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benq 240hz monitor
Finland raivokkuus native 240hz unlike those shitty eizos. dat price tho
2016-11-12 21:02
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Poland Roni445 
2016-11-12 21:03
Asus PG258Q comes with the same panel but has G-Sync so price tag will be higher. Unless you want G-Sync the BenQ will probably be a great buy.
2016-11-13 17:52
Finland raivokkuus 
That's true. I would wanna see some benchmarks from blurbusters or something before dumping 500 euros on it though.
2016-11-13 18:02
Finland raivokkuus 
Bump, found out some more info about it. - It's gonna be using the new AUO M250HTN01.0/AUO M250HTN01.3 panel that will be featured in the new ASUS, Acer and AOC models. - Will apparently support freesync, but not Gsync - Range will be 48-240hz via DP + HDMI 2.0 (and HDMI 2.0 will support a pixel clock of 600mhz compared to 340mhz on DP/HDMI 1.4) - Using 240hz will very likely require DP 1.3/1.4 on the latest GPU generations. tl;dr: looks like a BenQ XL2430T with an upgraded panel and higher refresh rate support. Seems like a good investment in the future but for now I would note that this will likely drive the price of the 180hz ASUS PG248Q down significantly, so that might be a better short term purchase.
2016-11-13 18:08
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