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-friberg +device top1 for the next 5 years
2016-10-08 18:31
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Danish and swedish are the same Kappa
2016-10-08 18:32
and allu was swedish
2016-10-08 18:33
Thats why they didnt achieve shit when obviously allu was better than pyth
2016-10-08 18:34
yeah they only reached a major final with allu
2016-10-08 18:35
The easiest road to major final in history. And they didnt do shit after that
2016-10-08 18:36
Ukraine emuliii 
tsm and envy not easy imo
2016-10-08 18:38
you're getting very boring now
2016-10-08 18:38
Ok dr.doom they will be top 1 untill 2021
2016-10-08 18:39
I always liked u
2016-10-08 18:40
2016-10-09 00:18
they reached 6 finals with allu
2016-10-08 18:44
wtf are u talking easiest LOL they play TSM and envy both top 3 at that time and very close final against fnatic
2016-10-08 19:12
lol they were a couple of rounds away from wining that entire shit.
2016-10-09 07:36
Brazil Waldemar H. 
It was were all of the NiP were in form. jesus are u stupid
2016-10-08 18:50
Was also a very good final, really close
2016-10-08 18:56
No, allu was Finnish
2016-10-08 18:34
Bulgaria kr9ptonn 
ty sherlock
2016-10-08 18:34
it was elementary, my dear watson
2016-10-08 18:35
Ex6TenZ | 
Finland qBeY 
they had to speak english cuz allu
2016-10-08 19:08
France t3r4byt3 
if you cant beat them, join them
2016-10-08 18:33
Kevin Durant intensifies
2016-10-08 18:51
LOL +1 biggest pussy in all of sports
2016-10-08 19:11
NIP is alright with Maikelele. So let's talk about fnatic.
2016-10-08 18:38
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
Fnatic and NiP and Godsent need to merge. To make top1 team.
2016-10-08 18:39
I don't think so. I think Fnatic need to change 1 or 2 players, but that has nothing to do with NIP, they are good for now. If krimz can comeback, and search for another one. So wenton and lekro can go.
2016-10-08 18:41
Aleksib | 
Egypt Tywin 
Nip maybe is fine, but they are not even top4 atm
2016-10-08 18:41
that's true, but chemistry is also important. look at VP for example. I think if there has to be a change around NIP, it should be Get_right to retire and bring in someone new.
2016-10-08 18:46
United States No5712 
r3tire? was?
2016-10-08 18:51
2016-10-08 18:52
United States No5712 
get right wont retire for a long time
2016-10-08 19:06
Europe CSGOIN2017LUL 
Why should it be GeT_RiGhT to retire?
2016-10-08 19:09
I think he is the one who is the least performing ninja. He plays with a high risk factor, pushing smokes sneaky peaky like, but getting rekt for that. His lurking is some what predictable. He should step up his game or step in a new role. I think the lurking role is a bit overrated.
2016-10-09 04:28
New Zealand Ajgi 
You are so full of shit lol
2016-10-09 04:35
ty so much.
2016-10-09 04:39
Europe CSGOIN2017LUL 
They recently won a 16-team $300.000 LAN and they're on top of the board in ESL Pro League S4 with 15-7. One could argue that they're not top4 with their original lineup, but with Maikelele they are.
2016-10-08 19:06
Hmm... even with Maikelele, I think the following teams are better: 1. SK 2. VP 3. Na'Vi 4. Liquid (on LAN) Then you have (again, my opinion): 5. Nip 6. Cloud 9 7. Dignitas 8. Astralis 9. G2
2016-10-09 04:32
Slovenia Pitr_d_K 
device sucks
2016-10-08 18:50
device,dupreeh,gtr,f0rest,+1(dennis would be awesome)
2016-10-08 18:53
dennis without olofmeister i aren't think that gtr f0rest xizt friberg maikelele ~~ This is the best NiP friberg was bad half year ago, now his form is very good and cannot be replaced
2016-10-08 19:04
2016-10-08 19:06
Europe CSGOIN2017LUL 
I was waiting for you to comment on this haha
2016-10-08 19:07
dennis without olofmeister i aren't think that what the hell are you talking about? there is no bond between these two players at all lol and friberg is still mediocre,again...what the hell are you talking about? few decent online games=he is good? he can be replaced anytime
2016-10-08 19:09
ofc, you can say that they can kick someone, every human trash from hltv can say kick friberg, pasha, schneider, pronax etc etc etc. and you know what they do? nothing. BB
2016-10-08 20:28
I'm a human trash because I'm doing a suggestion on something that would make NiP a top-3 team for the foreseeable future? Had no clue, ty
2016-10-08 20:32
NiP will never be a top 3 team just stfu. Also your roster change suggestions make you look like silver noob that doesn't know shit about roles and how CS is played.
2016-10-09 04:40
you seem frustrated - is it because you're a virign irl???? I'd love to hear your insane cs knowledge since you've achieved a lot mr. professor f0rest entry maikel awp / 2nd entry device 3rd guy in gtr lurk xizt igl / support seems fine to me but what do I know?????
2016-10-09 07:14
where the hell did i say that they will actually make some lineup change? nowhere...but claiming that dennis wouldnt play without olof is just retarded and based on literally nothing
2016-10-08 20:38
Poland trancemeister 
good topic and 50 comments , typical hltv :D
2016-10-08 19:06
dev1ce can join any tier team and carry them hard in terms of fragging #. He is just too good for Astralis teammates. idk y dupreeh is in a slump.. device dupreeh the monsterous aimers in their good days.
2016-10-09 04:53
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