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NBA betting
Serbia jebem_ti_majku 
Any NBA bettors here? I bet last night 50 euros and won 250. Easiest win of my life cuz Sharlot won by 22 points lead, Chicago 32 and Houston 8 points lead :)
2016-11-08 15:58
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tier 5 sport - no thx homes
2016-11-08 15:59
? Soccer is tier10
2016-11-08 16:01
+1 foil-fencing best
2016-11-08 16:02
NBA tier 5?
2016-11-08 16:03
yes, you can read.
2016-11-08 16:04
Saw flag, move on..
2016-11-08 16:13
2016-11-08 16:14
United States GrizzlyStr8 
2016-11-08 16:02
xDDDD Shillary won lul
2016-11-08 16:03
Yeah I know but we pronounce Charlotte as Sharlot so Im used to it :) Btw Kemba Walker godlike!
2016-11-08 16:04
Sharlot LUL Just dont bet dallas, they are playing so bad this season
2016-11-08 16:04
On Serbian lang is Sharlot :) Btw I know Dallas is dog shit this season.
2016-11-08 16:11
Lakers will win today agaisnt them
2016-11-08 16:12
Yeah I know, Lakers are godlike this season, young talented players. I bet the day before yesterday 70 euros on them to win and won 150.
2016-11-08 16:24
Nice! Today you also have the cavs,that are going to win but the odds might be too low, and you have nuggets, who are playing well and despite they re playing at the grizzlies, i think they will win
2016-11-08 16:23
Also on another bet I failed at Boston, they won vs Chicago and Charlotte but failed at home vs Denver, could win 240 euros more xD I will later analise NBA matches for tonight, maybe I bet on Denver, I like them cuz Serbian player Nikola Jokic play for them, he is young, talented and rly good :)
2016-11-08 16:32
You also have Portland today,they should win against phoenix fairly easy
2016-11-08 16:34
I know, Lillard and McCollum are godlike.
2016-11-08 16:38
Lillard is a beast
2016-11-08 16:39
Im like smoking weed and betting on sports while most of my friends working so hard and still I have way more money than them :) Sometimes I won 600-700 euros which is more than my father's salary, and he is mad cuz of that :D He wants me to work in some millitary factory together with him instead of gambling and doing nothing, but nahh, Im fine lile this :)
2016-11-08 16:45
lul n1, as long you know how to bet and dont lose all
2016-11-08 16:46
I know, I started betting at 14 xD Im experienced enough.
2016-11-08 16:49
Keep going m8
2016-11-08 16:49
Yo blyat Wanna make real money? I bet all sports... minimum stakes 50-100 euros But usually 100-200 euros on good games Contact and we will cash in hard on UFC New York 205 this Saturday
2016-11-08 18:54
Im not blyat, that was rude..
2016-11-08 19:08
Blyat is ganxta
2016-11-08 19:50
I look for some hardcore watchers After you wrot the thing about you being richer than buddy and home blazing I know exactly what you mean hoho
2016-11-08 18:55
bro i wanna win that gud gud money too could u show me screen of your today bets imma join that money train
2016-11-08 16:54
I will bet later some NBA cuz only tier3 football matches today. But I bet high on kinda small "safe" bets, lile 4-5 odds. But whenever I say to my friends what to bet they fail, and when I bet alone I win ez :) Idk u can try..
2016-11-08 16:59
o right gotcha bro gl on your bets hope u win:)
2016-11-08 17:02
Tnx m9 <3
2016-11-08 17:20
ah brate dobro ti ide. mozes mi dati neki tip za druge igre?
2016-11-08 16:07
Mogu ali iskreno kad god kazem nekom drugaru shta da odigra, uvek promashi tiket :)
2016-11-08 16:09
ziva istina :)
2016-11-08 16:10
Jordan LBJ 
Just bet all on LBJ and Cavaliers.
2016-11-08 16:13
2016-11-08 17:28
Cavs ez 82-0 max and relax. #runSKG
2016-11-08 16:14
I cringe so hard when I see #runSKG, dont embarrass yourself anymore pls :)
2016-11-08 16:34
2016-11-08 16:52
tarik | 
Yugoslavia bleaq 
2016-11-08 16:31
I'd rather bet on player scores. Mostly good oods and they barely fail
2016-11-08 16:51
Nah man, its easier for me to bet on some club to win, players are unpredictable. Last night I bet players for fun, 30euros for 150 euros win and I failed at Wade. He scored 16 and I needed 3 points more to win. He missed 3point shot, and still there were 10 min to play but he was benched cuz Chicago were leading by 30 points lead. If it was close game he would play almost full 4th quarter and would scored easily like 25-30 points. But they were leading by 30 points so no point to waste him and rookies played instead. Thats why I dont like to bet on players cuz they are so unpredictable :)
2016-11-08 17:09
2016-11-08 17:02
Ohh cmmon m9, Im used to type Sharlot cuz on Serbian we pronounce it like that. Why is it such a big deal, Charlotte - Sharlot, who cares.
2016-11-08 17:18
i used to bet on nba, sometimes you can make some easy skrilla
2016-11-08 17:02
Got ~60euros on 3 euros bet last night thanks to curry, Thomphson, Westbrook, Sabonis and Adams
2016-11-08 17:07
Ja sam sinoc otkinuo NBA, mogao sam uzeti josh 7 soma na igrachima, chekao samo Wade-a. Trebao joah 3 poena da da, promashio trojku i imalo josh 10 minuta da se igra, dao bi lagano nego vodili 30 razlike i trener ga stavi na klupu do kraja tekme da ga ne troshi, igrali neki debili umesto njega.
2016-11-08 17:15
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2016-11-08 17:42
Canada rayrayrayray 
2016-11-08 17:33
Tnx? (:
2016-11-08 18:00
I watch the nba everyday but I dont bet:)
2016-11-08 18:03
Me too, I watch NBA all night with my friends and smoke weed. But its more fun to watch when u bet like 50-100 euros :) Btw cuz of NBA I go to sleep at 6 in the morning and sleep only for like 5-6 hours, usually woke up at 12 :/
2016-11-08 18:31
Sf | 
Turkmenistan Autista 
and I did bet on the pacers last night, I thought they can't lose every game on the road..
2016-11-08 18:32
Hmm I was 109% sure that Charlotte will win. They play good at home and Kemba Walker is godlike :)
2016-11-08 18:46
did u bet today?
2016-11-08 19:55
Well Im not satisfied with todays matches, tier 3 football and not so good NBA matches to bet. I bet Denver to win (2.30 odds) and Lakers to win (1.55), 50 euros and could win 178 euros, but this is just for fun cuz Im not satisfied with todays matches so I dont expect much from this bet. Im saving money from those bets I won recently, on friday WC football qualifications starts so I will be a lot :D
2016-11-08 20:13
bro what's your steam?
2017-01-02 20:58
Just all in and bet on Cleveland
2017-01-02 21:00
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