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Thorin thinks nV will beat C9
United States ZOOSK 
2016-09-18 03:16
LOL having an opinion in 2016 XDDDDDDDDD ROFLLLLLLLLL
2016-09-18 03:19
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
lol n1
2016-09-18 04:51
Having an opinion in 2016 LUL
2016-09-18 03:20
2016-09-18 03:21
LOL having an opinion in 2016 XDDDDDDDDD ROFLLLLLLLLL
2016-09-18 03:22
LOL having an opinion in 2016 XDDDDDDDDD ROFLLLLLLLLL
2016-09-18 03:47
GeT_RiGhT | 
Italy drk94 
thorin is always wrong, nothing new
2016-09-18 03:25
end yourself.
2016-09-18 07:04
dick ride much?
2016-09-18 08:13
how much?
2016-09-18 16:07
United States Kane91123 
If you think C9 will 100% beat NV then your just be a NA fanboy, yes they definitely can but I'd say it more like 50/50
2016-09-18 03:30
50/50? 70/30
2016-09-18 03:33
750k id pretends to know about competitive CS go back to reddit
2016-09-18 08:14
yea because not joining this cess pool of a site wasn't one of my priorities.
2016-09-18 08:36
Ur under arrest sir.
2016-09-18 10:08
2016-09-18 08:36
Portugal dracø 
Cry9 is still cry9, but cry9 > nbkry NV can't do shit against c9, it's been like this for ages and while C9 got better, envy got worse. So it won't change today.
2016-09-18 04:35
12/06 16 Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs - ESL One Cologne 2016 Main.. - cobblestone 12-16 06/02 16 Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs - Game Show Global eSports .. - mirage 13-16 06/02 16 Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs - Game Show Global eSports .. - overpass 12-16 10/09 15 Cloud9 vs. EnVyUs - ESL ESEA Dubai Invitation.. - cobblestone 12-16
2016-09-18 08:15
C9 vs EnVyUs - Dreamhack ZOWIE OPEN Bucharest 2016 - cache = ez win c9
2016-09-19 05:27
I would give C9 the edge 55-45. It should be close, but if they can keep it together and are "on" they should be able to edge Envy out.
2016-09-18 05:00
after update stewie can't jump properly so ez nV
2016-09-18 03:31
im fairly sure youre joking but just in case youre not, afaik theyre not using the newest updates
2016-09-18 03:33
It's a 50/50 ofc you pick the EU team.
2016-09-18 03:32
Not a single EU team in the last major top 4
2016-09-18 07:23
Yeah, because VP and fnatic are not EU teams. smh.
2016-09-18 08:39
And fnatic would've probably be in finals if s1mple wasn't playing
2016-09-18 10:24
Rip EU
2016-09-18 12:16
People are overrating C9 just because they beat envy the last time they played, but they had sixer in that match instead of NBK who's a crucial part of the team Yes C9 might be slight favorites, but envy has a very good chance of beating them as well. Predicting that envy will win isn't outlandish
2016-09-18 03:34
envy no chance against the asian talent like autimatic and Stewie 2000
2016-09-18 03:41
EnVyUs is just shit in general
2016-09-18 04:07
United States ZOOSK 
sixer didn't even do bad that game. you can't say one player would make so much of a difference as 8 more rounds.
2016-09-18 04:19
They lost that game because C9 outplayed them 90% of the time, Envy was completely out of their element, like that flank Stewie pulled at B doors, Sixer was neither of those guys.
2016-09-18 04:24
You have to realize that the issue of using a standin extends much further than just how good or bad he killed people
2016-09-18 04:54
United States ZOOSK 
But still, I do not think one player (especially NBK) can make a difference of 8 rounds.
2016-09-18 04:55
it's not whether or not NBK HIMSELF can make the difference of 8 rounds, it's the way the TEAM plays BECAUSE of the fact they have their 5 man lineup... Like what mikey said, it extends much farther than just the individual performance. For instance, the amount of teamwork, rotations, comms, etc are affected when dealing with a stand-in. NBK could've played that game and have done worse individually than sixer but still been a more key instrumental player in terms of playing as a team. I'm not saying nV will beat c9, because i think c9 will still win, but i'm just making a point
2016-09-18 05:59
Canada RNJESUS^ 
+1 good explanation my friend
2016-09-18 07:11
Have you been watching NBK this tournament? He really could. Also one bo1 means nothing lmao. Nv with a stand in almost beat g2 and would have if NBK played while c9 got absolutely stomped by nip
2016-09-18 08:38
I think it'll be very close and they are pretty evenly talented, but I have to think C9 has the psychological edge. Either team could win, but I'm hoping C9 does.
2016-09-18 05:02
LULLLLLLLLLLL we all know that thorin is a fanboy of EnvyUs thats why he thinks that...he really wants that, but, its not going to happen :3
2016-09-18 04:01
thorin just hates NA teams and BR teams for some reason lol
2016-09-18 04:47
nope, he doenst. he admires especially brazillian teams and gave props multiple times to sk and immortals.
