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DaZeD Rank S Rant
United States RightWingSJW 
When Rank S Started it was supposed to make it not an ESEA Pug where you can play with a competitive environment with other good CS Players. What it has devolved into is just a glorified ESEA Pug. I'll address some issues and try to be as unbiased as possible, first i'll talk about general changes / issues before player removals/adds. 1. Captain Fairness - it's incredibly unfair when Stewie is team A Cap w/ first pick and gets a great first pick, and someone like Fighter/terrorize is team B Cap and gets second pick with no swag/etc. on the board, and then generally has to last pick FGB or another Rank A player who has no league experience. If team A cap is Fighter and team B Cap is Swag, team B will be stuck with last pick (FGB Generally) and then it's not even a disadvantage that it's fighter vs swag, since both teams have a couple last picks or whatever. People estimate team A might win 65-70% + Of the time, it would be interesting to know the statistic for sure. But this needs to be addressed, this is the BIGGEST issue by FAR. We need possible solutions and the simplest way to monitor it is to take the Team A win Rate and see what it is now, and if it's really high make changes. Maybe Team a picks one, Team b picks two etc, and then give it a large enough sample size to see if it changes the team a win %, because ideally we'd want it as close to 50/50 as possible. 2. The 10 Minute Grace Period - Simply having 9 people waiting for 10 minutes on someone is annoying as fuck, make it a 5 minute grace period. You still have 10 minutes as long as your not picking the teams because of the picking period. 3. Communication - You should be required to speak BASIC callouts - I'm not talking about full blown convos, someone like machineguns or lucas communication is more than fine - but you should be required to have the ability to hold down your mic and SPEAK. If you just get killed and know someone is getting flanked and you can't hold down your mic to say "cat flank fast" it's a problem. Adding / Removal of players. First i want to address why it is so frustrating at times playing with certain individuals. First off, ESEA Pugs don't teach you how to play a role or spot on ANY map when it comes to a team context, almost all the Rank A added players are extremely hesitant and have no idea what their role is on a connector split to A on mirage etc. What ends up happening is if you try and do something like this you just have the most disjointed terrible execution / timing possible - so you truly are just better off flying across the map taking aim duels everywhere when you have multiple inexperienced players in the queue. Another big issue is that there are many many players who stopped playing rank s completely who are really good players, because they don't want to play ESEA pugs. So as you add in more and more people who really can't play the game, more and more people just stop playing. The two most glaring removals are bogdan and FGB though, somehow FGB has been last picked in every game for the past 7 months and has never been removed. bogdan doesn't even buy smoke grenades on ct side... HE DOESNT THROW NADES DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS THAT IS? anyways, i myself have to figure out a different way to approach the games because trying to implement strategy etc is nearly impossible with the current player pool - and i don't really know how to just pug and run around cause i just die with zero impact and am not good in that environment so i guess i have to find a different way to play and contribute towards winning.
2016-10-17 04:58
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2016-10-17 05:00
he's right, Bogdan is fcking garbage, and the captain situation needs to be changed. Captains need to be = in skill level
2016-10-17 05:01
holy fuck hes just trying to get better.
2016-10-17 05:25
rank S isn't for people trying to get better, I see it as being a gateway for pros in the scene to play with other pros. And Bogdan does stupid shit, like I can understand if maybe he was improving and showing progress, but he doesn't buy utility, holds the stupidest angles, etc..the current pros should vote on who actually stays each month.
2016-10-17 06:22
pros playing vs pros is improving.... if u play with silvers youll play like a silver. start playing with pros and you COULD come better
2016-10-17 09:24
this logic is retarded. also noone expects him to play like stewie from day one.
2016-10-17 10:54
I got to say, he is right on a lot of these topics.
2016-10-17 05:18
United States criimson 
he really is
2016-10-17 07:43
can someone tell me who is bogdan? Is he just a new kid or an old unknown pro?
2016-10-17 05:19
So for Rank S, x amount (used a variable cause I dont actually know the true number) of players from open are selected to participate in Rank S games. Bogdan, apparently, was selected to be part of Rank S.
2016-10-17 06:40
United States cornycows 
It's the two top players from ESEA pugs each month. So basically if you are a no life and just play a lot of pugs and arent shit you can get into rank s and piss of dazed
2016-10-17 06:45
Canada reizel 
Shit, my life goal right there. Piss of dazed.
2016-10-17 11:25
"from open" lmao its the 2 with the highest points in rank A+
2016-10-17 07:13
if he is so bad, how the fuck did he had a position there? Something's wrong
2016-10-17 15:03
United States Otomy 
NA needs to take it seriously as a whole, shroud needs to stop trying to 360, tarik needs to stop trying to knife. you play how you practice and we wonder why NA is trash.
