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Saudi Arabia MountainDew 
Been playing csgo less and less, i enjoy it and its a pretty good game but the amount of cheaters in na even in prime is tragic..and it really does get boring, just trying to rank up to le but getting 7 days and encountering hackers every other game. Ive never really smurfed before, im wondering if its fun?
2016-11-26 06:20
yes smurfs are funny
2016-11-26 06:20
Skadoodle | 
United States Kdg90 
what's your rank? i really dont see cheaters often at dmg level
2016-11-26 06:22
You are lucky. I took time from cs, when I came back I was unranked, I got queued against a hacker lost. Cause of that I ended up being mg, now if I don't queue with 4 other people I get people that strait up throw, and most games there is a hacker. For me I think it is sad, that mg is harder than dmg because of hackers.
2016-11-26 06:38
Skadoodle | 
United States Kdg90 
strange, are you in prime? you would think most hackers are supreme/global or nova
2016-11-26 06:39
yes, I am in prime, I have the service medal 2 1/2 times this year. Now I am going to have to wait for a couple of my really good global friends to get back from vacation to help me get through the hackers.
2016-11-26 17:36
2016-11-26 06:52
United States ImCovati 
im in na dmg/le mm and havent encountered a cheater since way back when i was in novas. i seriously doubt your finding cheaters often. smurfing is refreshing to destroy silvers but gets boring fast. would recommend like maybe 1 game a week at most
2016-11-26 06:23
SMURFING is code for cheating account
2016-11-26 06:25
have been playing go for 800 H now im MGE. and rarely find any cheater. l met first cheater when i still silver & nova like 2-3 times. after that i only met like 1-2 from gn 3/ master - mge a lot of smurfers tho. i play in sea server
2016-11-26 06:47
Sweden swediztann3 
yeah the smurf is the funs for you but not for me because i am always smurfing since i am from the sweden so i am really good at cs
2016-11-26 06:47
If you have a friend to smurf with yes its really fun
2016-11-26 07:15
i have not friendos
2016-11-26 07:17
2016-11-26 07:17
Yeah it's fun, I see no point in playing with opponents of your skill group
2016-11-26 07:21
Hell yeah it's fun, I basically quit playing on my main because it's so boring and got sick of playing "try hard" and I also quit playing esea and I was A- there. I have a smurf in SEM which is hilariously fun doing ninjas etc just full on fuck around.
2016-11-26 07:22
Canada reizel 
There are no cheaters on low ranks in prime. Stop crying and carry your teammates.
2016-11-26 09:42
France BlanKv 
I are think smurf is fun time
2016-11-26 09:47
smurfing sucks. especially because difference in skill is less obvious in GO than in 1.6. i saw a couple of games at a friends place at the stars level. like gn1 or something. i saw those players aren't really bad but their aim sucks each and every one. better to find friends to play with regularly. i'm assuming you're playing solo most of the time. if you're stuck find some friends and play ESEA, or faceit. if you gonna start playing like a troll now on bcz you're a smurf with a silver main you're never gonna get any better xD. if you don't want to tryhard then you shouldn't play competitive.. or CSGO for that matter.
2016-11-26 17:43
rain | 
Netherlands Nivex 
Alone, no. With at least 1 friend, yes - very much.
2016-11-26 17:44
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