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North America Slicardz 
What 2 play?
2016-11-20 00:56
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CS:GO is new to you, since you don't play it.
2016-11-20 00:59
I dont play garbage games.
2016-11-20 01:02
You wouldn't know.
2016-11-20 01:03
I put 2,000 hours in csgo before i quit cold turkey and stopped paying for esea since i was on there since i was a cs fanboy too
2016-11-20 01:07
That's an impressive amount of hours for playing a garbage game. Usually I don't even make it to 1 hour when playing a game I consider garbage.
2016-11-20 01:08
He's the typical standard csgo crybaby and forum troll. Whining how bad it all is with many 1000's of hours of gameplay.
2016-11-20 01:10
And ur the typical hltv fuckboy saying how the game is perfect the way it is like a new gen fanboy..and u actually think the game at its current state is competitive just because it has a pro scene and its on tv.i swear valve can out with a cs game shittier then cdgo and i bet u will still hug valves nuts on everything they do.
2016-11-20 01:14
I never said csgo is perfect. you're just the most negative nancy i've ever seen here, but you keep posting your crap. Just let it go man. Play what you want, don't be stuck in the past like a grumpy grandpa.
2016-11-20 01:17
By saying csgo is trash is being negative lol..
2016-11-20 01:19
Posting the same crap on hltv for years, that is pretty sad imo. You're stuck in a mode you created for yourself and your personality won't allow you to leave it behind.
2016-11-20 01:24
2016-11-20 12:33
Well if ur past cs games are dead competitively and ur only choice was to play shitty go what choice did i have..i quit and started playing rust,mobas,fighting games or other games that just rely on myself.
2016-11-20 01:11
csgo is in a really good state now, this is the time to play. but of course you are too proud too admit that.
2016-11-20 01:14
I dont like the game...and i refuse to reinstall it and i dont like esea either because of there shitty esea mods.
2016-11-20 01:16
Mods banned you for your attitude? What a surprise.
2016-11-20 01:24
2016-11-20 12:35
"and ur only choice was to play shitty go what choice did i have" Well if you phrase it like that indeed you won't have a choice, since you had only one choice even before asking yourself which choice you had. But I'll tell you: you could have played games you actually enjoy instead, you could have stopped playing videogames altogether, you could have tried to develop the game that would be the "true" 1.6 sucessor, you could have gone for a world trip, etc, etc. Virtually an infinite amount of choices was available. But you chose to spend 2000 hours in CS:GO. Surely the reason was something else than "I didn't have a choice"?
2016-11-20 01:18
I played csgo because I scrimmed and played in leagues...1.6 was dead competitively.
2016-11-20 12:38
So you did enjoy it then?
2016-11-20 15:07
Slicardz #22 I dont like the game...and i refuse to reinstall it and i dont like esea either because of there shitty esea mods.
2016-11-20 15:10
But I meant in the past. At the time where you were playing your 2000 hours in leagues and stuff? You enjoyed it I assume? I'm sure you wouldn't inflict a punishment of 2000 hours of a game you don't enjoy on yourself?
2016-11-20 15:24
No i didnt enjoy it because its a randm piece if shit game where u can run around like an idiot and jump mid air doing stupid crap and get credited for it.
2016-11-20 16:21
So you played a game you didn't enjoy for 2000 hours on purpose. That's impressive in itself. "u can run around like an idiot and jump mid air doing stupid crap and get credited for it." That's not really what I witnessed. Sure there are people playing badly and there are lucky/unlucky moments, but that's just in any game.
2016-11-20 16:25
Im done with this convo..ur a new gen fanboy i get it..i bet u only play mm/pugs like 99% of the people on this garbage website.
2016-11-20 18:13
New gen fanboy? Don't know what you mean by that. I played 1.6 for a few years and I think I enjoyed it more than I enjoy CS:GO, but that doesn't prevent me from enjoying it regardless. And what's wrong with playing only mm or pugs?
2016-11-20 19:33
This garbage website you are always logged in to. This garbage game you keep posting about non-stop.
2016-11-20 21:01
only people like u bring up the game and get butt hurt when I say its garbage.
2016-11-20 21:02
How am i butt hurt about your misery? I enjoy playing this game with friends. I enjoy many other great games and I enjoy my life in general. Honestly, I'm just a bit worried about you. I know I shouldn't, because who are you anyway? I rarely see people who are as negative as you and I'm sure I'm not the first person telling you that.
2016-11-20 21:05
so go play ur shitty game and hop off my dick already...
2016-11-20 21:05
I think you need help man, seriously. No offense.
2016-11-20 21:06
I think u need to stop bullshitting with your bait comments
2016-11-20 21:10
Cheer up man, go play some fun games.
2016-11-20 21:16
take ur own advice
2016-11-20 21:45
Playing Natural Selection 2 again lately. Is very good and unique. Honest recommendation.
2016-11-20 22:49
good for you.
