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HLTV Fashion expert giving advice
Germany syddiiiiiiiii 
Im very interested in fashio and willing to give you advice if you have any questions about looks , shoes or so. simply message me or post in this thread
2016-11-03 21:15
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what to match with old skool vans
2016-11-03 21:16
colorway ?
2016-11-03 21:16
black with white stripe
2016-11-03 21:17
well in terms of pants i would definitely take denims but the thing is do you cuff your jeans ? if so you could try black skinny jeans (the problem is if you dont cuff them and have a straight "line" from black to black it looks shit) otherwise take medium blue denim (slim or skinny fit , its not 1995 anymore) in terms of shirts the good thing is that you arent really restricted with vans iin general but for old skool specific i would not wear a button up , so you can litteraly take anything else which is more kind of street style altough i would take a denim jacket and a white t (oversized if you like so) with the black cuffed jeans or a hoodie for the blue denims
2016-11-03 21:23
can i wear them with light blue jeans cuffed and high white socks ?
2016-11-03 21:34
no , imo light blue jeans and black shoes dont match that well in general and if you cuff wear sneaker socks.
2016-11-03 21:35
yes its retarded then idk what to do with light blue jeans mistakes were made
2016-11-03 21:36
get white shoes :p ultra boost 2.0 triple white , tubular radial triple white , vans authentic white ( i own a pair and they are very versatile ) you should have 2-3 pairs of shoes in general
2016-11-03 21:38
i have superstars but im bored of them ultra boost's price way too high , and i dont like the rest i also have blue gazelle but for casual days
2016-11-03 21:41
maybe stan smiths ?
2016-11-03 21:42
boring and everybody has them
2016-11-03 21:42
then no idea to be honest , how about asics gel lyte 3 in white ? problem is that there are about 4 types of sneakers and they all just "mimic" one of those 4 types like there are vans and lookalikes , there are superstars and lookalikes , there are ultraboost and lookalikes and there are yeezys and lookalikes (well not actual yeezy lookalikes but more "futuristic" designs such as the y3 qasa or the tubular series
2016-11-03 21:47
2016-11-13 19:09
stfu retard
2016-11-13 19:19
are snapbacks still a thing ?
2016-11-03 21:19
no they arent , if you like caps the trend atm are baseball caps such as dont ask me why i dont wear hats in general
2016-11-03 21:27
Nike shoes + adidas tracksuit with big jewlery is the cleanest look, right?
2016-11-03 21:21
ive never worn a tracksuit outside in my whole life so no and to qute karl lagerfeld “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.”
2016-11-03 21:26
ahah, ez cut your jeans 10 cm so they'll become shorter, ez, ez Fuck fashion nowadays, wear what you like and what matches you.
2016-11-03 21:22
well pretty much but its important to always dress your age (if you are 20 you dont wear a homer simpson shirt pls , thank you) and the most important = fitting clothes because nothing looks more stupid than baggy and big clothes imo
2016-11-03 21:24
nah, I've always liked skinny clothes long time ago before they became so "famous"
2016-11-03 21:29
Hold up did you seriously just point out that 20 yr old men cant wear a simpsons shirt? Do you think The Simpsons is a kids show?
2016-11-03 21:38
JW | 
Finland Ilucs
Triggered much lul
2016-11-03 22:06
I dress like a drug-dealer, any tip?
2016-11-03 21:27
2016-11-03 21:28
I'm not actually joking, I wear hoodies and tracksuit pants. Tips?
2016-11-03 21:31
as i told someone above you ive never worn any tracksuit outside in my whole life , i strictly agree to karl lagerfeld saying Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” but for tips: dont wear it baggy , bring it to a tailor and always try to match colors , only exception is a black pant because you can literally wear every color with a black pant
2016-11-03 21:34
What about a black hoodie? Can I wear any pant?
