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we cod now bois
Europe wai7ing 
OpTic vs FaZe semifinals OpTic wins a tournament we definitely cod now bois
2016-12-04 01:56
jleh | 
Finland jleh 
it's hilarious that a cod team can win against professional csgo teams when they barely even play the game Lol
2016-12-04 01:58
idk, cod and csgo are basically the same game right?
2016-12-04 01:59
Europe wai7ing 
I get 360 trickshot-noscoped with awp everytime or I get killed by a gun with no recoil ('90)
2016-12-04 02:02
To be fair, no team has been doing good recently. Fnatic is shit, NiP is shit, VP is shit, SK is the only one doing somewhat well and they're gonna have a roster change. Until teams get more consistent, you're gonna see shit teams winning
2016-12-04 02:00
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