2016-11-21 01:20
mad af cuz played for years and still gold nova, so calls the game garbage cuz bad af xD
2016-11-20 12:35
Link me ur esea leagues experience in all 3 cs games I'll wait...
2016-11-20 12:36
LUL check flag, global mm player in yo region = br gold nova xd pugcountry LUL
2016-11-20 20:58
once ur again ur talking about mm ranks when it means nothing period..typical new gen fuckboy LOOL.
2016-11-20 20:59
United States ldKuKluxKlan 
Overwatch, Watch Dogs 2, Withcer III, Dragon Age Inquisition.
2016-11-20 01:03
Dragon Age: Origins > Dragon Age Inquisition
2016-11-20 01:05
Pokemon Go
2016-11-20 01:04
United States ldKuKluxKlan 
+1 best game
2016-11-20 01:05
ofc iam lvl 37
2016-11-20 01:06
Europe TriHard_8R 
only trash games nowadays
2016-11-20 01:05
if you say so, you havn´t play Pokemon Go ;)
2016-11-20 01:07
2016-11-20 01:08
2016-11-21 16:20
World Max_Eason 
Overwatch free weekend!
2016-11-20 01:05
Ehhh i was hyped when it first came out but never played it.
2016-11-20 01:09
World Max_Eason 
Its a bit of fun but never for 30 quid. Play the shit out of it this weekend its free. But by the end of the weekend u will no longer want to play it! No harm in not giving it a go
2016-11-20 01:23
2016-11-20 20:56
2016-11-20 01:09
Europe Instabait 
give me all
2016-11-21 16:14
roca | 
United States Lokiir 
what kind of games you like?
2016-11-20 01:15
Anything thats fun
2016-11-20 01:17
You forgot all about fun.
2016-11-20 21:01
France Gak0sempai 
overwatch is great
2016-11-20 01:17
Witcher 3 (RPG) is easily one of the top 5 games I've ever played. Gothic 2 (RPG) is a solid game as well if you can stand the dated graphics. You can also install a DX11 mod that makes the game look a lot better. Otherwise Guild Wars 1 (CORPG) is a good game. It's practically abandoned by players and developers but you can do everything with NPCs. The sequel, Guild Wars 2 (MMORPG), is decent as well and much more active. Personally I don't like it too much but it's a good casual game. Path of Exile (RPG/HnS) is a good grind game with a huge skill tree if you're into that. Payday 2 and ARK: Survival Evolved are decent casual games to play with friends. If you haven't played Witcher 3 yet and like a good RPG then you should definitely play that.
2016-11-20 01:23
guild wars 1 GvG .... ahhh the good old days *sigh*
2016-11-20 19:39
Yea, PvP in Guild Wars 1 was some of the best PvP in any RPG ever.
2016-11-20 21:39
I miss it so much, somehow I've never found the equivalent in any game; - balanced - creativity/strategy = a brain, was necessary - no need to farm stupid stuff Had my best online experience ever on that game. CS is a close follower though PS: glad someone here remembers GW :)
2016-11-20 21:42
Me neither. I often saw people recommend Path of Exile for GW1 fans, but it's really nothing like it so I don't know why they would recommend it. If you're into speedrunning, routing and creating builds though Path of Exile is nice. Obviously a big part of GW1 were the many possibilities of creating solo or team builds. If you never played the game; the skill tree is basically this: Many possibilities for unique builds. There are temporary leagues that change every 2 or 3 months where you can try to become the best. There are also challenges that hold up for a few hours or a day where you can win some unique ingame items if you're good. It's free to play and has practically no p2w elements. Not combat PvP, but there are a lot of players that try to win the leagues or challenges so you have some form of competition there as well. That said, GW1 is certainly the best CORPG for me. Never found any multiplayer RPG that I even played for a quarter of the time that I played GW1. Sick PvP, a lot of space for creativity to figure out solo or team builds, solo or team speedclears in PvE. It feels like for everything there was in GW1, whether PvE or PvP, there were multiple different ways of tackling something. When ANet nerfed something people found out other things that made up for the nerf or were even better. There were some balancing problems throughout the years but I believe that ANet was rather quick to find ways to balance the unbalanced things out. For me GW2 pretty much took the gems of GW1 and threw them away. The only game where I have more play time than GW1 is CS at something stupid like 11k hours. I could talk about that game for days haha
2016-11-20 21:55
lots of people from gw1 went to play LoL too. It's so sad that these fuckers from blizzard released WoW a little earlier than planned so that it came out just a little before GW1. I'm pretty sure GW would have been the equivalent of WoW if only they weren't fucked on the release date. I almost never PVE'd, except in the early beginning with my brother. Real good times actually. Then I only played GvG and TA (some HA but well not much). What did you do ? What was your favourite class/build ? For me monk, and either the boon prot monk/necro or the shield of deflection gvg monk. Such good times :))
2016-11-20 23:16
For the first year I exclusively played PvE. Then for about two years I played PvP mostly as Warrior (Shock Eviscerate/Devastating Blow) and later on when it became a bit more popular Shockwave Spike for lulz. Then I pretty much stopped GvG, grinded speedclears (mostly UWSC and FOWSC) until Halloween update of 2009 where they added Dhuum's skeletons to Underworld. Pretty much killed Underworld for me because now you actually had to pay a bit more attention. In that time I started to play HA and played it until 2010 or so. That's where I pretty much stopped playing and went back to CS. Timings and memory could be a bit off, I mean this was ~8 years ago now. And I tried MOBAs but I don't really like any of them. I still like multiplayer RPGs, it's just so hard to find one that suits me.