2016-10-17 05:20
What are the monthly prize pools?
2016-10-17 05:24
United States Otomy 
"Each month, $20,000 per region will be awarded to the top performing players in Rank S based on a point structure of 3 points per Rank S win, 1 point per Rank S loss and 1 point per Pug win. "
2016-10-17 05:25
You're fucking dumb if you think Rank S can be practice at all.
2016-10-17 07:01
I think some players who play a lot EU FPL have gained a lot experience from there. Maybe not the highest tier pros, but polish players like michu, Hyper, and swedish tier 2 team players draken, disco etc. get valuable training against tier 1 team players who they rarely meet in officials.
2016-10-17 09:34
Poland kurwafa 
I dont think I've ever seen michu play fpl
2016-10-17 09:47
ok but anyway players from Kinguin and that other team that isn't VP
2016-10-17 10:30
well it certainly fucking cant if washed up pros cant be arsed to play properly and u gotta play with morons that have no clue how to do anything but run around brainlessly taking aim duels (=terrorize, bogdan, joshRT etc)
2016-10-17 10:57
if rank-S sucks then just go back to NA fpl?
2016-10-17 05:25
Take it from the man joelz
2016-10-17 07:38
2016-10-17 07:42
Jolez Tarik started Volging why don't you as well xD
2016-10-17 07:45
Dazed sucks but thinks he is pro player in a casual envioronment. He is only S because he is old pro player, and that is fact. If i had to listen to dazed scream like a 12 y old girl that i should by granades for 5-10 rounds or even 5-10 months, i understand these guys. If this guy wasnt in NA he would never be S on esea and he would never get to FPL or even master league - i would place him in a gold league on faceit.
2016-10-17 11:04
FGB still in ranks S? LUL 4Head
2016-10-17 05:33
That is correct
2016-10-17 05:42
Captain Fairness? get gud then you wont have a problem
2016-10-17 05:43
''get gud then you wont have a problem'' i bet you dont say the same when you get destroyed by MG players on MM
2016-10-17 05:53
I dont think you understand how hard some of Dazed's games are when he has to play against Swag and Stewie while he has terrorized and fgb.
2016-10-17 06:39
so? Dont see any other pro talking shit like him on stream, even when they're playing with terrorized and fbg
2016-10-17 08:07
You see players like Elige, Stewie, and adreN do it fairly often but not to the same extent.
2016-10-17 08:36
Finland Waari 
A lot of the pros do not even want to Play rank S because of those scrubs. Also a lot of other pros talk shit about fgb and Bogdan because they are just garbage.
2016-10-17 09:29
maybe they have different personalities and dont get easily annoyed? maybe they are actual pro players and dont wanna get angry on stream bcs they have an org to represent? dazed doesnt. he gets angry easily, thats true, but he also doesnt have to give a fuck about what he can or cant say on stream and he is 100% aware that loads of his viewers wanna see him rage. sometimes u can even see when he drags it out artificially or goes ott. the point is that no pro player would disagree that the captain situation is shit and definitely a problem in a lot of games.
2016-10-17 11:02
Ye he gets angry like a 12 y old kid that didnt get what he wanted for christmas. ill bet he have some issues with family or with girls.
2016-10-17 11:06
or he is just very competitive and gets mad when people do stupid shit causing him to lose? like it or not, at least he has a personality.
2016-10-17 11:09
dazed is the worst player in rank s lel why is he complaining.
2016-10-17 05:53
how much?
2016-10-17 06:41
Brazil chococaine 
infinite ban
2016-10-17 07:28
Good points
2016-10-17 05:56
Go find a team and play then. Most players who can do well in pugs can perform well in league given two things: good leadership and time (usually 1-2 seasons of serious play). The reason for this is that pugs are extremely catered to those who have raw aim. That's the reality of pugs. In CSGO, it's much easier to teach someone how to properly play a situation than it is to teach them to aim. Put two and two together.
2016-10-17 05:58
Did FGB fuck his mother or something? Dazed isnt a pro anymore and he didnt grind to get his spot, instead of whining like a whore he should be sucking Few's small dick for even letting him play in Rank S and be able to have something entertaining for his awful stream. If he's hungry for competitive CS then go back in time and change the fact that you're a dumbfuck greedy jew that threw a game for a few skins LMAO. Fucking pathetic
2016-10-17 06:04
you're retarded if you didn't already know.
