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Overwatch best
United States Free_Swag 
already 100k viewers it took CS 14 years to get 100k viewers....LUL csgo bad.
2016-11-05 01:48
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United States thomask156 
2016-11-05 01:50
-1 CS is for serious players. Overwatch is for arcade/action players. You cant compare them dircetly.
2016-11-05 20:32
United States Free_Swag 
serious players LUL...reason why CSGO is dead is people like you that can't admit that your game has serious flaws.
2016-11-05 20:41
Sweden Aleister_Black 
e-sport is bigger now than before but damn 14 years is mad long
2016-11-05 01:58
world of warcraft> overwatch> cs
2016-11-05 02:02
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
Overwatch feels and looks like that old kids game Ratchet and Clank .. on steroids. Too much colors, too much stuff flying around, pick a flashy gun and run. Overrated af.
2016-11-05 02:07
well playing it in a team is hella fun but i agree its not good to watch
2016-11-05 02:10
Ukraine ReanuKeeves 
Yes but I dont get the hype... Maybe coz Im not 14 y/o manga lover.
2016-11-05 02:12
ow will die faster than cs just wait;)
2016-11-05 02:07
United States Free_Swag 
it has been growing, no other e-sport is growing faster atm....cs and LOL are stagnating.
2016-11-05 02:10
Ofc it's growing right now it's 'pretty' new. But i still think cs will last longer, LOL im not following at all.
2016-11-05 03:19
United States Free_Swag 
i think CS is dead, we haven't grown in like 1 year and they never add anything any new so its getting really boring while in OW they add stuff very often.
2016-11-05 03:37
I can agree that cs is dying due to bad updates gambling scandals and the amount of hackers there is in this game. I just dont want it to die haha. But i understand your point i do. Hope valve comes up with something good that bring people back. Not a graffiti update with 50 charges.. Lmao.
2016-11-05 04:02
World Notb8ing 
lol bad b8...
2016-11-05 02:10
Poland qbik 
The idea of overwatch is to combined experience of the best esports games. Including "14years" of cs.
2016-11-05 02:17
Yugoslavia ToBeHonest 
Ower what?
2016-11-05 03:20
overwatch is a game for casuals not very high skill ceiling but enough to call it "competitive"
2016-11-05 03:21
Nah, there are tons of games that are better for competitive play than overwatch. The only reason it has any competitive scene is blizzard throwing money at it. They will either have to constantly put forward huge amounts of money or the competitive scene will die because currently the viewership is bad and it wouldn't be a good investment for sponsors of events.
2016-11-05 03:41
United States Free_Swag 
what do you mean bad viewership?....they have 100k viewers and rising and they have been out for less than 6 months, that's the fastest growth of any game EVER.
2016-11-05 05:14
100k was due to blizzcon not the tournament alone. Eleague finals for OW were a 300k$ tournament with 40k peak viewers. I don't know why I'm talking to a troll or someone mentally handicapped though. If you can't realize that the only reason it is getting a lot of viewers compared to established esports games that have been out for years when they started is because streaming itself has grown immensely in the past couple years then there is no hope for having an actual conversation with you. Show me another game that has had a 300k tournament within 6 months of coming out in the past year and I'll show you a game with more viewers. Hell Rainbow 6 Siege ESL finals had as many viewers as OW ELeague.
2016-11-05 05:19
What is over watch?
2016-11-05 03:22
Sweden Kasidro 
Overwatch is so incredibly boring to watch, quite fun to play though
2016-11-05 03:54
2016-11-05 06:04
Sweden godname 
it didn´t take 14years are u retarded? what are u doing here then? go to overwatch community site
2016-11-05 03:57
80% of those viewers are watching just because of Blizzcon most of them left before the finals
2016-11-05 04:11
United States Free_Swag 
170k right now for SK v Russia.
2016-11-05 20:29
OverWatch and Tree of Savior are the worst games of 2016, I feel bad for paid to play these shit games.
2016-11-05 06:05
Overwatch are for casuals and manga lovers who still live in their moms basement... srsly this game is so boring and triggering
2016-11-05 06:09
liquid coach I would love to say I am optimistic but the reality is they just dropped a fucking nuke and basically went "Yeah, nukes are good, nukes are love, who wants a cupcake? BRB GONNA GO GET A CUPCAKE" and left us there waiting for the nuke to fall. This is terrifying because we don't know when we may get more information on it and this is huge for big organizations that have invested really heavily into Overwatch (ie: EnvyUS) where people from numerous teams have moved across the world to grow their career and now they sit here and go "uhhhhhh, what?". source: overwatch will go faster than it came
2016-11-05 06:14
I dont know. I think it should tell us which player got banned after we reviewd the demo. #fallSKG
2016-11-05 20:31
a final and not even 1 million viewers like it used to be in cs oh thats bad
2016-11-05 20:33
United States Free_Swag 
CS would have 200k viewers without drops like every other big CSGO tournament final does.
2016-11-05 20:39
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