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Is this a scam? Help
Brazil Relampagini 
So a random guy added me telling me to join csgorise that he's an admin and he can pick a winner, I didn't even enter the website yet I'm scared of doing so, should I block this guy?
2016-11-20 15:09
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Finland MIZEE 
No just trade ur knife to him and he win u ez knifes ez
2016-11-20 15:10
It is a scam. But I'm no scam. I'm prince from nigeria now give me all you money.
2016-11-20 15:10
It's a scam, you will win, then he will ask you to play again, then you will lose. Don't let him scam you.
2016-11-20 15:12
It's a common scam. It's true that he can "know/pick the winner", usually the scammer at this point is gonna tell you who is gonna win the next 3 pots. Thing is the site is a complete hoax, no real people are betting there. All he is trying to do is lure you to deposit some shit to their scam website. If you do end up depositing he will just keep your skins and block you
2016-11-20 15:14
can confirm.
2016-11-20 15:18
it's a scam dude, don't be and asshole
2016-11-20 15:16
Portugal dixy234 
scammerino, block and report.
2016-11-20 15:20
Faroe Islands _shubaN 
hi, it's me your brother.
2016-11-20 15:21
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