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I feel like this is the best play I've seen from him in so long lol
2016-10-07 03:43
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Brazil L4x @.@ 
m4 vs eco hahAHHAHAHAHA
2016-10-07 03:51
What of it? fer did a 4k against eco players with a M4 and that got highlighted. Contribute to a topic or leave it.
2016-10-07 04:00
Brazil L4x @.@ 
i don't give a fuck about fer and i didnt create a topic about it so ...
2016-10-07 04:01
I think you need to work on your englando. Or atleast understanding the meaning of words like "contribute"
2016-10-07 04:04
Yeah I really do, sorry. The sentence I wrote sounded better before I wrote it down. But it makes some sense,contributing as fueling a topic or discussion, it's a valid form of using the word, right?
2016-10-07 04:07
dude... that reply was not for you, but for L4x.
2016-10-07 04:14
... If anyone asks, you never saw me doing that, aight?
2016-10-07 04:18
how to fuck up your smurf account - l4x aka dive
2016-10-07 05:49
Brazil L4x @.@ 
smurf doq filho ta loco o mano que é autista e n sabe interpretar texto
2016-10-07 20:16
nah man, i'm dive and dive only.
2016-10-08 00:07
damn.. that was sick.
2016-10-07 04:02
eco kills lol
2016-10-07 04:06
u do this vs liquid? even on eco, wasnt that ez retake noob
2016-10-07 04:28
i can do this vs any team ive don't better
2016-10-07 04:55
Even an open team with desert eagles would run circles around you
2016-10-07 04:57
lol ok
2016-10-07 05:44
retake vs online liquid with deagles no armor "wasnt that ez" i arent think that
2016-10-07 06:11
Brazil FURIAtop1 
2016-10-07 04:19
If you want to see Hazed pull rabbits out his ass, watch his career highlights on Mirage. There's a bunch of pushing and a bunch of fragging.
2016-10-07 04:30
United States hehexddd 
You remember that bo1 win vs. Fnatic back when fnatic was in their peak form? I think it was at a major as well, that was over a year ago :P Hazed top fragged like a beast.
2016-10-07 06:15
Hazed has had multiple mirage matches when he went beast mode* on CT sides. The one you're thinking, I believe, is ESL Season 1 LAN.
2016-10-07 06:21
swag | 
North America Ares872 
lol 1v3 vs eco with two players at 46 hp combined and nitro with a deagle and all 3 no armor = not impressed
2016-10-07 05:01
United States hehexddd 
Regardless of the situation look at the shots it took to make it happen.
2016-10-07 06:14
swag | 
North America Ares872 
i get it but ok shot on hiko but only whst 15hp so meh same wuth jdm peaks low hp gets punished then the nitro shot 1 where i think we all know is a shot everyone should hit given how much dust 2 is played and how often people sit plat behind boxes but yea still a nice play just imo not forum worthy XD
2016-10-08 03:52
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