2016-11-03 21:35
i dont know how all these tracksuit pants look but as long as its not black or grey , yes you can
2016-11-03 21:40
It just started snowing, I don't have a jacket and I'm not very interested in jackets either. Give me good jacket pls
2016-11-03 21:34
well hard to tell if i dont know your style or look are you more into actual jackets , parkas or trenchcoats ?
2016-11-03 21:36
I don't know what that means and you didn't give jacket report
2016-11-03 21:37
well hard to tell if i dont know your style or look are you more into actual jackets , parkas or trenchcoats ?
2016-11-03 21:39
güüüüüüüüüüünT xD
2016-11-07 20:26
JW | 
Finland Ilucs
Get a parka
2016-11-03 22:07
Anything Adidas is trendy, parkas are still trendy, you could get a leather jacket too unless its too cold
2016-11-03 22:43
Of course Adidas is trendy in Russia lol
2016-11-03 22:47
Well cant disagree
2016-11-03 22:51
Bergans, Fjällräven ftw
2016-11-05 13:48
Sry m8 too late
2016-11-05 15:24
comestics for men hair?
2016-11-03 21:34
whats your hair style
2016-11-03 21:59
smooth at all
2016-11-04 00:19
I want Zipper pants but problem is i couldnt find site that sells good looking zipper pants in EU. do u know any site where i could find one? h&m ones always sold out there is pic what kind of pants im mean :)
2016-11-03 21:42
wtf are zipper pants ? you mean sweatpants ? EDIT: no dont know dude never wore those kind of pants :/
2016-11-03 21:43
is a onesuit from onepice a nice style? interested in your opinion since you think tracksuits sucks ass
2016-11-03 21:49
not saying tracksuits are horrible, tailored and well fitting they can look "good" but i just dont feel comfortable in tracksuits , jumpsuits however are horrible and i dont see a reason to wear them outside
2016-11-03 21:51
y u say dis no i cri
2016-11-03 21:52
because i want women to look at you and think "wow this guy is well dressed" and not "ugh this guy looks like a refugee"
2016-11-03 21:56
What colour hoodie should I get if I want something over the head to go with mainly blue jeans? O.O Kinda wonna get a blue one :/
2016-11-03 22:04
be a ittle bit more specific about the wash and color of the jeans but in general you can never go wrong with black
2016-11-03 22:08
Hmmm They're mildly dark but I have a few different pairs so it's better if I get something to go with those than other colours. Your right with black i have a few grey/black zip ups I just eanted to a brighter pull over hoodie for a change :P if you can link me something that'd be great!
2016-11-03 22:16
#43 tomorrow dude :)
2016-11-03 22:17
Saw it like I said GL ^^
2016-11-03 22:18
hmmmm hard to link any decent hoodies tbh as apart from the skating community hoodies arent really in fashion anymore , would make the switch to sweaters instead
2016-11-04 13:29
Feelsbadman not a fan of jumpers :( guess im just not fashionable
2016-11-04 16:06
PS GL in your exam ^^
2016-11-03 22:17
Ill go to bed now , have exam tomorrow :) will bump the thread tomorrow but you can also pm me if you want to have a nice day
2016-11-03 22:09
i hope you fail, you give fukboy advice only
2016-11-03 22:11
Germany Bier
2016-11-04 14:38
??? where do i give fukboy advice here lol
2016-11-04 14:58
hes probably mad at u cuz u insulted his favorite baggy pants
2016-11-04 15:01
nt i wear skinny jeans also lul
2016-11-04 15:41
Sweden cute!
What style shirt to wear with black slim fit jeans, brown leather sneakers. I have short blonde hair (undercut) and im kinda skinny.
2016-11-03 22:11
Plain white shirt but what are those sneakers
2016-11-03 22:15
Sweden cute!
the light brown af1's, the new ones.
