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144 Hz compatibility
France Dranzer007 
I have heard that its not possible to hook up a 144hz monitor to a laptop through hdmi port, as it will be capped out at 60 hz. Is it viable to use a mini-display port 1.2? will i get the full utilisation of 144hz by that?
2016-11-05 19:04
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Sweden cute! 
yes i are think dat
2016-11-05 19:05
if you need 144 hz just use more lattop 144/60 = 2.4 so you need 2.4 laptop ?
2016-11-05 19:07
Sweden 1nc0g 
omg idiot it doesnt work like that expected by idiot from porn country
2016-11-05 19:08
s1mple | 
United Kingdom Twinaye 
public agent is good tho
2016-11-05 19:14
faxehospital he means :d
2016-11-05 23:09
2016-11-05 19:08
google is your friend. HDMI 3 (I think?) will support 144Hz but HDMI2 won't. no idea and Mini DP compatibility
2016-11-05 19:08
i actually did use google, just want to confirm it here. Reddit says that display port should do the trick, but reddit aint too reliable...
2016-11-05 19:09
And what are you expecting from HLTV? xDDD
2016-11-05 19:13
HLTV is better than reddit anyday
2016-11-05 20:59
Yeah, fucking a prostitute is better than raping a girl, but it sucks anyway lol.
2016-11-05 22:56
its pick your poison situation haha
2016-11-06 14:11
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
if your laptop gpu supports 144hz then the mini-dp should do the trick. (hdmi doesnt support 144hz)
2016-11-05 19:09
forgive me as i am not very good in the knowledge department. A laptop Nvidia 1070 is 144hz capable, right?
2016-11-05 19:10
rain | 
Norway IndiZone 
I believe it does, but im no expert.
2016-11-05 19:12
mDP supports 144hz, my old graphics card had an mDP but my monitor only had a DP, so I used an mDP -> DP adapter and 144hz worked fine @ 1920x1080. EDIT: HDMI can support up to 120hz @ 1024x768 fyi.
2016-11-05 23:05
Jame | 
Sweden fotb0ll 
2016-11-05 23:10
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