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Venezuela Feduk_104 
good mousepad to zowie mouses? Razer goliathus is a good choice?
2016-10-07 11:26
Venezuela Feduk_104 
2016-10-07 11:28
zowie gsr black version
2016-10-07 11:43
SS QcK+ has never let me down
2016-10-07 11:30
Ireland LmaoAyy 
Steelseries QcK+
2016-10-07 11:35
Venezuela Feduk_104 
second guy talking about SS QcK, sounds not good for me i need something fast like razer goliathus speedy
2016-10-07 11:37
Ireland LmaoAyy 
It's up to you ma man!
2016-10-07 11:45
literally any piece of cloth of the right dimensions stuck on a pad of rubber will do. the brand really doesnt matter. those coatings dont matter. a couple months playing or 1 wash and its off and you wont notice the difference
2016-10-07 11:36
have QcK with coating for a year, 2 times washed, coating still intact
2016-10-07 11:44
it'll be gone soon enough
2016-10-07 11:45
said the guy who already proved he has no clue...
2016-10-07 11:50
ive played on many mousepads. cloth pads, hardpads, sheets of paper. if your mouse tracks on it, and the thing doesnt slide around on your desk, and its not too small, its a good mouse pad. everything else is consumerism.
2016-10-07 11:54
so piece of paper is a good mousepad? great advice man, you're definitely the guy to turn to when deciding on which mousepad to buy
2016-10-07 14:41
if you tape it to a flat surface a sheet of white paper can function as a mousepad. most sensors (at least of the mice ive owned) track fine on paper. the only issue is that your wrists may hurt after a couple hours because there's no padding underneath, but you can play just fine. same goes for a sheet of aluminium (after some sanding) or a piece of cloth with high thread count, which is what most soft mousepads have. most mice track on anything thats flat and has a bit of texture. this means you can choose to pay 30 euro for a mousepad, but generally you dont really need to. there are of course some mice/sensors that dont track well at all on a lot of surfaces, but that might still happen if you buy an expensive mousepad. for example the G500 i own only tracks well on a hard pad (or a piece of cardboard) and not on my A brand softpad. i dont own a zowie mouse but i havent heard a lot of people complain about tracking issues with them, so my assumption was that that wouldn't be a problem. tldr some mice wont work well on paper but most do just fine.
2016-10-07 15:11
I personnaly run my SS Rival 300 on Razer Goliathus Speed Large
2016-10-07 11:39
Venezuela Feduk_104 
some peoples talking about SS Rival but i think zowie is better?
2016-10-07 11:41
Venezuela Feduk_104 
I AM AWP.....
2016-10-07 11:39
Really? Here I though you were a simple plane...
2016-10-07 11:46
QCK Heavy
2016-10-07 11:42
QCK heavy is perfect.
2016-10-07 15:10
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