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Ze Roberto offered chape to play for them for free the next season. you can clearly see the good german thing in him he got after playing so longfor bayern munich :)
2016-11-30 22:06
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42 yo lul
2016-11-30 22:08
jonathan E.?
2016-11-30 22:10
Norway aimb 
and still ripped like a 20yr old in his prime
2016-11-30 22:17
He didnt say that
2016-11-30 22:10
What this shit?
2016-11-30 22:13
But if he is able to play sure why not, he is a fucking great guy, as i met him some years ago at an session in munich. Great Guy with Big Heart #nohomo
2016-11-30 22:15
steel | 
Brazil TonimSan 
ze Roberto will extend his carreer for one more year to play "Libertadores da America", since he just was champion of Brasileirão. BTW, he has insane physical condition, played more than 20 full-length matches this year only in Brasileirão, and played Copa do Brasil, Campeonato Paulista and Libertadores too.
2016-11-30 22:16
we have a soccer specialist over here boys
2016-11-30 22:19
steel | 
Brazil TonimSan 
He plays for Palmeiras, which is the team i cheer for... I watched every single game he played in 2016.
2016-12-01 20:02
2016-12-01 23:46
Russia Windcast 
skin color or shirt color?
2016-12-02 00:05
jersey ofc
2016-12-02 00:58
Not the plane ?
2016-12-02 00:06
to the guys that didn't get this amazing joke, palmeiras always "falls" to the second division of brazilian soccer. It seems that chapecoense fell too :(
2016-12-02 01:03
2016-12-02 01:45
steel | 
Brazil TonimSan 
Man, you really don't have a clue about what you are talking about. Chapecoense got to Brazilian Serie A in 2013, and since then, they NEVER fell to Serie B. And the plane crash happened when they were about to play the FINALS of Copa Sulamericana, which is equivalent here to UEFA Europa League. About Palmeiras, it's the biggest champion of national titles in Brazil, 1 Libertadores title in 1999, Copa Conmebol 1998... And won Brasileirão this year with 1 round in advance.
2016-12-02 02:34
You really didn't get the "It seems that chapecoense fell too" part. I was obviously not refering to chapecoense falling as a soccer team from some specific division, BUT AS A WHOLE TEAM FROM THE FUCKING SKY. Expected of brazilian education... About palmeiras, who gives a fuck about such a random team that never won anything that matters outside this shithole called Brazil. I heard that even corinthians is way bigger than palmeiras. I'm sorry to say that but palmeiras is not important outside of your neighborhood.
2016-12-04 03:05
steel | 
Brazil TonimSan 
hahaha Corinthians is our biggest rival, and Palmeiras has the winning lead, the biggest score and has 2 years since the last Corinthians victory. Besides, Palmeiras won Libertadores first than Corinthians, won Copa Rio in the 50's over Juventus, Copa Mercosul... all of these are international titles. Ah, it's them brazillian team with most appearances in Libertadores too Fuck off, football no scener.
2016-12-04 17:26
still not relevant. 7-1 nice scene!!! ROFL get mad
2016-12-05 04:23
steel | 
Brazil TonimSan 
hahahaha Filipe Luis > all time Sweden football
2016-12-05 17:17
favela mad cuz 7-1
2016-12-05 17:18
2016-12-04 03:24
Brazil hugoooo 
Ze Roberto body and mind allow him to play till 45 if he wants... he's very ripped, has great stamina, speed, he's a very special and rare kind of football player, it's incredible how he managed to stay like this with 42 years old. He could be a good player for Chapecoense and for literally any BR football team, if not for a starter, for a guy that enters on the second half and changes the game.
2016-12-02 00:09
who cares?
2016-12-02 00:59
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
what a retard
2016-12-02 01:05
retard? because of what? I've got bigger problems, people are dying every second
2016-12-02 01:36
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
Because you, a 25 years old loser who keeps hating on everything on a fucking csgo forum. If you don't care, why are you wasting your time saying "who cares?" AAAANNNNDDDDDD Looks like lots of people cares, like Ze Roberto, Liverpool, and lots and lots of football fans all over the world. Loser.
