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Germany mkai 
So, when I click in Task Manager on Startup on the top right it says Last BIOS time and my time is very high, 9852.8seconds So my pc really doesn't need over 9k seconds to start any1 knows what is causing this?
2016-10-11 16:37
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delete system32
2016-10-11 16:38
Germany mkai 
writing from iphone 7 plus, it not work
2016-10-11 16:40
some motherboard shit
2016-10-11 16:40
Canada ryxze 
idk we need any experts.
2016-10-11 16:41
Germany mkai 
2016-10-11 16:43
Sweden snappE 
If your pc has been on for 9k seconds it's gonna say 9k seconds.
2016-10-11 16:45
Norway sycho 
Wrong. My time is 7.4 seconds. And my computer has been on all day.
2016-10-11 16:47
Sweden snappE 
then idk. I don't use win10 and it seems like a win10 feature.
2016-10-11 16:48
some program in your startup folder wont load or something so the counter doesnt stop try removing shit from the startup sequence, or dont, it really doesnt matter how long windows thinks it takes your pc to boot
2016-10-11 16:49
1mpala | 
Ukraine he-he  
you need to remove static charge from BIOS microchip, thus unplug it from motherboard and put in boiling water for 5-10 minutes, plug it back and you're done, easy like that! thank me alter
2016-10-11 16:53
GeT_RiGhT | 
Portugal NkiL 
I'm not an expert but as far as i know, i have a couple questions for you. 1- From where are you booting your windows? 2- Have you done any Bios updates any recent time before that happened? 3- Does that really affect you while using you computer normally?
2016-10-11 16:54
3 hour startup LUL
2016-10-11 17:16
Ireland LmaoAyy 
Delete your wtf file
2016-10-11 17:19
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