2016-09-18 04:53
United States Free_Swag 
no he hates them, he said SK would never win anything...he is also a s1mple fanboy even though he is toxic af.
2016-09-18 05:49
They will LUL
2016-09-18 04:21
United Kingdom jimbob926 
LOL having an opinion in 2016 XDDDDDDDDD ROFLLLLLLLLL
2016-09-18 04:22
Should be close game, to be fair NV didn`t have NBK back at star ladder so we`ll see.
2016-09-18 04:32
Brazil Juneco 
who cares about thorin's thoughts
2016-09-18 04:36
Only because of how the map veto works. Ban,pick,ban. c9 wins train/mirage, NV wins cache, cobble as decider. whos better on cobble?
2016-09-18 04:53
i think nV will beat c9
2016-09-18 04:59
I think clown9 will beat nv and the final beast dignitas
2016-09-18 05:24
2016-09-18 05:28
if NV beat c9 i will get naked and run down street and post vid tommorow.
2016-09-18 05:32
2016-09-18 05:33
C9 tired of cheating they going to reach out to NV players saying they are not going to cheat just honorable game and NV will agree. NBK will go behind their back and cheat anyways for sure a wipe C9 to look like classic envyus both well sponsored teams, no reason for them not to seek to declare truce on cheating sum speculationz
2016-09-18 05:46
Envy would roflstomp c9 if they played how they suppose to play instead of being tilted.
2016-09-18 05:46
United States Free_Swag 
thorin is literally the dumbest person in the scene and honestly knows 0 about the NA scene....this is a guy who said SK would never win anything....he said stew was shit, he said auti was shit....he said liquid would lose in group play at BOTH majors...literally useless and the only reason little kids like him is because he is edgy.
2016-09-18 05:48
Tbf, I dunno why some people put so much stock in Thooorins opinions about teams. He's a good historian, no doubt about that, but just as an analyst, he really isn't that insightful. Its also why you rarely ever see him go out of his way to pick an underdog. He doesn't really seem to keep tabs on how a specific team has evolved and how their recent form has come about via tactics etc. Once he can analyze everything in hindsight, he's better. But when it comes to short term predictions, he's not that great. He's been caught with his pants down a lot when analyzing non-EU teams, especially. Even with EU teams/players, he just fanboys too much.
2016-09-18 05:53
United States Free_Swag 
true he is just a historian but he should stop giving his oponion(because it affect people's lifes) if he has no clue what hes talking about.
2016-09-18 05:56
To be fair, who would have ever thought Stewie would have gone from an average player who had 1 year of pro experience to the current star and partial IGL of his team? I was all for giving Stewie a chance, but he has surpassed all that I expected from him.
2016-09-18 06:35
In a similar vein, why talk shit about a player based off a handful of performances? S2k comes in, literally plays a LAN within a couple of weeks, in which he understandably does bad in, and everyone loses their mind. Players that can hit the ground running are really rare in any sport. Even then, S2k does fall into that category - he literally went from bottom fragging to part IGLing and top fragging in the space of 6 months. Look at some of the players doing well now, some of these players weren't even all that great in the beginning of CSGO, and it took them more than a year to start doing well, much less consistently top fragging or playing their specific role really well. What makes it all worse is the mindless hives of HLTV and Reddit, which only care how a player has been doing the past 2 weeks.
2016-09-18 08:40
Yah I remember the reddit thread from when his signing got announced. Some of the people wrote him off before he even played a single game, let alone gave him a few months.
2016-09-18 09:34
imo this makes it worse:
2016-09-18 10:11
French teams just seem to struggle vs NA teams in general. Ever since CLG dicked nV/LDLC at the MLG X-Games event in 2015, it seems like NA teams have had more success against the French region, than they've had against other regions.
2016-09-18 05:56
Greece hekzy 
NA has had no success.. Ever. Also, they don't have more success over the french, it's just that most of their successes come from beating Frenchies. Frenchies have beaten NA way more times.
2016-09-18 07:13
Holy shit, learn how to read. I said more success against FRENCH teams specifically, as opposed to OTHER regions. No need to be insecure.
2016-09-18 08:34
Greece hekzy 
No you learned to read, I said the exact same thing.
2016-09-18 10:19
Im cheering for c9 but I still think envy is going to take, especially with Devil having the tourny of his career
2016-09-18 07:06
World new111 
I mean its c9 we are talking about.
2016-09-18 07:30
They will ez envy ez life call me cloud 9 fangays
2016-09-18 07:38
so do I and whats so crazy about that? im betting my money on a 2-0 victory
2016-09-18 08:03
you smart & i appreciate that. multi on vp and nv = easy currency
2016-09-18 08:22
also said c9 has a better chance vs envy on nuke than cache. envy actually looked fairly good on nuke vs heroic which is a solid nuke team. Also cache will always be a solid map of c9
2016-09-18 09:59
2016-09-18 10:10
2016-09-18 10:21
thooorin = delusional fanboy
2016-09-18 10:21
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