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144HZ GTA5
Zeus | 
France faithlessz 
So I would like to buy this monitor "Acer GN246HLBBID" to play cs:go. I have GTX 1070 + i7 6700k, so I think it's fine for cs. But my question is, will be this monitor fine for heavy games? Like GTA5, or other stuff where you can't get 130+ fps. Btw GTA runs around 80-110fps on ULTRA settings. So is it a problem(144hz) or no? Ty for answers.
2016-10-08 15:10
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World Arican 
for 144Hz you need at least 144fps .. just low your settings and you will be fine
2016-10-08 15:12
Zeus | 
France faithlessz 
But I wanna play on Ultra SEttings, no reason to get low settings when you have such a strong PC. ???
2016-10-08 15:12
your pc is not good enough to play gta 5 at 144+fps ultra settings if you dont want to lower your settings a little bit, buy a new pc then
2016-10-08 15:15
there is no any graphic card who could launch GTA5 on ULTRA SETTING at 144fps... and My question was... Could I play comfortable on 144hz monitor in GTA5 with 100fps...
2016-10-08 15:21
Lithuania Eddie_Black 
when playing gta just change your moniter settings to 120hz
2016-10-08 15:25
2016-10-08 15:25
pretty sure a 1080 sli would do it and yes you can. It wont be as smooth as 144fps but it will be better than 100fps on 60hz
2016-10-08 15:25
1080 has around 120fps, not 144+, watch youtube.
2016-10-08 15:26
i think you missed the "sli" part
2016-10-08 15:28
lol, 2 videocards you mean? So you should buy a 4k monitor..which costs fucking 100000000000euro. And no, even with that, It will never give you 140+fps, watch youtube again.
2016-10-08 15:32
1080 sli gets around 80fps on 1440p ultra settings, im pretty sure it would easily get 144fps on 1080p you dont need a 4k monitor to play at 1080p
2016-10-08 15:35
who the fuck will play on 1080p monitors with 2x 1080? Just imagine it...LOL
2016-10-08 15:36
you want 144fps ultra settings and im showing you its possible lol
2016-10-08 15:37
it's a bs. Cause People who have money for 2x 1080, sure will not play on 1080p monitors. Trust me. You don't need rly more than 100fps to play awesome in GTA5. But question was, is it comfortable to play on 144hz monitor with 100fps, that's it.
2016-10-08 15:38
>You don't need rly more than 100fps to play awesome in GTA5 >But question was, is it comfortable to play on 144hz monitor with 100fps ????????????????? you dont even make sense anymore m8, im done And yes you can play with 100fps as i said earlier
2016-10-08 15:41
read the 1st comments you wrote, I think it's too hard to understand for you, gl buddy
2016-10-08 15:43
Slovenia eTheBlack 
Why should it? You will just get some double frames. You WONT notice on 144HZ, you only notice if you play on 60Hz with less than 60fps, even then you will probaly only really notice when it drops below 45fps.
2016-10-08 15:41
rain | 
Netherlands Nivex 
I would, lol. 4k is overrated xD
2016-10-08 15:43
why the fuck wouldn't you play with SLI 1080 on 1080p with 144Hz? Are you dumb or what? 4K looks better, that's true, but you won't really see such a difference on low " monitor. 144 Hz with stable 144 Hz feels way better, that's why it's also better to lower your settings to high instead of ultra to play 144 hz
2016-10-08 16:07
Are u fucking stupid lol this guy is telling you how to get 144fps on gta and you act like retard without a baguette
2016-10-08 15:40
go eat kangooro, ty
2016-10-08 15:41
Me. Fuck 1440p. Either it looks crispy as fuck or it needs an absurdly large monitor to look normal and I don't like huge monitors. So there you go
2016-10-08 17:10
yes gtx 1080 can
2016-10-08 15:25
1080 is only in 20% more powerful than 1070 and costs f cking +300euro. not rly.
2016-10-08 15:28
i can run it maxd out at like 150 frames so worth it
2016-10-08 15:38
2016-10-08 15:39
This is during a cutscene....
2016-10-08 22:28
where did you get this information? they are people playing gta on ultra settings with 8k resolution and they are getting 50-60 fps so why wouldnt 144 fps be possible?
2016-10-08 16:06
your pc isn't that strong bro
2016-10-08 15:48
what? i7 6700K + GTX 1070 isn't that strong? did you understand my question? playing on 100fps in GTA5 with 144hz monitor should be fine or no?? hahahaha, sorry I am not of those guys who buy 2x videocards, etc. My PC is fucking strong for games. You don't even need a stronger i7 to play pc games. Do you live in cave or something?
2016-10-08 15:51
why are you getting so upset lmao all i said is your pc isnt that strong, calm down baguette. but yes you should buy a 144hz monitor if u rly want to know, it will make a big difference to ur gaming experience
2016-10-08 15:54
isn't strong in terms of what?? I bought pc for gaming, not fucking hacking pentagon or something, are you stupid?? tell me stronger PC for GAMES. NOT FOR OTHER STUFF BUT GAMES. COMPLETLY USLESS BUY AN EXTREME EDITION i7 FOR GAMES, COULD YOU UNDERSTAND IT?
