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Chemistry Help!
Sweden BanksyV 
I need someone who's good in Chemistry to help me, be serious please.
2016-11-14 17:21
Czech Republic k9fEinW0W 
you are on hltv, gl.
2016-11-14 17:22
go on I can help
2016-11-14 17:22
Add me on steam, like honestly dude if you're just joking then don't add, but if you're being honest then go ahead
2016-11-14 17:25
lol, post it here, I am in the library. My laptop has no steam. or send me dm
2016-11-14 17:26
You should perform the following reaction: A + B -> C How can you increase the reaction rate to C compound is formed faster?
2016-11-14 17:29
add heat / catalyst
2016-11-14 17:35
aahhahahah you are retard? this is kiddie stuff Increase the concentration of a or b or both. Increasing the temperature of reaction Using a catalyst which favors the forward reaction there are more complex answers but for your kiddie question those 3 should be fine
2016-11-14 17:36
Oh you bitch, add me on steam and let's see if you can pull of those "Kiddie stuff"
2016-11-14 17:46 I'm pretty sure he's just average at googling, lol
2016-11-14 17:46
Yeah he is a bitch, thanks for the help bro
2016-11-14 17:47
np, good luck
2016-11-14 17:48
ahahha, I do 3rd year chem at university, if you have to google to get the answer for this then there is no hope for you :)
2016-11-14 18:02
There is no hope for me? I haven't even signed up for a chemistry class yet, but thanks for giving me the heads up that because I don't know shit by bonemarrow, I have no hope. A1 bro.
2016-11-14 18:09
yes, if you dont bonemarrow you die, pfft If you are getting A1 then well done but see doctor about no bonemarrow, you might be dead now. But still now hope, ppl on hltv playing csgo have no hope in becoming good scientists
2016-11-14 18:33
Hehe, thanks for the laugh with the last one! I can't stand baiting, when it's just being an ass though.
2016-11-14 18:38
2016-11-14 18:37
I know a few basic things, but I could just be wasting your time. Again, I am in no way qualified, but wouldn't increasing the temperature of the environment be a correct answer, or maybe increasing the concentration of A and/or B?? EDIT: I googled and boogie is right. Wouldn't be surprised if he's just taking this from this site though
2016-11-14 17:45
im a god at chemistry
2016-11-14 17:23
i could try
2016-11-14 17:25
Du ska utföra följande reaktion: A+B -> C På vilka sätt kan du öka reaktionshastigheten så att föreningen C bildas snabbare?
2016-11-14 17:27
åjävlar, nähä du den står jag över :D
2016-11-14 17:29
if you expect people to help then post the question as the topic
2016-11-14 17:25
2016-11-14 17:30
2016-11-14 17:46
United States BanU 
I'm a chemist, I'll try to help. jk the closest ive come is mixing two different industrial cleaners together and almost knocking myself out with the smell
2016-11-14 17:50
breaking bad?
2016-11-14 18:48
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