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wasting time
time is not money, but still very valuable. Are we who play cs 4-6+ hours aday, waste our life? or is it good that we do something we enjoy? What do normal people do, who dont study?
2016-11-06 06:13
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I mean im quite good, but dont believe i can advance i rank with some mates mates, you know toxic, mad, pissed of, angry, calling cheatts but not plays. So i wont be nothing in cs go, is it a waste of time?
2016-11-06 06:17
in one way it is true what you say ... but think other way , what would be life without enjoying it .. i mean i found 8years ago , 7 friends in a random cs:s match ... and since then they are my best friends we even meet on LANs ... i can tell them everything and they even help me in hard moments .. i mean, ofc you spent "hours and hours in gaming" but without gaming you would prob. go out and do other stuff with your friends .. i dont think its a "waste of time" if you got something you want to reach in gaming .. me for example, i want to reach to get pro player, 5 years ago we started to try to get into semi pro series, 1 year later we are in ... actualy we are in 3th div. .. i love to play and i enjoy it, i hope you do the same, its your hobby, dont waste your life in stuff you dont like to do (beside work/school .. you have to go for it , no joke^^) ... nice topic !
2016-11-06 06:47
i love to play and i enjoy it, i hope you do the same, its your hobby, dont waste your life in stuff you dont like to do (beside work/school .. you have to go for it , no joke^^) bold text=so true, life shoould be enjoyed, with ur own favorite stuff and shit. But to much of something will makee it bad, Funny story, are you guys from same country?, i've met a few ppl from games aswell, got work from 1 guy. :d So basically i have my employment because of mate in game. (ty bruh)
2016-11-06 06:53
we are all from germany beside one guy which is from netherlands and hes also one of my best buddys ... :) we met online and then after some years we went to our first LAN ... and ye .. we just kept playing and after reaching Global it was boring .. so afterwards we started to play Faceit, after reaching rank 10 ... it wasnt that easy to hold it but it makes fun .. then after we decidet to play some league for new competition and ye there we go ... 3th Div after 2years :D
2016-11-06 12:13
Sounds very nice, your lucky to have met them, and good to creating this thing, Do you think you will keep your team together, one for all, all for one style?
2016-11-06 17:37
probably , i mean i hope ... one is a bit older and earns 25k € ea. month .. and bcuz of HIM i understand more , how to reach something you realy want ... make "goals" in your life ... figure out how to reach there ... !
2016-11-06 19:20
Serbia whoa!! 
it is your life,if you enjoy what you are doing(without causing any harm to others) then it is worth doing it.
2016-11-06 06:19
what do yoou believe of parents then? Giving you all shit and u end up at computer playing
2016-11-06 06:23
Serbia whoa!! 
if you want to go pro then i would suggest to not care.But your parents wont be there all the time to look after you right?As long as you maintain your studies or any other thing which you want to become then there is no problem.if you can live off of your own after your parents then it is good to go.
2016-11-06 06:30
I Would love to go pro, or even play cs on a higher level, more seriousness, more tactic, motivation, innovation.. but its hard Fuck what would one want to become? dont know that eitheeer.......
2016-11-06 06:32
I haave aaa quite good pay job, nice hoours nice chilling job, but i feel like i need to advance, become better, in something. This year i've only advanced in cs go. (started play 1 year ago). My job doesnt allow me to educate into something thurter and it feels like im walking on the same spot now.
2016-11-06 06:36
your work from 8 to 5,6 ? so after from 9-12,1 should be enough playing
2016-11-06 07:16
Yeah before i started cs go, (at least for 2 years before) i played normal hours. Sometimes i work 9-4, sometimes 4pm-9am.. what eever i can play alot
2016-11-06 07:19
it's ok for me always been a school and cs,w0w
2016-11-06 06:30
after school boy-? would trying to get to fpl increase chances for team invite, than finding a "team" and play tournaments
2016-11-06 06:46
idk whats after school man really beacuse everything kind of sucks ye it's hard to get FPL
2016-11-06 07:07
I agree, shit sux. But so much competition for fpl, mby focus energy on finding/founding a team..