2016-10-08 15:56
I didn't fucking understand a word you just said, you should really visit a doctor. BTW GTX 1070 + i7 6700K isn't as strong as you think it is. And I fucking bet you didn't OC it. BTW x2 i7 (especially 6700k) is such a waste of money for gaming PC. You will gain more fps in very few games. GTX 1080 + i5 6600K would be 100000x better choice.
2016-10-08 16:08
already OC, TO 4.7 my i7. Oh, you are one of those who think i5 is better, haha. ok. and 1080 is waste of money. 20% more power doesnt rly metter for me.
2016-10-08 16:55
ok, but 1% more power from i7 matters to you? i5 IS better. For gaming. You obviously dont know shit about hardware. And yes, i know youre just baiting for attention cause thats how sad mofo you are.
2016-10-08 17:55
Sweden cute! 
no you don't need atleast 144fps, having 144fps + is ideal to fully use it, but 100fps on 144hz is still so much smoother than 100fps on 60hz... lol
2016-10-08 15:13
2016-10-08 15:16
benq XL2411Z or the asus one vg248qe?
2016-10-08 15:43
Sweden cute! 
ofc no problem
2016-10-08 15:12
2016-10-08 15:12
Germany Fr3shGy 
Nope brah i got a ASUS VG 144 hz, even on 60hz /30 fps no problem
2016-10-08 15:13
Faroe Islands racc00n 
2016-10-08 15:13
Zeus | 
France faithlessz 
Cause I saw many people like one just answered me about 144fps = 144hz, which means, you need at least 140fps to play comfortable on 144hz monitors...
2016-10-08 15:14
totaly bs ...srlsy then they never played on a 144 hz monitor. Its the same on a 60 hz monitor if you cant reach 60 cs go it matters but not in non fps games like gta 5
2016-10-08 15:17
FPS and Hz are not in sync, so 144 FPS on 144 Hz will still look choppier than, lets say 300 FPS on 144 Hz. However, 100 FPS will still look better on 144 Hz than on 60 Hz. You don't need at least 144 FPS for the games to look good, but the more, the better.
2016-10-08 15:18
2016-10-08 15:25
you can even set hz in monitor or desktop settings. to 60-75 etc
2016-10-08 15:13
you can tweak ur settings to get 144fps, but when its not heavy loaded you shouldnt have any problems running an 1070
2016-10-08 15:15
yes I know, but the games like GTA5, I wanna play with ULTRA settings:D, It's for fun, you know. I love to play cs, I have been playing cs for 7 years, so 144hz monitor is important for me. I don't need ultra settings in cs go, but GTA5 for sure I would like to have always for awesome landscape.
2016-10-08 15:18
as i said u shouldnt have any problem getting high fps so dw, 110>60
2016-10-08 16:11
ive got 144hz in GTA5 and i dont think the game is running in 144fps although i havent seen any stutterings or tearing
2016-10-08 15:17
sure It wouldn't cause there is no any graphic card who could launch GTA5 on ULTRA SETTING at 144fps...
2016-10-08 15:19
i meant that i surely dont have stable 144fps and im playing on 144hz without any problems
2016-10-08 15:46
2016-10-08 15:19
you can set up 60hz on your 144hz monitor, chill out
2016-10-08 15:27
Dont take acer monitor take asus is the best rapport qualiteyy prix atm
2016-10-08 15:31
which asus you can recommend? Not expensive one..Cause acer costs 230euro and it's fine for me. In case of money.
2016-10-08 15:34
Finland Keel_NeGross 
Asus vg248
2016-10-08 17:24
2016-10-09 20:26
Netherlands PinheadFTW 
Lets say if u run GTA5 at 80 fps, it will be 80Hz, 100 fps? Will be 100 Hz. Long story short, U will benefit either way. Its not like an 144Hz monitor will feel/look bad when u dont get 144fps. Still feels better than 60Hz if u have more than 60fps but less than 144fps
2016-10-08 15:33
Portugal SlashOP 
just buy xl2411z or asus vg248qe dont buy that shit monitor
2016-10-08 15:35
xl2411z seems to be good, will try this. Ty!
2016-10-08 15:47
1vs1 heavy sniper?
2016-10-08 15:36
I have 144hz monitor and about 80-100 fps in gta5 on high settings.. Trust me, you dont need more :)
2016-10-08 15:39
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
i think you should be able to switch hz on monitor?
2016-10-08 15:43
rain | 
Netherlands Nivex 
Lowering settings for 144+ FPS would be best; as in smoothest gameplay. Even if you don't and play with 100 FPS, it's still a lot smoother than a 60Hz monitor.
2016-10-08 15:46
144 hz is a lie lol, 60 is enough
2016-10-08 16:09
2016-10-08 17:15
It's fine. I've got a Benq xl2411z and I played gta 5 on it fine on a shitty gtx560ti. If you can give up graphics and go with medium to high settings, you'll have no problem with it.
2016-10-08 16:58
ultra settings are such a waste
2016-10-08 17:56
GTA5 in 2016 LUL
2016-10-08 18:00
with 144hz you start to notice the smooth gameplay after 80fps +/-.
2016-10-08 18:02
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