17 09:19
Netherlands installwizard 
ceh9 (famous youtuber)
2016-09-13 20:16
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
2016-09-13 20:25
United States mbolton1990 
dan m hero
2016-09-13 05:33
This really has to be a turning point for Valve. They seriously have to step it up now that we know anybody could be cheating in actual pro matches (before we just had VAC bans w/ no knowledge of when cheats were used). Key and mouselogging need to be publicly available in real time of all pro matches, and provide new gear at LANs.
2016-09-13 20:26
update me burgerbrotha what the shit did i miss
2016-09-13 20:38 They got DQ'ed for not providing the demo (and Winterfox still got the loss too, you'll have to go to reddit find out the details).
2016-09-13 20:53
wfx didn't get dq'd they played against subtle and lost 16-14
2016-09-13 22:22
I said "they" got dq'ed, as in nwnl, the other team. Then I said Winterfox still got the loss for losing to them.
2016-09-13 23:19
I see, sorry for my mistake.
2016-09-13 23:20
Lmao now this is obvious, not like all these supposed clips of pros.
2016-09-14 00:39
tbh, I might even be willing to give benefit of the doubt on the first shot, cause you could actually memorize a cue for that spam (if I were pro I'd spend all day memorizing spams), but then he starts locking onto the 2nd guy from INSIDE the smoke, where there is no way you can use a cue for a spam.
2016-09-14 00:42
Nah not even benefit of the doubt on that. Just from his early movement and crosshair placement before the shot you can see he's a complete fucking bot, so that shot and him moving his crosshair like that on the head through the smoke is so obvious rofl
2016-09-14 00:48
That guy is not specialist in anything, he cannot even distinguish a occasional fast flick for situation awareness from aimlock. Crazy random things happens in CS all the time and even more in demos. You can never assume someone is cheating by one clip, you have to analyze the behavior during entire match. And even if some cases where true, he´s doing a lot of false accusations, which is deplorable and very unfair. This should bring total discredit to him but some people will believe in anything that pleases them.
2016-09-13 20:55
because people will hold their aimkey every round..
2016-09-13 21:20
Obviously not man, unless you are stupid. But make no sense to use it when your team are easily dominating and not use it on crucial moments. Or why would you risk to use a cheat just to get enemy position 1 time during an entire match. That´s the case of many of those "fishy" clips that in fact are pure random. Of course that you have to analyze all the context.
2016-09-13 21:35
if top pros like shox use aimbots, it's most likely to get info 1 or 2 times. for example i see shox die plenty of times getting shot in the back or from the side, in which he could've just tapped his aimkey slightly and would've known where the guy was. like you think they would maybe tap their aimkey in a smoke everytime to check if someones there, but they don't.
2016-09-14 00:39
Sweden Kasidro 
2016-09-13 20:56
i like the video on his brazilian holiday :))
2016-09-13 21:16
"Hello my name is Dan M, I've been around competitive cheating for over a decade or so. Some consider me the cheatSports historian. This video is sponsored by AlphaDraft"
2016-09-13 22:06
+1 forgot "bois"
2016-09-13 22:35
steel | 
Belarus Ruble 
DanM is pretty cool guy
2016-09-13 23:27
Brazil hugoooo 
That guy is a delusional old guy that acts like a teenager.
2016-09-13 23:57
2016-09-14 00:35
What do you mean? Who are you talking about? Why it should be interesting for us?
2016-09-14 14:26
somebody scared,subroza moved almost all inventory when vac wave begun..he knows..Dan coming 4 him :)
2016-09-14 14:28
Spain SR4 
Subroza is on the gear bois
2016-09-14 14:32
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