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Visiting London
Croatia Makz_CRO 
Hi guys, I'm gonna be in London for 2 days. Can anyone suggest a good route or at least some places that are a must see? Thanks. :)
2016-10-01 23:19
Yes, woodgreen's ladbrokes
2016-10-01 23:20
I liked trafalglar square
2016-10-01 23:23
as long as you dont go to the tate modern you will have a great time son
2016-10-01 23:27
One more protip: do not google up cheap hotels in london(chances are you will end up living with indians) and trust me you dont want that, from what i've heard at least
2016-10-01 23:32
Soho/Shoreditch to go out All the tourist places if you are into that Avoid the London Eye Hyde park / Hampstead Heath Depends what you are looking for There are tons of places to visit
2016-10-01 23:31
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