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Turkey zekicamurcu 
?? i want to buy something like 100$-150$ . thoughts?
2016-11-16 16:48
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United Kingdom Liammm 
astro a40s
2016-11-16 16:48
Turkey zekicamurcu 
bro i know it but its like 300$
2016-11-16 16:49
United Kingdom Liammm 
cheap deal in argos uk for 70 pounds
2016-11-16 16:51
I buy 2-3 days ago headset hyperX cloud, they so amazing dude. I think its best headset for this prize *-*
2016-11-16 17:03
Turkey zekicamurcu 
im thinking astro a40 but i didnt understand the price change . with audio card its 230 without the card its 80 . is that card important for gaming or not?
2016-11-16 17:45
I don't think so unless you are a DJ (not joking)
2016-11-16 17:47
Turkey zekicamurcu 
i researched it . the card thing is mixamp and its changing stereo to 5.1 or 7.1 surround .. so its needed.
2016-11-16 21:04
it's important, but you can buy good soundcard which costs less then $150, so just buy headset only for $80.
2016-11-16 21:38
sennheiser game wan
2016-11-16 16:49
hyper X cloud 2
2016-11-16 16:52
koosta | 
United States kooster 
2016-11-16 17:50
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
+1 totally .. cheap and really good ..
2016-11-16 21:35
Finland tetuan 
Hyperx cloud 2 or sennheiser game one.
2016-11-16 16:53
This one, any day of the week! Definitely by far the best I have owned and I have had Sennheiser and Steelseries for many years prior. The price is reasonable, the sound is spot on and directional, they are highly comfortable and you can take the microphone off when you don't need it i.e. for when you are watching movies and eating! :D PS. You do not need the newer version of this for CSGO, it comes at a higher price and a money grabbing 7.1 feature that you won't need for CSGO at all (you hear stereo as you only have 2 speakers anyways, so 7.1 is just a marketing scam).
2016-11-16 16:59
Don't get a gaming headset. But a pair of real headphones with actually good audio quality instead and some shitty 10euro mic
2016-11-16 16:53
Sweden qgh 
bought a shity €10 mic 2years ago and it beats my friends Hyper X.
2016-11-16 21:16
I know, the mic in 100 dollar gaming headsets are the quality of a 10 dollar mic or worse. And the audio is the quality of a 50 dollar headphones. So why would anyone buy a gaming headset lol
2016-11-16 21:18
Sweden qgh 
The only reason i even bought it back then was cus the mic of my Steelseries siberia (v2 i think) broke and i needed a quick replacment. I had my SS-Siberia v2 for barely a year untill the mic started to cut off.
2016-11-16 21:22
I actually had the original siberia headset with the clip-on mic. I'm still using that mic actually. I think I bought that headset in 2008. People say the mic quality is above average in MM so that's fine by me. I haven't used the actual siberia headphones for many many years though.
2016-11-16 21:24
Sweden qgh 
I don't know if it broke through regular use. I might have gotten drunk one night and gotten it wet somehow.
2016-11-16 21:27
Speaking of cheap stuff that for some reason haven't broken, I still have my shitty gaming keyboard from a4tech that I bought for like 40 euros, maybe 9 years ago. It works flawlessy, and it's gotten so many beatings in my 1.6 years.
2016-11-16 21:33
hyper x mic is known to be pretty shit. so no big surprise xd my syberias has better one.
2016-11-16 21:19
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
Well, everybody already knows that HyperX's mic sucks, but the headset is pretty good justifying its cost ..
2016-11-16 21:36
Other zeus23 
Sennheiser G4me One ez :D
2016-11-16 16:55
Audio Technica ATH-M20X
2016-11-16 16:55
no mic
2016-11-16 17:01
then buy a cheap headset and wear around neck and only plug in mic
2016-11-16 17:02
Xyp9x | 
Romania Old_Guy 
You could even put it on your table if the headset's tiny, that's what I do.
2016-11-16 17:05
Brazil NaScene 
Cloud 2s, best you will ever have
2016-11-16 17:00
beyerdynamic dt990s (headphones) with some cheapo mic (like the zalman zm mic1)
2016-11-16 17:47
dont buy headset buy headphones with stand or clip mic
2016-11-16 17:49
Belgium MatadoRRR 
hyperx Cloud X 100€ ! they are perfect !
2016-11-16 21:21
Sennheiser hd 558 /598/game one / game zero/ pc 350se, even tho hd598 sound the best of all
2016-11-16 21:27
World DopphMe0w 
2016-11-16 21:29
U can surely get hd 558 for 100usd plus some cheap mic
2016-11-16 21:30
Hyperx cloud 2
2016-11-16 21:34
oskar | 
Ireland sk0ffin 
hyper x cloud 2 ez ez ez choice and better than overpriced sennheiser shit xD
2016-11-16 21:36
I have hyperx cloud 2, havent had any problems with them and they are good for csgo and music, my ear cups have dropped 2 times in a year and they are pretty annoying to but back togerthet
2016-11-16 21:37
razer kraken chroma 7.1, best way to waste your money ;D
2016-11-16 21:37
i bought a logitech g430 2 years ago still working and for me its enough :D
2016-11-16 21:40
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