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AK Case Hardened Pattern
United States DreamsAndVisions 
If you own this, would you want more then market price? If so, how much more?
2016-11-29 20:57
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KeyLogger stole my dog
2016-11-29 20:58
Russia xtkjdtr01 
Ill give u 8y89686686868860688697564656$ steam giftcard pm me
2016-11-29 20:59
2016-11-29 21:50
NT but remember that Team Dignitas is the best team ATM !! Mathias 'MSL' Lauridsen best player in scene !!! sk top69 #GODIG
2016-11-29 21:02
I didn't ask poor boys and fakeflaggers from favelas who have no clue. Sry.
2016-11-29 21:04
yes you could get a bit more then market.
2016-11-29 21:07
Thank you, what is little bit more in your opinion?
2016-11-29 21:08
well i need to know the wear and float of it and i can estimate something but im not 100% sure on this with case harden skins
2016-11-29 21:30 Field Tested - Float value: 0.1537 I am telling you, this trading is pain in the ass but I can't help myself.
2016-11-29 21:32
nah i love trading. But i think you should at least 30€ imo. But like i said im not 100% but ask some more people :)
2016-11-29 21:49
Problem is I have no idea who to ask, reddit is useless, steam discussions as well. :}
2016-11-29 22:02
try to join some steam trading group
2016-11-29 22:07
can I add you on steam? I have one more question but I don't want to spam it here...
2016-11-29 22:09
2016-11-29 22:32
Little bit more then normal prize :D
2016-11-29 21:07
because the barrel,top and the mag all have 50% blue on them
2016-11-29 21:08
Obviously you can at least double the price
2016-11-29 21:08
Not sure if bait or not. I am not into trading rly so dunno. Double seems too much.
2016-11-29 21:09
Denmark eoNs! 
Stickers are on point yeah
2016-11-29 21:10
2-3 euros over market IMO
2016-11-29 21:12 Better picture... it looks cool I need to say.
2016-11-29 21:19
use this instead, just copy the inspect link and you'll have decent pictures
2016-11-29 21:31
2016-11-29 21:47
this trading shit... but whatever, nobody will pay more for it anyway so it doesn't matter I guess lol
2016-11-29 21:30
I actualy had a REALLY simmular one to this one, had bit more blue on the top though. I got mine for 19 euros from market, then later on sold it to my irl friend for 30 euros.
2016-11-29 21:33
Thanks. Lucky you, unfortunately I don't have any irl friends who play CS. :D
2016-11-29 21:44
Sucks lol, gl selling it!
2016-11-29 21:46
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