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Get rekt dumb ginger don't call yourself "expert" or "forecaster" you failed at your predictions but of course you won't admit that
2016-12-04 06:49
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o please, NOBODY in their right minds would've predicted optic winning or an optic vs astralis final.
2016-12-04 06:54
I bet 1 dollar 2 months ago saying that optic would win it. I got 1000000dollars for getting it right, I got more money than they did.
2016-12-04 06:56
thorin is not a forecaster, he is foreskiner XD luL kek ele GIGOL
2016-12-04 07:15
This entire tournament was upset after upset, don't act like anybody expected this outcome.
2016-12-04 06:56
at least nobody else said bullshit like "congratz Astralis ELEAGUE champion" or "congratz FaZe for making to the final" 10 hours before the matches actually started
2016-12-04 06:58
+1 not the fact he got them wrong, its that he thinks he is some god and is so cocky, even after 6 incorrect in a row
2016-12-04 07:00
so if thorin didn't say it on twitter, but passively predicted astralis winning the whole thing, does that make him a bad "forecaster/expert"
2016-12-04 07:02
He still sucks I mean he doesn't even want to admit he was wrong
2016-12-04 07:04
but he could have guessed the outcome of at least one game, the 0-7 record is absolute shit. The true expert can guess the outcome that noone could predict. every time his forecasts are correct, they are 99% expected
2016-12-04 07:01
0/7 for a guy who works with "cs analysis" this means he doesn't know a fucking shit about the competitive scenario.
2016-12-04 07:26
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