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Europe wai7ing 
Renegades winning 4-1 and you already writing like it's gonna be 16-1. Are you fucking kidding me? They haven't won any more rounds in that half since then. Australians didn't even get double digits in rounds won, so please stop writing "NIP disband pls" or "pyth sick - nip excuses". NIP are in a major for sure.
2016-12-15 21:37
Don't read hltv, don't read reddit, don't read twitch chat. We all know NiP had it. People are just trying to bait you to write this kind of a thread.
2016-12-15 21:40
2016-12-15 21:43
you should know at this point, those who creates topic after 5 rounds are braindead and deserve to get banned from all platform, forums exde
2016-12-15 21:42
"NIP are in a major for sure." hehe not
2016-12-15 21:42
Europe wai7ing 
what, i hope you are not serious with this comment :D
2016-12-15 21:52
they suck
2016-12-15 22:04
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