2016-11-03 22:22
Well what #53 said Those are kinda bulky sneakers And with black skinnies better fit more casual shoes or boots or some sneakers that would complement the pants I don't know your fit but I cant see myself for example with black skinnies and brown af1s
2016-11-03 22:39
#43 will help you in detail tomorrow but imo brown shoes with black pants are a big no unless its more like business casual (brown double monks with a black chino or so)
2016-11-03 22:19
Next trend up is cozy / gave up on life look What are your thots op n how ist going to reflect tha way u dress
2016-11-03 22:18
what to match with black and blue nike sb stenfan janoski I am chubby aswell :)
2016-11-03 22:18
Go lose some fat cuz itll help in spring / summer season Navy matches with navy so go with navy pants and bright but not flashy top
2016-11-03 22:26
haha working on losing the fat xD
2016-11-03 22:35
hey , dont know why johnnyskins answers my question but ok well im not really a fan of janoskis but colorwise i would choose either black or grey slim/skinny fit jeans the problem is with those janoskis youre pretty limited on terms of shirts etc imo the only fittiing thing there would be a tshirt (cotton , stay away from this cheap elasthan stretch shit in grey or light blue to match the soles and have kind of a pattern) or a grey hoodie (not zip)
2016-11-04 13:34
thanks man xD
2016-11-04 17:25
no problem but i see i wrote shit as i didnt mention blue jeans , you wear them with either medium or light blue jeans and grey or black/grey jeans and blue
2016-11-04 18:50
yeah i normally wearlight grey joggers and a black hoodie and just getting bored of it and also if you dont mind i just bought these shoes and dont know what to wear with them at the moment i wear a black joggers and grey hoodie but want to try something different
2016-11-04 21:07
i wouldnt nescesarrily combine grey pants with black hoodies , doesnt match that well imo , the shoes are cool , interesting colour. well in terms of pants you can go with skinny black or medium blue denims and if you really want to try something new and step out of your comfort zone in terms of shirts maybe try purple or beige as both colors go along quite well with grey imo
2016-11-04 22:42
sweet thanks for the advice :)
2016-11-04 23:53
Ok just abiding to stereotypes here so don't be offended. Are you gay?
2016-11-03 22:25
I am not op but since he is asleep Ima tell for myself Gay and high fashion are kinda related in a sense cuz designers are trying to be different (this statement needs confirmation) However theres nothing gay about managing your looks
2016-11-03 22:30
hey , dont know why johnnyskins answers my question but ok no im not gay i just care about the way i look because i can promise women do notice too when you dress well and if ii can help people here why not ? but to sum up your question no im not gay
2016-11-04 13:35
Syria Gonezxzx
Are bowl cuts back in yet?
2016-11-03 22:28
Not in this decade
2016-11-03 22:32
Syria Gonezxzx
Thanks for letting me know, I guess that's why women aren't interested in me
2016-11-03 22:33
Sweden cute!
how about monk hair?
2016-11-03 22:38
Ull eventually get it once you start balding
2016-11-03 22:41
i dont know why johnnyskins answers questions for me but ok , no for guys bowlcuts are a definite no , the trend is still undercut like hair ( short sides (dont mean literally "short" eg 3-6mm but you know short compared to your top hair)) and textured top hair which is longer
2016-11-04 13:20
Wearing clothing is gay. Real men walk naked.
2016-11-03 22:31
Real men walk on hands with permanent boner
2016-11-03 22:33
Greece hekzy
I just imagined how that would look like, I can die in peace now.
