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Favourite country and least favourite.
Argentina CrayZ 
Make your choice based only on the people that live there and not any other factor. Fav: Cananada Norway Uruaguay least: Americans (only half, some are chill) France Quebec (not a country, but might aswell be)
2016-12-09 19:02
Fav: Azerbaijan Colombia Italia least: Canada USA Australia
2016-12-09 19:05
Sweden 4Sweeeden 
Fav: Sweden New Zealand Iceland least: USA Russia North Korea Syria Iraq Iran
2016-12-09 19:06
Finland Hypotoxic 
Based on the countries I have visited: Fav: Denmark Australia Spain Least fav: Bulgaria Thailand France
2016-12-09 19:12
Brazil Soares1 
Fav: Colombia Uruguay Poland least: USA Argentina Venezuela
2016-12-09 19:18
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