2016-12-02 01:38
yeah they have to say that but I'm pretty sure no one really cares just imagine pro players saying "who cares about them"? shit war would just happen... even if they don't care they have to say they care, that's the thing when you're popular or you have a massive audience I'm sure most of the will forget about this in few days... shit happens m8 move on
2016-12-02 01:43
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
I care, my brother care, my father care, my friends care and since that day people here only talk about that. So yeah, you're wrong. Also, even if people from your shitland dont talk about it, it still not excuse to come here and talk like its not a big deal, because it is a big deal. Loser.
2016-12-02 01:47
9/11 was a big deal this is nothing normal people are dying every second and no one cares about it, some noname footballers died in a plane crash and everyone suddenly cares lul
2016-12-02 01:54
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
9/11 was a big deal chapecoense tragedy was a big deal too. Loser.
2016-12-02 01:59
chape what? nonamers from brazil?
2016-12-02 02:00
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
First of all, you dont need to care, just respect it. Your first comment was very disrespectful. Now Ill tell you the history behind it. Chapecoense is a small team that was playing the 4th division in 2011. In 2014 they were playing in the first division. But in Brazil, all small teams that qualifies for 1st division gets relegated on their first season, but Chape didnt, to be more specific, they had a Great run that year. Chape was loved by everyone, they were the only team in main division thats not from a big city. They literally had no rivals. Now lets talk about 2016. Chapecoense had the cheapest roster from the First division. Their most famous player was Cléber Santana who played for Santos, São Paulo and atlético de Madrid. There were no stars, but they managed to beat San Lorenzo, the champion of Libertadores 2014 (SA version of Champions League) to qualify to the Grand final of Sudamericana (SA version of UEFA Cup), where they were going to face Atlético Nacional, the champion of Libertadores 2016. As you said, they were nonamers, but they were making their history. As chape's president said, they were on chape's most important flight ever. So please, show some respect at least. And no, you dont have bigger problems than 76 died humans. Ahh, i almost forgot. Its not just the biggest tragedy of LatinAmerica sports, its also the biggest tragedy of brazilian journalism.
2016-12-02 02:29
yeah I have bigger problems this doesn't affect me at all so I don't care and it's not my problem maybe you as a kid don't have real problems
2016-12-02 04:35
xeta | 
Korea minixeta 
If it doesnt affect you and you dont care, why have you written that disrespectful comment? Pff Thats why no one likes polaks, such disrespectful subhumans, disgusting people...
2016-12-02 04:42
U don't affect me too, so i hope u die, fuck your parents if u die, it's not my problem, or i hope all your family dies except u, idc, it's not my problem, GL with it.
2016-12-04 03:20
lol why should I care about braindead muslim's opinion? I hope u die too, and all of your fellow muslim brothers
2016-12-04 03:36
Wow, u really assumed i was muslin? damn, thought u were fakeflagging but u really must be from Poorland, noone is that dumb. kys.
2016-12-04 04:08
lol kys gtfo fagget, u can write kys to your low minded friends
2016-12-04 04:10
I am writting KYS to a low minded, just not my friend, go clean my toilet now.
2016-12-04 04:12
Argentina YH!one 
A friend send me a screenshot that he saw on Facebook were apparently Riquelme and Ronaldinho offered to play for free for Chapecoense, but it was maybe a bait post.
2016-12-02 01:44
it was true
2016-12-02 01:45
Argentina YH!one 
2016-12-02 01:47
Argentina ivanpb 
2016-12-02 01:47
2016-12-02 02:01
same goes to requlme & ronaldinho..
2016-12-02 04:42
Turkey tastemycobra 
that guy's work ethic would allow him to play...
2016-12-04 03:09
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