2016-11-05 00:13
janoskis or vans
2016-11-03 22:43
Vans is a classic you cant go wrong with them. Could always complement your fit with a pair of vans cuz of variety of colours. Besides that if ur looking for black shoe then theres really no difference, maybe only the way they fit. So its about the way you gonna wear them, find a colorway you like
2016-11-03 22:48
hey , dont know why people like johnnyskins answer questions for me but ok. which vans model do you mean ? era/authentic or old skool ? im personally not really a fan of janoskis if you mean the ones i think you do (could u mby provide a pic?) but in general im more into vans , look classic , look good in every color and are timeless
2016-11-04 13:14
can i wear double monk strap shoes with anything
2016-11-03 22:48
No idea. We gotta wait for op I guess. Never had those in my life. But my guess is some trousers that aren't black
2016-11-03 22:54
well not literally everythiing but they also work with jeans as long as they are slim fit , not baggy and you wear a sweater , a polo or a button up
2016-11-04 13:15
Need a classy bag. Ipad pro-ish size.
2016-11-03 22:56
do you really mean an actual bag or more bagpack like ? why tf does everyone else answer questions which i got asked ? lol
2016-11-04 13:11
Sweden cute!
Is straightening ur hair cobsidered gay?
2016-11-04 09:10
No its not go ahead if u want it
2016-11-04 10:44
Sweden cute!
I do when Its longer. Thanks.
2016-11-04 11:42
sucking dick is considered gay
2016-11-04 13:15
Actually enjoying sucking dick is gay af, but the action itself isn't
2016-11-04 13:59
Personal experience, eh?
2016-11-04 14:18
2016-11-04 14:20
no if you have kinda long and curly hair i can imagine it to be quit annoying so i dont know why it should be considered gay
2016-11-04 13:17
finished my exam , went well for everyone interested , im here to give advice now :)
2016-11-04 13:10
Denmark FeNoM_XD
what do you think look very nice with air 95 black&white
2016-11-04 13:18
not really into nike sneakers , could you show a pic of the shoe please ?
2016-11-04 13:37
puhhhhh hard to combine for me actually as i dont weear those kind of shoes but i think medium blue skinny jeans and a white t should do fine you kknow the problem i have with those kind of shoes is that you cant wear any button ups or so with them and that kinda restricts me as you can literally only wear tshirts , sweaters or hoodies with them.
2016-11-04 14:31
The slim fit ankle length pants which would expose the shoe Top don't matter it should be nicely fitted that's it
2016-11-04 13:55
dude why are you answering my questions xD
2016-11-04 14:02
What would you wear with Giuseppes?
2016-11-04 14:23
not the best choice for its price but they have nice leather at that point when youre wearing guiseppes it dont matter what else u wear cuz u gonna stunt anyway but a rational choice would be slim fit blue denim
2016-11-04 14:35
which model ? but im not really feeling zanottis tbh only designer sneakers id wear are mmm, balenciaga or y3 (if you cant that as "designer" too) even tho i dont like most of them either
2016-11-04 14:35
Miami in black
2016-11-04 14:36
would go for medium blue slim fit denim and white shirt (crewneck) assuming youre going for a black jacket
2016-11-04 14:40
shiiit thanks man
2016-11-04 14:41
2016-11-04 15:02
n1 german look i think :)
2016-11-04 15:18
Dis hard for summer
2016-11-04 16:06
everyone who wears either sandals or white socks to non whiteout shoes has lost control over life
2016-11-04 18:41
Sweden cute!
Opinion on Chelsea boots?
2016-11-04 15:07
kanye wears them
2016-11-04 15:11
Sweden cute!
Very popular in sweden. Might get some. Or the new estetprogrammet converse as Its winter soon.
2016-11-04 15:13
Sweden cute!
Waterproof* autorekt pls
2016-11-04 15:13
Get wyatts Swag
2016-11-04 16:06
i really like chelsea boots but they require a more classic style because they look very dressy so i like em and think they are a great fall essential for men but my style is simply too much street in order to wear em
2016-11-04 18:36
need a good looking and practical cover for ipad pro 9.7 inch ty
2016-11-04 15:17
cant rly give advice on that as im just rocking the apple covers for both of my ipads (both spacegrey with one orange and one light blue cover
2016-11-04 18:39
United Kingdom Compraa
German fashion LUL it's not the 1990's
2016-11-04 18:48
??? heard of globalization before , iceland ?