2016-11-20 23:52
omg you played it really for a long time ! Nasty spike warrior :p I think I stopped in 2008 or so, just after gvg meta became shit after the monk nerfs (LoD, SoD) It's sad how they fucked gw2 >< I wish they had made a HD version of GW1 + some new spells maybe instead ... 8v8 added so much more coordination and tactic possibilities than 5v5 format as well :S
2016-11-20 23:55
A continously updated GW1 would've been the best. The thing about GW1 is that you could play it both ways; hardcore and casually. It felt like you made more progress as a player when playing GW1. GW2 for me feels very limited and catered to casual players. I think there's only one "real" PvP mode as well. I remember they added guild halls in the expansion but I don't know if they added some form of GvG. Besides that there's only proper PvP mode in sPvP. WvWvW and EotM is alright if you play it with some friends to talk about irrelevant stuff on Teamspeak with. Past that it's just a zerg fest which I personally find boring. In GW1 you obviously had 5 "real" PvP modes at once (4 later on when Codex Arena replaced TA and HB in 2009 obviously). And even then you had AB as well which isn't what I understand as "real" PvP but it was still more competitive and fun than EotM or WvWvW for me. They really fucked up the PvP part of the game in GW2. I guess PvP is too hardcore and not casual enough for ANet.
2016-11-21 15:37
It felt like you made more progress as a player when playing GW1. yea very true. I also never quite got the same "high"/good feeling in any game as in GW when we (team) won after 20-30mins against a good team. I'll always remember some GW matches haha. I guess the mentality back then was quite different too; people didn't flame and instead looked to improve; and I mean everyone in RA/TA/HA/GvG when I played. People would ask for tips instead of calling about cheats. I'm pretty sure you can have all this in CSGO as well, but I never played it at the same level than in GW, so IDK. As for GW2, I played it since the first beta and then for 3 months or so when it came out. I actually liked the game, the skillcap was much much higher than people assumed. But they fucked up the pvp from the start: - retarded lag-issue for some ISPs that wasnt fixed until months - no monthly tournaments - more difficult to balance stuff with 5 players instead of 8 - no ranking at start, only way was friend list and %win. Personally I was lucky because many people remembered me from gw1, and I played beta. But for many others, they never found good teammates and the good people were already in a team when the game came out. That's why I think the pvp scene died quite fast. At the start it was real fun, there were so many lost souls from GW1 who came back haha. Also in PVE-wise, in the beta1 it was really difficult and nice (like, you had to actually be good to 1v1 mobs above your level). But people complained and they toned it down to bot-level. Personally I stopped gw1 quite fast because after some time I got caught in the ISP lag problems... never came back
2016-11-21 16:08
Belgium w0w^ 
Overwatch - it's free this weekend (I tryed it and bought it). Battlefield 1 - Even better than all BF before. Rocket League - mix of football and car games, funny and tactic
2016-11-20 01:29
welcome to overwatch
2016-11-20 23:50
FalleN | 
World Vechnyp 
2016-11-21 16:19
Europe Instabait 
Dark Souls 2-3
2016-11-20 12:39
Czech Republic baylife 
The Elder Scrolls Online
2016-11-20 12:41
killing floor 2
2016-11-20 19:36
Sweden cute! 
watch new game anime, really nice anime
2016-11-20 21:10
Lithuania Paulius_CS 
2016-11-20 21:20
Brazil bvkzin 
tried overwatch today cant adapt, cs gonna be always my fav game
2016-11-20 21:48
I don't like csgo..if 1.6 was still alive competitively id play it.
2016-11-20 21:56
Brazil bvkzin 
tried to play 1.6 again last month aswell god it's so different, mainly the nades now I prefer csgo
2016-11-20 23:54
I bet u do.
2016-11-21 00:48
once you get addicted to CSGO(lol,dota,overwatch w.e), you can't go back to play other games, you will just get bored easily and drop it 1 hour in only cure to this is stop playing video games for like 1 or 2 weeks, just dont play,see or think about video games
2016-11-21 15:42
2016-11-21 15:44
United States MIKEYB^v^ 
Warframe has me hooked right now. Free to play, and has a lot of replayability.
2016-11-21 15:47
ow cuz its ez af after cs
2016-11-21 16:10
America's Army: Proving Grounds... Not much of a player-base in EU, but when I was living in the states I loved this shit.
2016-11-21 16:23
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