2016-10-17 06:25
oh no a random dog eater said im retarded, im so mad!!! okay
2016-10-17 06:28
Difference between dazed and all the people coming into rank S is that dazed has 20+ seasons of Invite at the highest level of Cs. Alot of premier players are getting automatic invites just to get more people to play in rank S. A man making do with what he has left and a monkey that wants to regurgitate something recognized since the ban almost 2 years ago.
2016-10-17 07:02
Who gives a shit how many seasons he has? frod had 20+ seasons of international lans in the most competitive fps and he is dogshit in GO. And i just tuned in on dazed's stream, 12 kills in 23 rounds with nitr0, swag and tarik on his team, who is he going to blame now? Being delusional doesnt change the fact that you're dogshit. Having 12 yo fangirls also doesnt change it. and btw "a monkey that wants to regurgitate something recognized since the ban almost 2 years ago." can you speak english you fucking mongol? jesus christ i dont have my retard translator with me sorry
2016-10-17 07:07
chill, its just an online forum.
2016-10-17 07:11
why wouldnt i be chill? im putting fag triggered dazed fangirls on my pocket
2016-10-17 07:12
relaaaaax let him talk cortisol isnt good to your skin
2016-10-17 07:14
since when stats mean anything? y'all csgo kids are so fucking pathetic if u think that id does matter. Everyone knows that you can have 20 kills that u have made vs enemy's eco rounds, while the other guy made 10-12 at enemy's buyrounds. And those 12 kills will be more valuable than 20. Scenario#2: some guy forcebuys almost every round, gets a kill, gets traded and finishes the game with f.e. 25-25 k/d (of course including CT side, where a simple 1v1 trade is an awful scenario), while other guy just tries to play as safe as possible tries to be impactful and finishes with 15-18 stats. so, if the first guy gets more kills, that means he is better?
2016-10-17 07:16
>implying that the biggest baiter in rank S has impact kills And he was negative in the last 7 of 10 games he played. Once? Okay. Twice? Meh. 7 fucking times? And still ranting about how "muh teammates suck"? OKAY
2016-10-17 07:20
do u remember seangares stats during the time when C9 had a series of consecutive final appearances? remember his stats? he fucking sucked statwise, but without him c9 would never achieve any finals. So maybe let the fraggers frag, and IGLs - coordinate? huh? isnt it stupid to compare stats of players with different roles? this is like comparing kda ratio in dota between carry and support players
2016-10-17 07:24
>roles in a pug ruski brain and btw c9 was shit with sgares for 2 years, just because they were decent for a couple of months with him doesnt change the fact that he cant even be positive vs premier teams and that automatic is at least 100 times better keep replying please cuz i enjoy rekting silvers
2016-10-17 07:26
PUG? really? this is supposed to be a league with some serious attitude. By serious attitude I understand that everyone in a team has his role, and only if he makes his job - the whole team wins. But without basic gamesence, which those fuckers like FGB etc. dont have this attitude is fucking impossible to achieve. P.S. I am not a silver, bruh, I've played like 2k+ pugs since csgo release, but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players
2016-10-17 07:30
"I've read it with Dazed's squeaky voice :D" "#FreeIBP" :D :D Holy shit, im phisically cringing, i can feel my braincells slowly dying "By serious attitude I understand that everyone in a team has his role, and only if he makes his job" how retarded do you have to be to think that in a Rank S game, where teams are picked randomly, with a bunch of streamers and premier players, you'll have "everyone with a role!!!!" how old are you?
2016-10-17 07:34
"but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" !!!! MUH TEAMMATES!!! DONT FOLLOW MY CALLS ON MM !!!! THATS WHY IM SILVER another pathetic cringy kid, dont make me laugh
2016-10-17 07:34
I've lost any interest in this conversation. In Russia, we say that this is the same as "talking to a tree"
2016-10-17 07:36
"but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" "but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" "but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" "but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" "but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" "but now I am not playing this shit game full of FGB-like players" post your rank delusional single ak player, "DAZED IS RIGHT, BECAUSE IM DELUSIONAL LIKE HIM" so pathetic
2016-10-17 07:39
after I reached GE, I've tried faceit, but at 7-8 lvl, I had a huge losing streak, where every game I played had the same scenario - my teammates never took any game serious. They all wanted to get higher level, to get those faceit league points and elo, but they were doing everything to lose them...
2016-10-17 07:42
MY TEAMMATES OMGERD jesus christ i mock you for being a pathetic delusional loser and you keep saying it ROFL, hilarious
2016-10-17 07:44
tell me how can u success in anything with no help that is "a priori" a team thing?
