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United States Kreygasm 
2016-09-30 04:12
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Only sport youre good at and lose to Team Leftovers
2016-09-30 04:12
Salty murican :) You didn't even make it out of the groups and you also lost to Europe :D
2016-09-30 04:15
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Haha well hockey is like the 3r or 4th most popular sport in NA, most people dont give a fuck ut Canada live for it but lose to leftovers XDDDDDD
2016-09-30 04:18
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Oh camoon. While not the biggest, hockey is still HUGE in the US. Salty murican :)
2016-09-30 04:21
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lol? hockey is basically nothing here haha and defenitly not HUGE
2016-09-30 05:09
"in NA" are you braindead? canada is NA
2016-09-30 04:38
you do realize that new york alone has a higher population than all of Canada right? Like even if 60% of canadians played hockey.. and 5% of americans did.. you would still have more overall hockey players.. So saying LOL CANADA ONLY CARES BOUT HOCKEY. Is a bad argument for u merifats
2016-09-30 04:55
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3 replies Oh sorry... one state has 66% of our total population... myyyyy baaaaaaaaaaad guuuuy
2016-09-30 05:26
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66% =/= 100%+
2016-09-30 05:45
not trying to fight just saying ur wrong, no hard feelings ;) i dont even watch hockey lol
2016-09-30 05:46
Leftovers? There are just players from smaller countries that aren't in the tournament!
2016-09-30 06:46
Why are you talking 0 wins?
2016-09-30 04:24
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USA sucked but would never lose to leftovers at home, in USA!!! NEVER
2016-09-30 04:29
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neither did canada
2016-09-30 04:51
Really? I just replied to a salty murican simply because his whining was so ironic. Now another salty murican :D Edit: I'm not bashing any other team here because I can't afford to and I know it. Muricans can't afford it either but the op is still doing it :)
2016-09-30 05:24
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hes b8ing tho
2016-10-01 01:09
I more than 100% sure, that Canada players are throwing a game, to get some extra revenue from tickets to the 3rd game, and get move TV views
2016-09-30 04:17
NAF | 
Canada cStrilly
yes mock canada since USA didnt make it out of groups
2016-09-30 04:16
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LEFTOVERS, can you believe? The canadian stars havent had a chance!!
2016-09-30 04:18
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NAF | 
Canada cStrilly
by leftovers are you referring to the american roster?
2016-09-30 04:19
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Haha well you could say that for USA too since the retarded management left many of the best players at home!!! But this thread is about Europe, a group of norwegians and swiss cheese is beating Canada in CANADA hahaha
2016-09-30 04:21
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come again?
2016-09-30 05:04
well CAN won the first game. but now the blackhawks' Ehrhoff is just playing too smart.
2016-09-30 04:26
I love Hockey but who gives a shit about WC. NHL being greedy making it complete trash to watch.
2016-09-30 04:29
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no sweden in final == trash to watch ??
2016-09-30 04:31
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Not at all man. But World Cup with BO3 final and Team EU and Team NA U23? Just a big marketing stunt.
2016-09-30 04:53
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BO3 final is great imo.
2016-09-30 05:00
Tbh its the best thing they couldve done to publicize the sport all voer the world and make teams even (for EU countries etc).
2016-09-30 05:50
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I'm sure you are right, I just don't agree with it. I think having more teams from around the world would be better, even if it meant 10-0 games. I never got into this WC. Too much focus on the money aspect instead of the love of the game or even seriousness. Did you see the final? Was there even one hit? :P
2016-10-01 03:47
I agree with you on this, although I did like the BO3 finals. The Olympics is still the most prestigious international tournament. This tourney was pretty meh.
2016-09-30 07:33
unreal ending
2016-09-30 04:43
2016-09-30 04:43
2016-09-30 04:44
Europe is so unlucky :( Well played anyway, they played their fullest and played a great hockey. Nobody had a chance against Canadians in this tournament.
2016-09-30 04:47
Costa Rica memelelele
it's 0-0 an CAN won game 1
2016-09-30 04:52
Might wanna check your sources again
2016-09-30 04:57
Finland AxaFin
damn what a crazy end to that final
2016-09-30 05:01
Canada shakyy
LMAO stupid american
2016-09-30 05:10
There is a reason the USA is one of the most hated nations in the world... Thanks Kreygasm for further proving a point.
2016-09-30 05:17
2016-09-30 05:32
LOL want to take that back?
2016-09-30 05:36
Well this is awkward
2016-09-30 05:47
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Delete the thread and forget it as if this never happened
2016-09-30 06:18
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Why should I relieve him of this embarrassment :)
2016-09-30 06:19
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He probably saw the comeback and jumped off a cliff so I dont expect him to come back online :^)
2016-09-30 06:21
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2016-09-30 06:27
2016-09-30 07:08
Germany ToxlC
Haha, nice b8.
2016-09-30 07:19
team europe is not that bad
2016-10-01 03:50
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