2016-11-06 07:10
man you are very man me think you no waste time very sucesful player and big future counter strike, you have rich and pussy
2016-11-06 06:24
I'm very man? thank you i hope for the fnatic girl in crowd. Shes hot
2016-11-06 06:27
very very dont let drems be drems
2016-11-06 06:33
yes yes, i personally dont like thaat much makeup. BUT A MAN GOTTTA DO WHAT A MAN GOTTA DO RIGHT
2016-11-06 06:47
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
I think about it sometimes, when I look at the thousands hours displayed on steam that I've spent playing games, I wonder what else I could have done with that time... finish college? earn money? socialize, finding a sweetheart? I think games probably fucked my life
2016-11-06 06:34
Yeah....... but did you enjoy it? time spent? i dont think anyones life is fucked. Why? because no one knows how to life, there is no path that is correct. have you /tried to change something in ur life or how u solve this situation bruh ? i even have some backpain from sitting computer :s
2016-11-06 06:41
fury | 
Brazil LeeeO:9 
I've had some good times 4 sure, but I also raged on people that I don't even know, I celebrated virtual achievements that none cares about nor will make any difference in my life, and putting this into the scale... I definitely could have spent that time so much better You know, it's like games have created an alternate world in my mind, that keeps me away from reality, and this is dangerous. If I had a time machine, I definitely would choose a different path for my life. oh, and about try to change something in my life... well that's a problem, I feel totally unmotivated to do anything. At least no physical problems have affected me yet
2016-11-06 07:00
I celebrated virtual achievements that none cares about nor will make any difference in my life, Jup me 2, all that farming and shit for nothing right now, basically. Does the game keep you away, or do you hide in games? I think most humans would change their path. i'd, 100% but we humans often want that we cant reach, but see
2016-11-06 07:04
Lol i play cs 24/7 and im can 1v100 all pros xd
2016-11-06 06:47
Yes, would you consider you time well used?
2016-11-06 06:54
No i gotta cry here talking about how i wasted my time!
2016-11-06 07:00
i do what ever i want, doing my own shit. i wanted ppls view on cs go time spending. if they call it waste
2016-11-06 07:13
i would say we don't "wast" our time but we don't use it good either we are having fun playing cs but we don't gain anything from it.. (99%)
2016-11-06 06:59
yes its a waste of our lifes, because if you just play csgo ur useless to the society
2016-11-06 07:02
playing fotball, division 7, same same?
2016-11-06 07:06
dafuq is fotball division 7
2016-11-06 07:06
i mean football, one of lowest leagues, semi-fat ppl running after a ball in 2 teams
2016-11-06 07:08
do they play for fun or as is it a full time thing
2016-11-06 07:16
for fun, tuesday and sunday. but they try to win and have fun
2016-11-06 07:17
Time spent having fun is never wasted. You can't live your life always wondering about what could've been. Very few people in this world are wired in a way where they don't need to chill out and waste time.
2016-11-06 07:32
yes but if you always play with friends, always having a laugh and liking this situational, and haviing hard to spend/wastee time elsewhere I havnt met rl friends in so long, its not exciting and not giving me anything :s
2016-11-06 07:48
What's stopping you from going out and meeting new people?
2016-11-06 07:49
Only myself, i've been having lots of friends, no problem.. just as cs go saved me, it also took motivation to do nothing with friends, have been on bar 4 times this year.the year before like 1.5times a week... cs go feels like its giving me smth, not like just chilling with friend day in and out
2016-11-06 07:53
does this make sense?
2016-11-06 07:55
No xd
2016-11-06 08:55
i feel like a game of cs, gives me more than conversation with friends, or what ever you do. because of thinking and analyze What do people do who are not into party, gaming or TV on weekends
2016-11-06 09:03
Making money?
