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csesport site opinion
United States DreamsAndVisions 
Are you betting on site? Or have you ever bet? Is it legit? Thanks...
2016-11-25 20:36
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i had around 6 bets on this site, and i withdrawed all my items, it's fully legit
2016-11-25 20:38
Thank you. Are the bets floating by the way, like on csgofast for example?
2016-11-25 20:39
+, and you can change team before the match starts
2016-11-25 20:49
Well what do you mean by +? Floating odds? Excuse me, but I am tired.
2016-11-25 20:53
2016-11-25 20:46
India nicebaitm8 
its stable but only problem is odds get changed swiftly so never bet if you want big returns.
2016-11-25 20:52
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