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shuffle after major
leckr | 
Czech Republic LECKR 
only my next level thoughts :D navi maybe -s1mple, guardian said in interview that playing with simple is not easy, he has rly high ego and now they are losing everything. So if they wont perform well after major, they will cut him and add some experienced player or zeus again nip -pyth imo, they were playing so good with maikelele, you could see true nip power, but i heard that getright was thinking about retire after 2016 ending, but it wont happen probably SK i think its time for new "brazilian autimatic" in sk, i heard they have some problems so new player might be good g2 -bestawpworld 100% hes performance is sooooooo baad, french shuffle inc or -smithzz envy -might be french shuffle as i said above echo fox -rip disband optic/splyce -i heard that xantares signed some contract with NA team but idk which one i think it was optic or splyce, might be interesting 2017 top teams 1 fnatic - give them some months and easy best team in world 2 cloud9 3 sk 4 vp 5 nip 6 navi 7 envy/g2(shuffle inc so depends what team would be better) 8 mouz 9 liquid 10 optic thoughts?
2016-11-16 20:47
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