2016-11-06 09:07
after that then, eveenings n night
2016-11-06 09:13
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
was it fun playing cs for the past almost 10 years? yes do i regret it? yes
2016-11-06 07:50
haha how do you regret it?
2016-11-06 07:56
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
cause you lose touch with the outside world, which leads to being anti-social, which leads to depression and eventually you hate yourself for playing this shitty game but you cant do shit about it cause you're hooked. and then you're fucked.
2016-11-06 08:07
sounds like a bad drug. i recognize almost everything, but probably smaller scale.. whats ur idea then, ur plan?
2016-11-06 08:59
India Gandhii4 
if you enjoy it, its not a waste of time
2016-11-06 08:00
Up to a degree i guess, but ty. i fcken love cs, the man vs man, brain vs brain, hairy cohones vs cohones.. its fantastic
2016-11-06 08:09
I enjoy it but it's not a productive use of my time so it sort of feels like time wasted, and how am I supposed to learn new things or find new hobbies when I never give myself the time to be bored. If I didn't have video games I would have had to force myself to think of new things to do but instead I just hop on my computer and stop myself from thinking about anything other than what is in front of me. RIP Life
2016-11-06 08:09
unless we/you/i can be more productive at computer
2016-11-06 08:15
This would probably be the best solution, but once I get on the computer all I want to do is play CS or idly browse social media.
2016-11-06 08:19
yes m2 basically.. i would want to ,earn programming, why not?? seems hard tho
2016-11-06 08:25
MØ - waste of time
2016-11-06 08:28
2016-11-06 08:30
rly what do you mean
2016-11-06 08:48
song name
2016-11-06 10:54
4-6+ hours wtf, get a life?
2016-11-06 09:05
tell me what u do bro
2016-11-06 09:13
School, work, learning things that will benefit me, go out, sports, travel, find life partner...
2016-11-06 09:42
yes but you cam find benefitial stuff in cs for life. sports sounds healthy, gj dude
2016-11-06 09:54
but i guess its not healthy to do it 6 hours straght. and i mean, cs and online game isnt all useless
2016-11-06 10:09
i taking it from completly other side m8. I play cs for WASTE some time while im waiting to my GF or friends or whatever for me CS is like TV for other people i rather play 1-2 matches then sit 2 hours in couch watching totally BS. so thats how i look into it but ye you play probably a lot more then me i guess i play like for 10hours max per week. hope you figure out whats best for you:) have a nice day bro
2016-11-06 10:30
thank you, yes gaming>TV. its funny how some TV watchers look down on gamers :d I'll try to find something nice for me, i can for some days play 10 hours, a few days in aa row........ its sick
2016-11-06 10:36
What i do think is a waste of time, if anything, is gaming and being mad/unhappy/unpleasant. Then i dont see the point of playing
2016-11-06 10:46
You should just ask you, if the things you do now will help anything in the future for you. I mean, studying may help you to find a job or at least to learn it better what you like to do for living. Hanging out with IRL friends will help you to get along with people better which then will help you to succeed IRL. Being in relationships with grills (if you're hetero) will help you to understand grills better and in the end - to find one to live together. And what can playing PC games help you to achieve in the future? It's just a waste of time, the earlier you understand this - the earlier you start doing something useful for yourself in your life. Don't even think that you still have a plenty of time, time is such a faggot thing that runs out really quickly, today you're 20 and you're playing CS - tomorrow you're 28 and you have nothing to recall within that period of life because the only thing you did is playing CS. I'm sure you won't get anything I told you, but it's not my business.
2016-11-06 12:31
Quit playing today. If you're already wondering about it you'll never be pro and get your time back. You've had all the fun you could and from now on, every hour you invest will turn into gut wrenching guilt in the future. Quit now. Thank me later.
2016-11-06 17:42
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