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Europe Xetrian 
2016-11-09 20:18
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Obviously doesn't want to make toilets clean again
2016-11-09 20:19
Trump isn't even president yet so IDK what the fuck you are talking about :/
2016-11-09 20:22
gr8 b8 m8
2016-11-09 20:43
??? its the truth. The president doesn't actually enter office until late January. Obama is still president until then so if visas were canceled then it would have been Obama doing it.
2016-11-09 20:44
He asked if Trump will cancel visas, not if actual president will.
2016-11-09 20:46
you got baited and xynz kindly notified u
2016-11-17 15:29
No. Trump will probably be better for Poland than Hillary and Obama combined.
2016-11-09 20:19
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
he probably couldnt even point poland on the map
2016-11-09 20:20
neither can 99.999999999999999999999% of the world
2016-11-09 20:21
nice fact TinyBrain
2016-11-09 20:22
2016-11-09 20:22
This was stupid lol
2016-11-09 20:23
don't be so harsh for yourself
2016-11-09 20:45
trump doesnt even know where is poland on the map , you kids are brainwashed by ruski propaganda . trump is a disaster for external politics. get rekt now idiots.
2016-11-09 20:26
Hope he doesn´t cancel Sweden, we need to be friend with him. Otherwise Russia will take Sweden
2016-11-09 20:21
United Kingdom DarkOmen
'Russia will take Sweden' either you are 14 years old or a fktard
2016-11-09 20:23
2016-11-09 20:21
Hahahaha fuck all democrats. I ciebie też jebać ty kurwo niemiecka
2016-11-09 20:30
Zamknij ryj brudzie
2016-11-09 20:31
Zajebalbym cie ale jestem zajety + wielki Marsz Niepodleglosci w piatek. Zydzie jebany zdechnij.
2016-11-09 20:32
Hahhahahaha pewnie jestes jakimis jebanym grubasem 100kg swineczko jebana
2016-11-09 20:48
Makes barely any difference. The cost of such visa is 10% of what the flight cost. Rarely anybody is denied. However it would be definitely less hassle if you could fly spontaneously.
2016-11-09 20:41
Surely it works completely different for polish people m8. Here if ur family is not living in USA, I think the only probable way to travel there is for working purposes.
2016-11-09 20:52
I know at least 3 Polish people who travelled to USA as tourists. It's probably harder to visit Belarus than USA.
2016-11-17 15:26
It's different here. Check #28 and actually, it's pretty easy to go with J1 visa or green card, or even traveler visa if you are smart enough and if you have no criminal past.
2016-11-09 20:56
putin will rape world soon, ty usa for voting for trump
2016-11-09 20:46
i like
2016-11-09 20:46
Jordan LBJ
Make Toilets Clean Again!
2016-11-09 20:51
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