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Feedback please! Top Pro Frags #37
Germany Dok1 
Hey guys! Some of you might know my series "Top Pro Frags", which was previously named "Progaming Fragshow". Up until episode 36 it consisted of pure raw frags with no music in the background and no animations. After a phase of inactivity I decided to mix things up a little and change the style, so it would be nice to hear what you guys think of it? Also, what would be your top5 of this episode? It's featuring cajunb, roca, nitr0, AliStair, s1mple, Somebody (TyLoo) and coldzera. hf :)
2016-09-23 19:58
Germany Dok1 
What would be your top 5 ranking of this episode? :)
2016-09-23 20:13
I dont like
2016-09-23 20:14
Germany Dok1 
ok :(
2016-09-23 20:17
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