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Optic best NA team
Spain betpu 
Confirmed #greenwall
2016-12-10 22:59
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France Gugus_Patacus 
best spanish team for sure #godMixwell
2016-12-10 23:00
actually all the team perform well.
2016-12-10 23:14
dont think so so many mistakes same c9
2016-12-10 23:01
then what about overpass? 0-13 on t side is many mistakes?
2016-12-10 23:02
but ct side??
2016-12-10 23:05
eh not really. they had a good ct side.
2016-12-11 07:13
World AlabornTrooper 
eeh, so? they are still best NA team atm.
2016-12-10 23:06
na team is a shit
2016-12-10 23:09
World AlabornTrooper 
hmm, you dont seem to understand English They are best team IN NORTH AMERICA Even if they suck, they are best in NA. And they dont suck
2016-12-10 23:11
who cares t2 na teams
2016-12-10 23:13
World AlabornTrooper 
well you responded to a thread about optic being the best team in NA, without even understanding the topic
2016-12-10 23:13
Puls3 | 
World bigb1rd 
Definitely the best right now, not sure anyone can argue that. C9 still snapping at their heals though and Liquid have a chance of topping them if they pick up form (and actually play some more events )
2016-12-10 23:14
don't think you can say that until they've beaten them multiple times, and beaten better international teams. 1 bo3 with c9 choking so hard on overpass shouldn't really count, unless optic has beaten them multiple times before
2016-12-10 23:14
14:55Ambush vs maquinas
06:30dream[S]cape vs NASR
16:00RED Canids vs RUFUS
RED Canids
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