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I miss fnx :(
fer | 
Brazil FrizoR 
It wasn't announced officially, didn't completed a day, SK haven't played without him yet and I'm already missing him. That's sad :/ I remember his phrase in 1.6: ''The team that have me, gonna be the best of Brazil'' Fnx <3
2016-12-04 08:29
So first he fucks his good friend over ( ptr ) when he overtakes his Organisation. The he starts this campaign called " the golden chance " where he wants to establish a 2nd Brazilian team in the US. But then he Backstabs Steel ( his almost brother ) and boltz and Nak and Showtime Hen1 and Lucas to get fnx and Taco....he fucked 6 people over in cold blood...he is can you respect that guy? I bet that he even makes more salary then the other guys! And i loved how he called it " The Golden Chance " when in reality it was a Casting for LG LOL and now he kicks fnx(he won 2 majors with him, his almost family) without even telling him BAN Gabriel "2FACED" Toledo FROM CS
2016-12-04 08:30
OP's talking about FNX?? You're talking about Fallen...
2016-12-04 08:34
Brazil Jack3D_br 
bro, I am not a Fallen fan, but he is right! As leader of everything, he took the decision to improve the team and sometimes it hurts. You can't just keep a player in your team just because he is your bro. Look to G2, everybody is hates the play of smithz and want he leaves.
2016-12-04 09:29
Russia raintnt 
2016-12-04 08:30
Germany Robbery 
the guy who laid fers grill :D
2016-12-04 18:20
+hen1 after standin
2016-12-04 08:31
A lot more things you will miss when he leaves. What remained of SKs 3rd major chances, top1 HLTV & top4 placings in tournaments RIP SK & RIP fnx
2016-12-04 08:32
there are dozens of players who are 10x worst than fox, yet they dont get all this hate. why is that? fox is a great player, been great for YEARS not like all the newfags who you all now glorify.
2016-12-04 09:06
Australia DubL 
we glorify them because they're better than fox
2016-12-04 09:44
2016-12-04 09:45
I don't hate fox, I think hes a pretty cool guy and he is far from bad, but he is quite evidently no longer able to perform at the highest level & most definitely not a formidable player in a team like SK. He is a stand-in after all and I was not subjecting what I said towards fox, I meant that it will be long time for SK to regain "one of the best" status among the scene after exchanging rosters. What has happened is literally a mirror of what happened to nV and k1o (Though for different reasons). Best in the world for a short amount of time, are no longer seeing results and having internal conflicts, change the roster, then the 6+ month slump.
2016-12-04 10:13
The fact that SK chose him to stand in for them kind of proves he still can compete, why would they cripple themselves? Yes, he is 30 years old but he is very experienced and will prove all of you wrong, again.
2016-12-04 18:16
ok so why fox is not in shape ??' tell me? fox rekted like 1 month ago luminosity team , they cant choose immortals players so tell me how is fox a bad choice
2016-12-04 18:19
Can't chose immortal players? Theyre goona drop fox for felps asap lol
2016-12-05 14:17
Finland krzyy 
:(((((((((((((( so sad :((((((((((((((((((((((((( not sad fuck you fuck all of you just fuck off boohoo cry is free motherfucker
2016-12-04 08:36
India ifuck 
fer's girl friend spotted! Does your pussy hurt btw
2016-12-04 08:40
The team that have me, gonna be the best of Brazi
2016-12-04 08:51
who cares? who cares?
2016-12-04 09:18
One cheater down, 30+ to go
2016-12-04 09:46
2016-12-05 09:11
9+ to go
2016-12-05 09:11
hopefully now SK will suck - they give CS a horrible name with all their drama.
2016-12-04 10:00
denis | 
World quen1 
Are you kidding me ? Fnx isnt leaving. Dont understand irony? Look at his twitter post Low b8
2016-12-04 10:07
Denmark slacking 
lmao what a retarded thing to say, no wonder he got removed
2016-12-04 18:19
fnx | 
Brazil shineNTC 
I miss Fnx too :(
2016-12-04 18:34
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