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Do you hate your work?
smooya | 
United Kingdom UKvsTheWorld 
If yes how do you cope with it?
2016-11-29 22:00
I wouldn't say that I hate my job but I will change it in a somewhat near future. Right now I'm a bartender but I do have really good grades so I can choose almost any education when I decide what to study, I just haven't made up my mind yet :)
2016-11-30 09:27
2016-11-30 10:46
Haha thanks for the giggle :)
2016-11-30 11:40
fav flashgame of my childhood xD
2016-11-30 11:43
i love my job...:D
2016-11-30 09:29
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
I hate my job. I focus on preparing for the future (doing a graduate certificate while working full time) and think of it as a stepping stone. Basically try to think and act positively, no matter how shit it is don't quit unless u have something else lined up.
2016-11-30 09:32
Where u work?
2016-11-30 10:12
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
I work in Tunbridge Wells as a Seismic Data Analyst (Oil & Gas industry.. Nothing to do with earthquakes!!) and trying to get into the Petroleum Data Management sector.. The problem I have with my current job is that I work with the son and daughter of the owner and they're complete assholes, grumpy as fuck and get upset really easily. Some days I'll come in and they won't say a single word to me and only grunt if I try to engage in conversation... It gets much worse but I don't want to write an essay. :D
2016-11-30 12:15
Are they young?
2016-11-30 12:26
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
If you think 30 and 32 is young then yes :)
2016-11-30 12:27
Well I guess they are old enough to avoid getting angry at small things
2016-11-30 18:05
Seismic data analyst, sounds like fat £££
2016-12-01 12:02
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
Nah not as much as you'd think.. £30k / year.
2016-12-01 12:32
mohamed | 
Georgia bacchus 
Don't have one FeelsBadMan
2016-11-30 09:32
I own multiple companies but I dont even really know what they do exactly. Because I have to much time left I study law atm.
2016-11-30 09:35
mohamed | 
Georgia bacchus 
'I own multiple companies' Yet here I am can't even afford to go to the movies xd
2016-11-30 09:53
I got lucky as my parents made a lot of money. They gave me some that I invested into some companies. Now I get money from them without working:D But its boring if you dont have much to do.
2016-11-30 10:03
Sweden qgh 
2016-11-30 10:08
r u kidding
2016-11-30 10:21
2016-11-30 10:22
Yeah must be good to have someone helping you :D If you become the new bill gates then gimme some of dat fam EDIT: On the bright side, I don't have to worry about robberies or people asking me for money because I have nothing valuable anyway.
2016-11-30 10:32
Im 21 so most people dont see im rich as long as I dont drive around in some supercars so I dont think I have to worry about being robbed:D
2016-11-30 10:36
stupid snob kid
2016-11-30 10:47
i paid back way more than i got
2016-11-30 10:47
then you were just lucky with your investments, if you dont even know what the companies do.
2016-11-30 10:49
its not luck. i paid someone that knows a lot about companies and their potential to find some for me. he is a close friend so it wasnt a problem to trust him.
2016-11-30 10:50
so youre a rich guy who multiplied his wealth by being rich. wow what an achievement. this world is just crazy. i honestly hope some day all the oppressed people in the third world com here and fuck us up.
2016-11-30 11:04
why are you so jelly?
2016-11-30 11:25
whole world is just fucking ridiculous.
2016-11-30 11:46
because you failed or why?
2016-11-30 12:29
in which way did i fail moron?
2016-11-30 13:15
i think you failed in life
2016-11-30 13:15
you know me in rl? :ooo
2016-11-30 13:21
i just assumed it based on your reactions
2016-11-30 13:21
just because im pissed off cynic doesnt mean that my life is a fail.
2016-11-30 13:22
im sure it is
2016-11-30 13:23
in which way again? im just disgusted when i look at all the shit happening in our capitalistic globalized world.
2016-11-30 13:24
Obviously you wouldn't have done the same thing as him if you had the chance. Kek'd
2016-11-30 13:30
stop it hahahaha :D ppl still get b8 by you, its ridiculous :D
2016-11-30 13:40
i wasnt baiting here
2016-11-30 13:59
i hate all jobs. i hate working.
2016-11-30 09:37
Slovakia oKoOOooOO 
2016-11-30 12:27
I have a "shit job" but I don't hate it. It's alright.
2016-11-30 10:06
i hate my studies. posted during my chemistry lecture
2016-11-30 10:48
I absolutely love my job. Sitting in front of PC for 8 hours, chatting to colleagues or writing code is great. Nothing feels better when you spend few hours trying to fix some bug and u finally make it. Feeling of satisfaction is better than pulling an ace on eco round ;]
2016-11-30 10:50
Being just a programmer is boring as shit.
2016-11-30 13:31
Not true ;] Depends what company and what are u programming. I operate between 2 projects using 4 different languages, and im also managing to of our servers. It doesnt get boring for me at all.
2016-11-30 14:07
It would get boring for me because I like challenging tasks. Software development and Engineering is too easy.
2016-11-30 14:57
Checks the nickname Stops replying.
2016-11-30 15:10
LUL. Nice brain. I am not baiting right now. Software engineering compared to computer science and computer engineering is a piece of cake.
2016-11-30 15:35
2.3k each month salary im happy tbh
2016-11-30 10:50
lynxi | 
Sweden lyNxiiii 
Still studying, 4,5years more to go :>>>
2016-11-30 11:28
I hate the scientific duties that are implied by my position. Conducting studies, active participation on congresses etc.
2016-11-30 11:32
I connect my studying with a job I don't really like (handyman) well, hope I will find another one after graduating
2016-11-30 11:39
I love my job, I work alone, I am my own boss, I don't work many hours, it's awesome.
2016-11-30 11:50
Denmark U w0t m8? 
I am unemployed
2016-11-30 12:26
what did you work before?
2016-11-30 13:34
Denmark U w0t m8? 
I am a student
2016-11-30 13:34
me too
2016-11-30 13:35
Denmark U w0t m8? 
Do you get money for going in school in Germany?
2016-11-30 13:35
nope i also study at university.
2016-11-30 13:37
Denmark U w0t m8? 
I think we're taking the money we get for studying in Denmark for granded, also starting in university next year
2016-11-30 13:39
Faroe Islands _shubaN 
i own a dog restaurant and i love my job
2016-11-30 12:30
China zhoQueeN 
my nigga where is it
2016-11-30 13:32
wait a second. do you sell hot dogs, dogmeat or meals for dogs?
2016-11-30 13:33
China zhoQueeN 
No, I love my job. because I am my own boss) Six months ago I opened my online store. I became a businessman. While I have a small sales, but I'm glad I have the first orders. The most difficult part for me was to create a site. It was difficult to understand what the SEO optimization, which platform is better for online shop, and where to find professionals in melbourne ( I find this company , they are very good in this stuff). But I like to solve these problems. I love what I do) It was my dream) As long as you are young. do not be sorry, change jobs, look for something that you like. I have many friends who are engaged in their favorite thing - musicians, journalists, florists, events organizers.
2016-11-30 13:31
Not really, just started. I dislike what we're doing right now which is helping out a non-point of sale team while we're a rollout team. Extremely far away one from another but I can't complain, rollout teams have the least work and we've got the easiest jobs in the entire company. Pretty high salary, too.
2016-11-30 13:35
I don't hate my work because I work with gaben btw he said next ubdate stattrack gloves prepare
2016-11-30 14:03
I love it cause I get to drive a forklift
2016-11-30 14:05
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