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cloud9 fans
Germany cover^ 
everytime cloud9 won a round they all shouted USA USA USA!! and shouted all the time but who's the winner? right mouz DEUTSCHLAND! DEUTSCHLAND! go home fat muricans
2016-10-22 05:48
food | 
United States RIPLilPump 
2016-10-22 05:52
when u take out the german majority from the german team it almost starts to get a little good
2016-10-22 05:54
United States kick_tarik_ffs 
But we are home. You must be forgetting where Eleague is located
2016-10-22 05:56
2 germans? so i guess nrg is german too
2016-10-22 05:56
LMAO if a team even has 1 German player on it they call it a German team same thing as Russian retards being carried by Ukraine.
2016-10-22 06:00
ya, i bet if an eu team picked up stew or another top na player they'd be called an na team lol
2016-10-22 06:01
Crowd chants USA when Optic plays so I guess anything is possible really.
2016-10-22 06:04
That happens everywhere... where have you been.
2016-10-22 06:06
I hate C9 fangays. They are exactly like nip fangays. In mm they are always talking about how good or bad c9 is doing. Like who the actual fuck cares. Why aren't you talking about SK or even liquid ffs.
2016-10-22 06:22
What else are they supposed to talk about? If they're a fan of a team wouldn't it make sense for them to talk about their favorite team?
2016-10-22 06:25
Because it's their favorite team... Also Liquid is shit and SK is always hated by everyone besides Brazilians.
2016-10-22 06:27
What German team?
2016-10-22 06:23
german org, 2 german players = majority german nt skawhiffle
2016-10-22 06:27
lol rip usa fans, b8ed too hard
2016-10-22 06:25
When Germany's best team only has 2 actual German players on it LUL
2016-10-22 06:32
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