2016-10-17 07:45
If i put you in Na'Vi and you have to play vs SK im 100% sure you wouldnt kill more than 5 players, not because your teammates are bad, but because you're a delusional trashcan that cant accept the fact you're bad. Just like dazed ;), that's why you agree with him and that's why i mock you for being a loser ROFL
2016-10-17 07:47
ahah, how fast do u switch between PUGs and Navi vs SK game. even if this happened, I would try to play my best game in the borders of the role which I was replacing. btw, coming back to me and my skill. at faceit which I gave up playing, I had like 1.55 k/d ratio over 500+ games, and it didnt matter how I was playing good or bad, I simply couldnt win, because of shit players I had in my team every game. Still want to call me a bad player?
2016-10-17 07:54
yes ofc you're dogshit, lvl 7 on faceit is worst than having a daughter as i said, delusional, thinking that lvl 7 on fkin faceit is good is delusionalllllllllll
2016-10-17 07:55
this makes no sence. I was stronger than those lvl7 enemies, but my teammates ruined 90% of games I've played at this lvl
2016-10-17 07:58 Ok i've wasted too much time with delusional silvers sorry im out
2016-10-17 07:59
so, two guys that rush against enemy's shitbuy at 2nd round in different directions with an ak with no support from teammates, which I told them not to do, and they die giving them those aks and leaving us in a 3v5 situation, have stronger abilities ingame than me? ayyyyyyy now, I guess, it's my turn to ask u not to reply to my messages
2016-10-17 08:06
The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of those of low ability to recognize their ineptitude and evaluate their ability accurately
2016-10-17 09:09
Finland Waari 
It is very ironic you of all people mention that.
2016-10-17 09:35
rekt yourself. n1
2016-10-17 11:29
Brazilian keyboard warriors are the fiercest of their kind. True in their calling, they just keep yapping. Frod quit the game knowing he was shit, and you clearly don't play at a high enough level of CS to understand the skill level of somebody like dazed, and the point he was trying to make about rank S additions. Point being, dazed isn't wrong, and you're a monkey that hates dazed but still gets a hard-on to shit talk him on HLTV forums. t o p k e k
2016-10-17 07:56
You cant even reply to the right person, is your brain working? ROFL, i know it's hard (if you have downs) And my retard translator wasnt even able to understand "a monkey that wants to regurgitate something recognized since the ban almost 2 years ago." Can you help me?
2016-10-17 07:58
I replied to the last post I saw, but keyboard warriors have fast hands. Also the fact you can't understand basic English is quite concerning. If you need a retard translator to understand people then you must be really special. You don't think you're just saying the same shit over and over? That nobody else said it's Dazed's fault he got banned. But it's okay, I know you're a slow thinker.
2016-10-17 08:06
DAMN REPLIED TO THE RIGHT PERSON YOU GO GIRL Improvement, thats what i like to see. Still waiting for a translation for "a monkey that wants to regurgitate something recognized since the ban almost 2 years ago." Even your brain cant understand it?
2016-10-17 09:15
It's okay, I know it's hard to read for you, but i'll explain it briefly. Monkey (You), Regurgitate (Repeating what somebody else said), Recognized (That's been acknowledged) 2 Years Ago. Maybe it was wrong of me to reply in the first place to somebody who's illiterate. -EDIT T O P K E K
2016-10-17 18:36
u replied to wrong person, I guess
2016-10-17 07:59
duz | 
Australia ResqLAD 
>see's flag >Makes sense
2016-10-17 07:41
good points -FGB +More0n
2016-10-17 06:56
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
rank S should be given only for cheaters who dont get banned on esea
2016-10-17 07:04
"HE DOESNT THROW NADES DO YOU GUYS UNDERSTAND HOW UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS THAT IS?" I've read it with Dazed's squeaky voice :D anyway, dazed is 100% right about everything he stated. #FreeIBP
2016-10-17 07:08
free IBP, make NA cs worthwhile again. NA cs needs good experienced igls
2016-10-17 07:20
free IBP DaZeD'll tell these cucks.
2016-10-17 09:16
10/14 crying like a bitch that he "cant play" with JoshRT that is topfragging Ohhh boy, the Dunning–Kruger is stronger than ever
2016-10-17 09:18
One of the only dedicated NA players yet he cant play in majors. I respect and feel very bad for him
2016-10-17 09:41
Australia Hexaze 
Well he does have a point.
2016-10-17 09:42
bogdan is a prodigy and fgb is the next stew, dwi
2016-10-17 09:56
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