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What Headphone to buy?
Brazil gabsbelini 
Title pretty much sums it up. I'm thinking about Sennheiser Game One or the Hyperx Revolver. Which headphone do you guys think is the best? (do not consider price in the analysis) Thanks!
2016-11-28 01:29
hyperX cloud II, are just as good as the revolvers for half the price
2016-11-28 01:34
2016-11-28 01:45
hydra | 
Europe FREDOssr 
Can confirm
2016-11-28 01:46
logitech g993
2016-11-28 01:35
North America S1lentz 
I have had both the Cloud 2's and the Revolver, The Revolver is literally the best ever, it lives up to the Cloud feeling. The mic is exponentially better than the Cloud 2 and it is cheaper than Game one
2016-11-28 01:46
Hi there I have used many different brands of headphones. Both the brands you have mentioned are having good quality of headphones, but I am using Sennheiser for headphones and by brother is using this for headphones.
2016-12-22 09:45
Luxembourg alex24 
hyperX cloud2 still best buy and quality
2016-12-22 09:45
My friend bought hyperX cloud 2. His mic sounds terrible in discord and also u have this stupid usb thing on the chord. My QPAD QH-90 sounds million times better
2016-12-22 11:04
sennheiser hd598 cs. good closed back headphones. think they're on sale.
2016-12-22 09:46
Finland Antzu 
Beyerdynamic 990
2016-12-22 09:58
2016-12-22 10:04
2016-12-22 10:18
shroud | 
Netherlands Kreyvex 
New steelseries arctis 3 or 5
2016-12-22 10:15
2016-12-22 10:24
Switzerland gmi 
Beyerdynamic 990 Sennheiser HD598 AKG K7XX (Massdrop Ed.)
2016-12-22 10:35
Sennheiser /close
2016-12-22 10:46
Nepal TYZ4 
turtle beach /close
2016-12-22 10:56
Pioneer /close
2016-12-22 11:04
Depends on what the intended usage is.. Music? Gaming? (CS?)
2016-12-22 11:06
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