2016-11-04 18:53
2016-11-04 19:51
2016-11-04 23:58
Sneakers, Jeans, T shirt and a hoodie, Chain, Cap. there u go u get %50 more pussy
2016-11-05 00:01
chain lmao
2016-11-05 00:03
yeah it gotta be a chain that your dad gave you. If ur dad never loved you use a gold chain. if ur also not rich use that trashy chain you bought 2 years ago and never used
2016-11-05 00:11
there are barely any chains which look good , the only chains which look halfways good are the classic versace goldchains combined with something black
2016-11-05 00:12
what u have to be black to wear a chain?
2016-11-05 00:13
no u have to wear a black t in order to wear a gold chain , everythiing else doesnt look good imo.
2016-11-05 00:24
Its a gold chain. its status no one cares if it looks good. it wears good
2016-11-05 00:25
cmon atleast try to bait decent... just answering this to bump the thread: people do care , a non golddigging girl would choose the well dressed and clean white male over the stinky gold chain wearing arab any day (im wealthy tho so i dont care XD)
2016-11-05 00:45
I meant more around guys. btw im not a arab wtf are u talking about
2016-11-05 02:55
im not into guys sry
2016-11-05 13:37
... Its status around guys not cus they are gonna fuck you but they see you worked so you can buy one. I still dont understand why u called me a arab.
2016-11-05 13:39
didnt even mean you wtf i meant that its usually arabs with adidas trac ksuit and goldchain and that 95% would choose a well dressed guy over someone wearing a goldchain but looking like shit
2016-11-05 13:43
ok what is well dressed for you...
2016-11-05 13:45
an adidas tracksuit with nike airmax definitely isnt
2016-11-05 13:46
k. Not everyone in this world was blessed with parents with good jobs and get well dressed. I dressed in what what i had and i got used to it so i keept using that
2016-11-05 13:50
its a common misconception that people think well dressed = being dressed expensive but its not the case bro as long as youre fine with child labour you can dress well for quite cheap
2016-11-05 13:52
Thoughts on bomber jackets and Vivienne Westwood
2016-11-05 00:13
well bomberjackets are pretty stylish atm and can look pretty good on some dudes combined with oversize t's but im not really feeling them ,they look to "dirty" for my taste. regarding vivienne westwood i dont really like the design direction in general , not my taste.
2016-11-05 00:24
What is your style?
2016-11-05 00:24
kind of streetstyle but a more "clean look" as i prefer button ups , chinos and denims more than bombers and sweatpants no matter how tendy sweatpants and bombers are. for jackets i would choose a denim jacket or a parka over a bomber jacket any time of the day. a style im really interested in tho is the kind of style yamamoto is developing , this futuristic , simple and clean look without much color or pattern but much detail but imo its not developed enough to be widely spread across multiple outfits if you know what i mean
2016-11-05 00:33
Sri Lanka King Ye
shut the fuck up
2016-11-05 13:45
mad because i get lots of girls while you still wear your comfy airmax ? :)
2016-11-05 13:46
Sri Lanka King Ye
shut the fuck up
2016-11-05 13:49
2016-11-05 13:50
Sri Lanka King Ye
2016-11-05 13:51
bump i want you to look good so maybe women will notice you
2016-11-06 12:53
2016-11-07 19:55
I always use black pants, and shoes with white laces, never use shirts like yellow or some crazy shit, and always basic things, there you go, free grills cuz not retarded style XD
2016-11-07 20:13
What kind of shoes matches to red and white 2 stripes tracksuit?
2016-11-13 19:14
"Fashion expert" "cuff jeans" NT
2016-11-13 19:15
did you live under a rock this years summer ?
2016-12-01 19:57
United Kingdom tomtmh
hey , dont know why johnnyskins answers my question but ok
2016-11-13 19:19
here to give advice again
2016-12-01 19:54
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